Flight with a small child

• Flight with small children

Flight with a small child

With the advent of the first really warm spring days more and more people begin to think about the rest of the coast. Where should I rest? Where you can relax and recharge with positive emotions for the year ahead? Of course, near the sea.

The most popular destinations - Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Georgia, Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates. To get to the coveted sea shores, it will need to spend several hours on the plane. And what if you - mother of a young child? How to prepare and organize the flight?

So that flight was easy and trouble-free, you need to prepare for it. A few tips from avid traveler:

Flight with a small child

The moral side of the preparation

You should begin with self. It is important to understand and accept the fact that children are lighter and easier to carry any trip than it may seem to adults. The aircraft - one of the safest modes of transport movements.

The child is not afraid of the crowds, which is considered to be a common occurrence for airports in major cities, a few weeks before the trip, you can organize trips to the city center, parks, various squares. Talk with the child about the upcoming trip, describe in detail the documents and check the landing procedure. With a tiny baby can play the game "airplane", where mom or dad take the baby to handle and "fly".

Flight with a small child

The package of documents

Pre-check and collect documents. In addition to parents' passports must be a document of a child (birth certificate, passport or child regularly-recorded in the passport of one of the parents). Remember that some countries require a separate visa for the child. Check the validity of the documents and the correctness of the issuance of visas. If one parent is traveling, it must be notarized authorization (original and translation) on the removal of the child from the other parent abroad.

If the baby is able to talk, you should explain to him that when checking his documents may ask the name, with whom and where to fly.

Flight with a small child


What should I take as hand luggage?

Travel should pass with ease, so the cabin grab:

- favorite foods (juice, water, cookies, fruit puree, sweet pasta, etc.). Exclude from the diet of all the things that the baby does not like. Also, do not carry out experiments not yet familiar products. It should not take the sour-milk products. Products should be placed in special containers for children, suitable for microwave oven;

- a change of clothes (the perfect option would be 2-3 sets). Grab a warm sweater and a light cap to the case, if the cabin air conditioner will operate; - wet wipes;

- diapers and other hygiene products;

- new or favorite toys and books (the child should not get bored during the flight, take it with something fun and interesting);

- Buggy (not included in the carry-on baggage, but you can not take with common luggage). Normally leave the stroller with the ladder, then the stewards withdraw and transfer it in the luggage compartment of the aircraft, when landing is taken right near the ramp. No need to always carry the baby in her arms, the baby will also feel more confident and comfortable.

Flight with a small child

Takeoff and landing

Grab to interior candy, lozenges, juicy fruit and water. Swallowing the child aligns the ear pressure, respectively, the take-off / landing process will pass almost unnoticed.

Remember that the emotional mood and experiences of mothers transmitted to the baby. Control your emotions - and everything will be fine. Easy flight and a pleasant stay!