What are the Tactical knives? Tactical scabbard: overview and scope

Knife rightfully belongs to the most ancient types of bladed weapons ever created by humans. Over time, the fighting knife features only increased many times. Now, as before, it is used as an integral and vital part of the special units of fighters fighting equipment.

What are the Tactical knives? Tactical scabbard: overview and scope

In the formation and development of the knives have played an important role climate and geographical location of the places where they were used. Despite the large differences between different regions of the knives, makes them one - high standards to ensure that the design was convenient, and reliable and durable blade. In particular, these characteristics are tactical knives. All of them without exception are included in the equipment of American commandos.

The purpose of using tactical combat knife - obtaining the maximum possible flexibility in the application of a single gun. It should serve as both weapons and technical tools.


What are the Tactical knives? Tactical scabbard: overview and scope

Conditionally tactical knives are divided into three categories.

  • The first category are knives with traditional design, are the quality is very good, but do not have a special novelty items, reliable, made in military style, with rather large weight and dimensions. These settings are valid for both collapsible and non-collapsible models.
  • The second category can be described as fantasy. Here, the designers fully include your creative based on the principle of "the more unusual looks, the better." By developing the fantasy design knife manufacturers often try to explain their decisions, any technical Rezonit, often fairly questionable. However, this trend has. Numerous examples of this type can serve as a "knife from the film" developed on the basis of weapons of famous heroes of Hollywood cinema.
  • The third direction - creation of weapons that are only intended to neutralize the enemy. Based on his combat experience and compiling foreign developments designers can sometimes create knives with sufficient functionality. The effectiveness of such instruments defeat live targets established in the top corner, but the rest of the knife objectives become secondary.


Folding knives over time were not considered optimal embodiment tactical combat knife.

Most often, designers failed to achieve a sufficient level of fixation of the blade and to develop a reliable device that gives an opportunity to make opening and folding knife with one hand. With the development of technologies relevant to the knives folding type radically changed.

Emerged in recent years a variety of locking systems make it possible to safely and securely fix the blade, without fear that the blade is in a critical situation fail.

The term "combat knife" was not a well-established classification. By definition forensic cold steel varies as follows:

  • civil;
  • fighting;
  • a criminal.
What are the Tactical knives? Tactical scabbard: overview and scope

To combat weapons include knives samples are armed army. This bayonet-knives, military knives, survival knives, tactical knives Special Forces. The security forces were armed with knives consist police. Decryption of the term "tactical knife combat" in these situations is acceptable. However, you need to figure out what is different from each other. For example, a knife and a knife frogmen-gornostrelka fighters have in common only the name. So talking about design features and scope of their objectives without taking into account the specifics of which they decide, it is impossible. Most likely, it is necessary to refer to the "battle" only those tools that are thought specifically to destroy enemy manpower. Combat knife in the must perfect fit for purpose defeat the enemy in the melee. All other army knives, logically called "special" - a knife paratrooper knife swimmer, bayonet, knife sapper. Knives have many functions to solve a variety of problems, including and repair, can not be called combat, despite the fact that they are often part of the arms and the army and police. In modern conditions of warfare has undergone significant changes. fight hand to hand are now more the exception than the norm. Armies are fighting, using more sophisticated weapons becoming. The advantage of modern combat gets one with better hardware. What's knife in modern warfare?

What are the Tactical knives? Tactical scabbard: overview and scope

In modern armies and security services of a knife to a large extent has lost the function of a weapon for close combat. Tasks carried out by them have undergone significant changes, greatly expanded. Manufacturers and designers aim to give their knives a greater number of features and functions, which are combined into one universal knife, designed to perform versatile tactical tasks.

