How to choose a bra "Angelica"? Features and types

To date, manufacturers of women's underwear produced large selection of bras. They differ in materials, design and performance styles. One of the most popular models of bras is "Angelica".

How to choose a bra

Features bra "Angelica"

This is a unique model with an open cup, which barely covers her breasts. Straps in such bodices are mostly located well, close to the outer edges of the bra.

Bra "Angelica" was created specifically for the visual breast enlargement and maintain it at the bottom. To do this, he has a special bone and additional inserts in the bottom of the cup. Detachable straps - another important difference bras "Angelica".

Form bra is the same as in the classical model. Simply, it creates a very different effect. This bra is considered the most sexy and beautiful allows you to emphasize feminine charms.

According to stylists, bra "Angelica" is one of the universal models bodices and blends well with any clothes. In addition, this style is very user-friendly. Although it is believed that the model of "Angelica" squeezes the breast and thus provokes the development of certain diseases affecting women. In fact, due to the specific tailoring of the bodice does not violate the circulation and other important processes. Therefore, women are free to wear a bra, "Angelica", without fear for their health.

How to choose a bra

Types Model

Bra "Angelica" has many varieties.

  1. "Balkonet" - an open bodice with widely spaced straps neckline and a straight line. This model can be recognized by a wide bodice with underwire and a thick cups. Specific cut by almost half opens the chest. Most bodices removable straps.
  2. "Corbeil" - a model with an open cup. This upper bodice portion is less than the lower. As a result, it barely holds his chest. Model, "Corbeil" designed clothes with a plunging neckline.
  3. "Braser" - a bra with wide bodice and confluent cups. He barely covers her breasts, but it is well supported from below. Due to the special cut often have the feeling that it is small. But in fact, he just lightly holds the chest. This effect makes it possible to minimize the bodice make it invisible under any outfit.
  4. "push-up" - a model that allows you to adjust the shape of the breasts and make it more enticing. In many lifah such style has removable pads, via which it is possible to visually enlarge the breasts and lift a little. It is due to this effect, many women choose a bra "Angelica". Photo model "push-up" is given below.
  5. "push-up" without pads: differs from the previous model, the lack of foam tabs. In this model, the breast is fixed more securely, and looks natural.

How to choose a bra

How to choose a bra "Angelica"

Photos in beautiful magazines or on the pages of online stores attract, and have a desire to acquire several bodices "Angelica". But that the desired model is sitting well, it is important to follow some rules.

  1. is not recommended to buy a model of "Angelica" to women with large breasts. "Fall out" This is the bodice chest. In addition, women with magnificent breasts in a bodice uncomfortable.
  2. Bra Model "Angelica" is not always suited to girls with small breasts. Sometimes it happens that the cancer just hide under inserts and no seductive effect is not obtained. Not to get such a result, it is important to pick up the bodice "Angelica" in stores, where you can try on different styles.
  3. For dresses with thin straps or bare shoulders are recommended to buy bra with detachable straps.
  4. It is important not to save money on clothes. Experts advise to buy only quality bodices known manufacturers. Expensive models are made from the finest fabrics and well-worn. Yes, and the appearance of such bras differ significantly from the bodices low cost.

How to choose a bra

"Anzhelika" for ample bosom

Virtually all manufacturers of underwear sew bras "Angelica" large. Wear these bras for women with attractive shapes not only uncomfortable, but also ugly. Girls, who have decided on a purchase, forced in any movement to correct bra. Therefore, the stylists do not recommend buying bras "Angelica" women with magnificent breasts. Well, if you need to find a bra to open a dress or a blouse, it is best to look for a suitable option among models style "balconette".