Makeup for incrementally increasing the eye (see photo). Makeup for brown eyes to increase the eye

Every girl always wants to look attractive. The simplest thing you can do to gain an enticing image - a beautiful hairstyle and the right makeup. The undeniable accent always the eyes, which is why it is so important to choose the right palette and a way to emphasize dignity.

What makeup to choose?

For a different case to be individually selected method of application of cosmetics: day preferred light colors and transparent shades of paint in the evening may be more intense. This can be explained by the influence of sunlight - bright light during the day is best emphasizes the natural beauty and light shades, artificial light night lamps perfectly plays the deep colors. Because you should not choose a make-up for the whole day. If there is no possibility of disguise, it is better to use a fluorescent shades, because naturalness is always in fashion. For an evening out, you can simply add brightness to the already superimposed makeup, but more about that later will tell.

Preparation - an important step

Before applying any makeup is essential to prepare the skin, because cosmetics has the ability to penetrate into the pores.

  1. First clean the skin suitable for your type of vehicle (lotion, gel, foam).
  2. It is necessary to bring the pH balance back to normal with the help of a tonic.
  3. Moisten the skin day cream. He will play a role of a protective barrier, and caregiver agent.
  4. Separately, pay attention to the skin around the eyes - it is the most delicate and subtle plot. Apply a moisturizing gel or a special cream, wait until completely absorbed.
  5. degrease the skin around the eyes and apply a thin layer of transparent powder, she works as a base for the shade - then they go to a better and last longer.
Makeup for incrementally increasing the eye (see photo). Makeup for brown eyes to increase the eye

If you use cosmetics every day, the preparatory phase must be carried out. So the skin will remain fresh and healthy, and cosmetics will hold better during the day.

Emphasize the features of

All the girls are beautiful and unique in their own way, but not everyone can understand and accept, many people want to emphasize or correct certain facial features. women's eyes have a different shape, fit, color. For each type has its own tricks perfect makeup application. For example, do not fit each thick arrow or violet shade, one definitely need to tighten up the eyelashes, the other can do without mascara and so on. D. Next, we will look at the different features of persons and explain how to correct the shortcomings and emphasize the features.

Makeup for incrementally increasing the eye (see photo). Makeup for brown eyes to increase the eye

How to visually enlarge the eyes?

Every girl wants to have a perfect facial features, often doubting the beauty of their own. Disadvantages can be either invented or real, today, almost all can be corrected with the help of cosmetics. Makeup for increased eye the most current fashionable women around the world. Consider how it is applied to different cases.

Makeup for incrementally increasing the eye (see photo). Makeup for brown eyes to increase the eye

Most women admit many mistakes when applying shadow, outline, then look unnatural turns, and in some cases reducing or vulgar eyes. So you do not run into this problem, describe how to apply makeup to enhance eye, step by step photos will illustrate the technique, and you will understand that there is in this case nothing complicated.

First of all - the eyebrows

Any makeup to enhance eye and give them a different effect must always start with tidying up the eyebrows, as if they are untidy and neuhozheny, the impression of incompleteness make-apa. The first thing you need to give them the right shape depending on the type of entity:

  • round - brow line should be smooth bend;
  • elongated - straight horizontal, slightly raised upward;
  • oval - in an arc shape;
  • square - angular, with a break;
  • triangle - with a mild fracture.

This recommendation will help visually straighten out your face shape.

Makeup for incrementally increasing the eye (see photo). Makeup for brown eyes to increase the eye

The eyebrows must be combed. Now there are different tools for their installation: gels, waxes, which help to keep the hairs in a given day. They can be both transparent and pigmented, then one eyebrow becomes more saturated color and become more expressive.

Make-up step by step to increase the eye

  • Getting to the very make-up, start with a correction of dark circles and age spots, if any. To do this, you can use any corrective means: concealer pencils, creams. Use colors that are suitable for your skin type.
  • Use the shade at least two different colors - light and dark. Bright put on the inner corner and the middle of the movable part of the century, under the eyebrow. The most versatile shade matte, pearl scatter light well, but they can emphasize wrinkles. Use beige, peach color.