Now the task that confronts modern tactical knife - is giving it features that provide maximum versatility. Knife in the latest development combines the functions of weapons and technical tools. The complete opposite of this trend are the double-edged dagger for battle, created for one purpose - to cause injury or kill the enemy. Tactical combat knife, of course, also must be able to solve this problem as in defensive actions, and in attack. However, the use of experience shows that in most cases the knives used by professionals, military personnel or police to perform tasks that are not related to the assassination attempt on human life. For example, in order to cut the wires and belts in various dangerous situations or opening windows.


In carrying out tactical operations often there are times when someone may become entangled in the rope during the descent from the bridge, on the wall of the house or from a helicopter. This group situations include the need to cut the car's safety belts or aircraft. Often there is a need for a knife in special units in carrying out airborne operations, cutting parachute lines and straps in the ware containers dropped from an aircraft.

Construction firing point

In such situations, the knife is able to provide invaluable assistance by eliminating branches, as well as other items that interfere with the review of the shooter or obstruct fire sector.

Daily tasks in the field

The knife can help in a variety of everyday situations. He and during food preparation will come in handy when you need to open a jar of canned food, to cut the carcass of the dead animal. A can also be useful when seekers device.

What are the Tactical knives? Tactical scabbard: overview and scope

Removing barriers

Often special units on the way there are obstacles that could not find a group of preliminary exploration, requiring the removal and overcoming. In this case, the knife is used as a tool: scrap or hammer. Of course, it is not suitable for use in a work of this kind. But if it is a knife of high quality, it is capable of withstanding the test without receiving significant damage.

Exemption from handcuffs

In recent years, replaced the traditional disposable plastic handcuffs came from metal. This kind of handcuffs can be removed only by cutting them. This operation is performed typically by wire cutters. If the cutters near there, they often resort to the help of a knife. In this situation the best tools to help with the wave sharpening blades. It is true when using the knife as a person in handcuffs, and for his liberator, there is a great risk of injury from sharp instrument.

Cutting Networks

For divers fishing net is the main enemy. If you happen to get lost in such a network, escape is only possible when using the knife, which is very important for use in the naval units.


Tactical pen-knife - one of the latest progress. It looks like an ordinary pen, but is made of lightweight and durable anodized aluminum. These pens are intended to survive in a world where the unexpected aggression or attack can happen to you at any time.


Which knife deserves the title of "Best Tactical Knife"?

Based on numerous reviews the top five looks like this:

  • Green Beret.
  • Predator I.
  • ZT 350.
  • Kobun.
  • Recon Tanto.

The leaders are Italians and Americans. However, there are Russian Tactical knives (photos of them, and others are in the review.)

  • Bayonet to the AK-74 in 1989 sample year.
  • Knife special scout - 2 (NRS-2).


Today, tactical knives have characteristics that are not comparable with previous years, with knives. Not by chance, they have long been used not only by the military. In recent years dramatically improved characteristics such blades as corrosion resistance, great strength of the handle and the blade, the blade sawtooth, polishing, which does not reflect light, the locking mechanisms and opening of the current, the property to maintain an attractive appearance. Many of the leading armies of the world and of the police took them into service.

What are the Tactical knives? Tactical scabbard: overview and scope

In various configurations and combinations of tactical knives possess a combination of qualities and characteristics of survival, combat and promotional tool for survival. They have the highest strength and resistance to wear, collapsible design with a highly ergonomic, lightweight, convenient location on the ammunition, the ability to quickly bring in a state of alert and the application to destroy the enemy's manpower. Tactical knives gained such wide popularity, it is now used not only in the army but also in the civilian everyday life. Of course, there are certain groups of such weapons, which are found only in the military, but they differ from commercial brands are minimal. Many of these knives are no longer ranked as a cold steel in their form and parameters, and was made the subject of civil use. Appearance and functional diversity of these knives are such that they can cater to the most demanding user. Folding, folding, with sheath tactical knife with additional functions.

For some time now there is a perception that every knife used in solving tactical problems, can be called a "tactical". Literally any product of this group can be used to repel any aggressor, man or animal, or for survival in an environment of wildlife. In theory, even cutter having a 4-inch length, able to cope with different tasks, but this will not be the optimum choice. Folding tactical knife with a relatively ordinary has a certain advantage: its size when folded smaller, which does not require the use of a sheath or a special packaging. However knives classical designs have greater stability, thus allowing for greater ease of use.

Military personnel, travelers, police and even athletes tactical knives provide numerous advantages, including the ease of wearing and durability. high-quality knives, meeting high requirements were in fact a tool that allows to perform versatile tasks. Unforeseen obstacles that arise during the performance of official tasks in the battle, hunting, fishing or swimming in the river by boat, often can be successfully overcome if the hand is a knife, which is able to cope with the heavy work. The world of sport is also always attentive to tactical knives, as the main descendants of the ancient instruments, contribute to the preservation of human life. In the field of sports applications and are required to cope with the harsh climate, withstanding enormous overload without losing the cutting properties. Taking into account the unexpected mass trapping of modern adventurers in extreme conditions, the strength of tactical knives can often be the key to people's lives. This requires tactical knives survival. Manufacturers carefully check most of these tools and weapons, so the experience of people considered in their design, used the blades in extreme situations. Tactical knives are ranked in the category of knives with high functionality. After all, it is known who the main "user" of these instruments, so in the process of production of the manufacturer gives it maximum strength.

What are the Tactical knives? Tactical scabbard: overview and scope

In this case, do not assume that you have already created an ideal knife for all occasions. Should not seek to grasp the immensity. What to buy a knife for $ 300, which can be used as a hammer, if you have the opportunity to buy a hammer at a price of $ 10. After all, this instrument will perform the task much better. The main function of a knife - the ability to cut, and the function of a dagger - the ability to chop. Tools that have multiple functions, in fact, are not a complete substitute for each of the instruments. Taken separately clippers, nail files, tweezers still work better than in the knife-processor. And only the inability to carry a lot of tools, which is characteristic for extreme conditions, has created a multifunctional tactical knives.

The sheath

Even the best knife will not meet your expectations, if it can not be fast to get. In this regard, particular attention should be paid to the selection of the sheath. It should be borne in mind that the sheath tactical knives vary in material manufacturing and mounting method.

Initially, they were fastened to the waist belt. However, this traditional method of attachment was added to the lower part of the thigh and on the sword belt.

on the lower part of the thigh fastening gained popularity in British paratroops.

Advantages of such wear:

  • to get a knife, you can not fold your hands at the elbow;
  • Knife removed from other parts of ammunition and nothing can not be confused.

In this method of fastening the sheath must be fitted with a strap with adjustable height of the blade attachment.

Advantages fixing sheath on the sword belt with clamping lever down:

  • knife goes with either hand;
  • hand path to retrieve the knife is relatively short;
  • Knife does not and is not entangled in other items of equipment.

Ideally, the sheath must have the mobility that, in case of force majeure could secure them elsewhere.

knife safety of you can save fastener and fixing elements.

Materials manufacturing sheath

  • Kaydeks is a thermoplastic material based on PVC. It is resistant to abrasion, water resistant, has a breaking strength, high elasticity. The scabbard is made of kaydeksa, very durable. However, they scratch the blade, especially if they fall into debris particles. Furthermore, the extraction of the knife sheath and is accompanied by extra sounds at high temperatures they are deformed.
  • Leather - classic material for the sheath. But it must be of high quality, sufficient hardness and density to the blade sheath is not pierced. The appearance of a sheath of leather is also a strong point of the material. The disadvantages include the fear of material moisture can spoil the appearance of the sheath. The skin is also afraid of mechanical effects, which often lead to scratches and cuts the sheath. Yet it contains tannins, causing metal corrosion.
  • Cordura - thick and dense fabric with nylon filaments impregnated with a water repellent material. The material is durable and has resistance to high temperatures. Due to resistance to UV action, long retains the original appearance. