Primer for eyelashes - what is it, what is needed, instructions, reviews

What girl does not dream of long and thick eyelashes? Find this just will not work. Meanwhile, to achieve the effect of false eyelashes at home, until recently, it was virtually impossible. By virtue of this it was perhaps that professional beautician, who have at their disposal special funds intended to increase the volume. But today they can buy anyone at almost any store cosmetics.

We are talking about the primer to the lashes. What is it and how to use it at home, describe in this article. Be sure to discuss the benefits and structure of the tool, note how to use it and what can be replaced. And help us in this reviews girls who have experienced its effects.

Primer for eyelashes - what is it?

Some girls, far from the cosmetics industry, one name that means introduces some confusion. Meanwhile primer - is the foundation for makeup. The facility has many varieties. For example, there is a primer, not only for the eyelashes, but also for the face, eyelids, eyebrows and lips. All of these tools are designed to increase the natural volume. This is the main task of the primer to the lashes. What it is?

Primer for eyelashes - what is it, what is needed, instructions, reviews

Primer - is the foundation, which in appearance and texture reminiscent of mascara. Means applied before creating the basic makeup. The primer increases the volume and length. When applying it envelops the lashes, making them more bulky and fluffy. Sometimes add special primer villi. They help to increase the length of lashes and create a puppet look. This is the same effect of false eyelashes. When properly applied bonding agent prevents the lashes and makes the look more expressive.

What is the primer?

Primer for eyelashes - what is it, what is needed, instructions, reviews

Modern bulking agents perform several functions. They contribute to improving the aesthetics and healthier lashes. Thus, it is possible to present a list of the benefits, confirming what primer is needed:

  • strengthens and revitalizes the eyelashes, because it contains in itself the essential oils, vitamins and nutrients;
  • limited contact lashes with mascara, which is often of poor quality and have a negative effect on their condition;
  • allows you to make more natural, as it prevents gluing eyelashes;
  • through special villi or microparticles lengthen eyelashes and mascara reinforces the result.

As a result of using this means of getting your eyes more expressive and bright makeup and bulky. In interiors primers used for eyelashes as protective and cleaning agents before executing the main routine.

Species primers

Assortment means to increase sufficiently wide. It has already been said that there are primers for eyebrows, lips, face and so on.. Each of them has a different composition and function.

Primer for eyelashes - what is it, what is needed, instructions, reviews

In general, all primers can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. means intended to increase the length and volume of eyelashes at home.
  2. Professional primers eyelash salons.

Both products are sold in cosmetic shops. At first glance, the primer is not much different from the usual mascara, but directly to the composition contained within, is not black and transparent.

Professional primer for eyelash extension is sold in a bottle with sprays and has a liquid consistency. It is designed for degreasing hair salon prior to the procedure and in the application of it at home there is no need.


Before you buy a primer should be sure to read the ingredients that it contains. Depending on the composition of bulking agents can be divided into 2 categories:

  1. primers are water-based.
  2. Primers based on silicone.
Primer for eyelashes - what is it, what is needed, instructions, reviews

As a rule, a part of these funds has three main components:

  • water - serves as the basis;
  • ethanol - functions as an antiseptic, protects eyelashes from harmful chemicals contained in the low-quality carcasses;
  • allantoin - is found in the composition of many cosmetic creams and helps to restore the skin.

In addition, using components such as vitamin complexes and oils based on plant extracts, which contribute to the growth and strengthening of hair.

The best producers primers

If you've never used this tool to choose it would be quite difficult. Some make-up artists are advised to buy a primer of the same brand as the main mascara. Then you will not have difficulties with applying makeup.

The most popular primers for eyelashes from known brands are:

  1. Diorshow Maximizer 3D from Dior - as part of this tool which is widely used by the best makeup artists in the world, contains whey from oils, allowing to increase the volume of eyelashes to 3D and to strengthen them at the same time, to make soft and alive.
  2. Building Base Coat Mascara by Kiko Milano - triangular brush the tool with a cream composition noticeably plumping lashes, but it does not weigh down your look.
  3. Primer for eyelashes from Nyx Big & Loud Lash Primer - has a gel texture and is easily applied to the eyelashes, and the white pigment does not have to cover up. Professional makeup artists recommend that after application of the tools to use eyelash curlers.
  4. Primer for eyelashes "Estee Lauder" has one feature - a special brush curved shape that curls lashes and makes them more visually dense.
  5. Clinique - a means to strengthen eyelashes and increase their volume is ideal for owners of dry eyelashes.
Primer for eyelashes - what is it, what is needed, instructions, reviews

How do I use?

We have found that it is a primer to the lashes. It remains only to learn how to use it. But it will be difficult to start should warn all the girls that wash off makeup with a lash. Therefore, experts recommend to get a primer, carcasses and means for removing eye make-up of the same brand and series. In this case, many problems can be avoided.

Use a primer designed to increase the volume of eyelashes, just enough. A special brush like and carcass agent is applied to the outer side of the eyelashes. he must then give a little dry and apply a second layer if this there is a need.

Primer for eyelashes - what is it, what is needed, instructions, reviews

Primers eyelash salons also applied to the outer side of eyelashes, as well as on the eyelid to thoroughly degrease it. In this case, the eyes should be closed and open them only after funds dried.

The positive and negative feedback

Primer for eyelashes - what is it, what is needed, instructions, reviews

If you previously applied primers only make-up artists, but today they are used more and more women all over the world. Professional able to make eyelashes thicker, voluminous and long. View girl becomes attractive, and increases self-confidence. According to reviews, mascara primer becomes so popular means that it takes place in every girl's purse along with conventional ink.

The only drawback of the majority of the fair sex is called a high enough price. On average primer costs about 1,500 rubles. But this price is conditional on the fact it can be many times higher.

What can replace the home?

Professional lash primers are expensive. Many girls such purchase simply can not afford. Therefore, they came up with a way to invent than to replace the primer to the lashes.

Prepare to makeup eyelash, to make them more dense, long and bulky by using transparent gel eyebrow. In addition, it will take even baby powder dry. First applied to the eyelashes transparent gel. As a rule, he has every girl and is designed to simulate the shape of eyebrows. Followed until the gel has dried, eyelashes covered powder. Base makeup ready. Now you can start applying mascara.

Do primer Needed: pros and cons of

Use a primer or not - especially individual case. But it should be noted that the tool is becoming increasingly popular not only because of its ability to create the effect of false eyelashes, but also due to the improvement and protection functions. It's no secret that modern mascara in the composition have a lot of chemistry, which primer helps to neutralize or reduce its negative impact on the structure of the eyelashes. Therefore, if your financial capabilities allow such a purchase, give it up just not worth it. As today there is a primer in the beautician every fashionista.