    Dark Shadows applied to the outer edge of the eyelid over the valley and on the bottom to the pupil, smudge applicator towards the outer end of the eyebrow. For daytime makeup, use a moderately dark neutral shades for evening selects colors that match the outfit. At the boundaries, you can use the color transition, then the composition will most vivid and deep, ideal for an evening image.

Makeup for incrementally increasing the eye (see photo). Makeup for brown eyes to increase the eye
  • Draw arrows. When you do make-up for increasing the visual eye, do not abuse the thick lines! This is the most common mistake. The arrow should start from the inside of the upper eyelid thin and thickens towards the outer edge. The tail should not hang around much. Then the eye makeup is organic. The lower eyelid should take only at the outer edge, this line should be well shaded. This will create a shading effect and the eyes will look bigger. There are different options for drawing arrows:.. Strongly thickened brought to the middle of the century, "cat's eyes", etc.
Makeup for incrementally increasing the eye (see photo). Makeup for brown eyes to increase the eye
  • Apply mascara. For a natural effect, use natural colors - black, brown, dark blue. For daytime makeup, apply mascara in one or two layers, carefully prokrashivaya top and slightly lower lashes. Before the procedure, you can tweak them to create the effect of the wide-open eyes.
Makeup for incrementally increasing the eye (see photo). Makeup for brown eyes to increase the eye

Features makeup for brown eyes

Owners dark hair lucky: they have a bright appearance and can afford different options for applying makeup in different color schemes. Makeup for brown eyes to increase the eyes of these girls looks the most impressive.

Some nuances:

  • The basic algorithm remains the same makeup.
  • To emphasize the eyebrows using color pencils and wax, shade should be a tone darker than or the same as the hair.
  • The most organically look natural shades shadows from beige to brown saturated.
  • Use a black or brown eyeliner pencils.
  • Do not use multiple shades of bright colors.

brunette with brown eyes you can use a variety of options for make-up, experiment with colors and lines of the forms. The main thing is not to allow fundamental errors mentioned earlier.

correcting deficiencies

Not all the girls were lucky with the perfect shape of the eye. The structure of some just need to visually correct. Next, consider the make-up for the impending century and increase the eye.

Makeup for incrementally increasing the eye (see photo). Makeup for brown eyes to increase the eye

The skin around the eyes over time loses its tone and elasticity. Some of the girls at a young age take on a form of age. Undoubtedly, this feature needs to be corrected. The more that make up for the increase in the eye with a corrective feature an incredible effect.

  1. Particular attention eyebrows. They should extend and paint over with the help of a sharp pencil. Thus brow should be very thin but moderately natural. Under it should be applied highlighter or light shade for lifting effect.
  2. On the inner and middle part of the century put a light shade on the outer portion - dark and carefully blend the border and the outer edge toward the temple. When applied to lift the outer edge of the eyelid for a more accurate rendering Only use matte colors, they are visually skradut unnecessary volume.
  3. To summarize, use only a black pencil, a line start subtly from the middle of the upper eyelid, thickening it to the outer part, and lift the outer part of the overhang of the century that the arrow has turned out accurate and graphically.
  4. Apply mascara only on the upper lashes.

What are we unable to do?

To create the perfect makeup to enhance eye, stick to the tips. They will help to adjust the shape and volume to give the look and expression. It is important to avoid the most common mistakes:

  • You do not need a thick pencil line is drawn around the entire eye.
  • Do not pick out the dark color of the mucous membrane of the inner part of the lower eyelid - this will only reduce the eye. It is better to mark the area with white pencil, then look will be more extensive and fresh.
  • Do not use some bright colors to draw century. Let it be a few shades.
  • Do not do heavy makeup for daytime exit - leave it until the evening.
  • Do not pull the eye by drawing arrows. When the lid will come back to normal, the effect is not so perfect.
  • Do not apply mascara too thick - it will glue eyelashes.

An increase in eye with makeup - the procedure is more gentle and suitable for all as compared to the surgical correction. The main thing is not to despair and follow the simple guidelines.