Primer for face: reviews, what it is and how to apply

Not so long ago, there are make-up, as a primer for the face. Which means it is a beautiful word, many girls are interested. The article will help you understand whether the agent really is an indispensable attribute of makeup. Or maybe it's really miraculous "magic wand", forcing the skin just shine?

What is the primer

Such means, as a primer for the face, is a base (base) makeup, which should be applied to the cleaned and prepared skin. Among the advantages of this cream can be listed:

  • increase in the durability of makeup;
  • skin smoothing;
  • filling of wrinkles, pores;
  • disguise flaws;
  • smoothing small scars.

Make-up made on the basis of the primer is stored for a long time. He does not roll and does not flow due to the silicone in the composition of cosmetic products.

Primer for face: reviews, what it is and how to apply

Choosing a foundation

commercially available primers are such types:

  • transparent;
  • matting;
  • color.

The biggest demand is universal transparent means. Matting are chosen depending on skin type and color base for make-up perfectly eliminates redness and adjusts the shape of the face.

In addition, to successfully complete the make-up is very important to apply the primer to the face. For this purpose a small or dense konsilernaya brush. With it, the application is very fast.

Primer for face: reviews, what it is and how to apply

How to use a primer

Every beautiful woman who looks after himself, is aware of the need to prepare a person for the application of makeup. That is, first the skin should be cleaned, and then moisturize and then apply the base. It is imperative to use a cream according to skin type. It is necessary that the means is easily absorbed without leaving a greasy residue on the surface. Clogged pores should also not be felt. Using a suitable cream suggests the presence of a sense of comfort throughout the day. In the winter it is better to use a nutritional tool that can save a person from the cold and wind. And on hot days it is very much appreciated cream with SPF-protection from the sun.

Primer for face: reviews, what it is and how to apply

Most primers and reviews about them

Modern woman does not necessarily have a friend who is well versed in a variety of cosmetics. Just read on the Internet, what features have the best primers for the face.

MAC Prep Prime Skin - is, according to reviews, is excellent under makeup, significantly increases its resistance. Shimmer is, therefore, makes the skin almost glowing. For single use only a small amount of an agent which is extremely easy to apply. Distribute the primer for the face, you can with your fingers, but do not increase the amount, waiting for the best effect. The result will not be happy, because the foundation will roll. Pre cosmetic product can be mixed with the base and at the same time apply concealer and a primer for the face. What is it if not a great tool that can be purchased to make an important event? It does not clog pores and smooths the skin.

Primer IPKN New York Newest Honey Primer has a transparent color, easily distributed over the skin, leaving it soft, smooth and velvety. Spent as economically, that means 1 drop is enough for a single use. It's Skin Babyface Cotton Primer - base for make-up with watery gel-like consistency. Easily and seamlessly melts into the skin, this primer for the face. Reviews suggest that it is used sparingly. By analogy with the previous means, 1 drop is enough. The skin becomes soft, well-groomed, moisturized. After its application requires far fewer foundation than usual. He begins to slide on the surface of the face, rather than accumulate in every wrinkle. Judging by the reviews, the pores do not become smaller in size, but the face is visually aligned.

Fancy Minerals Primer Perfection - is a white powder, which is spread over the skin with a brush for powder. After using the face looks more light, smooth and matte. Excellent basis to prepare the skin for the next stage is a primer for the face. Reviews indicate that the powder-veil and the base lie flatter and makeup becomes more stable.

Primer for face: reviews, what it is and how to apply

How to apply makeup base

Many girls enjoy creams, so they do not need to learn to apply the base. Since the primer applied on the face quite simple, you should start with the T-zone (forehead and nose), where the skin is particularly oily. Base to distribute quick and easy movement. The more thoroughly this is done, the tool lays down exactly. With greater thoroughness it is necessary to work out the problem areas on the face, namely redness, enlarged pores, wrinkles.

To correct makeup during the day, you need to use the matting napkins. Their fine structure makes it easy to get wet face, removing the separated oil on the skin. You can use this for the powder, but do not forget that it will be an additional layer deposited on the face of cosmetic products. Additionally, powder may slide. And with the wipes face will look natural and beautiful. The main thing - do not rub their skin, but simply touching the paper surface. These wipes are ideal for people with oily skin, especially in the hot season.

Primer for face: reviews, what it is and how to apply

A few simple recommendations

After the distribution of base necessary to wait a little longer. Going visual fusion of the cosmetic product to the skin and will soon cease to be completely noticeable primer for the face.

What is it if not a great innovation in the transformation of the exterior? In addition, there is a special basis for the eyelids, allowing greatly reduce the amount of shadows, you need to make up. This tool has a hypoallergenic properties, as it implies the use of skin, mucosa close to the eye.

Priming is not usually involves the use of a tonal framework. Although it is possible to do so if necessary. Finally create the perfect skin you need to use sugar.

All the beauties who are constantly striving to ideal, must try such a tool, as a primer for the face. After all, flawless glowing skin - the dream of every girl who really looks after himself.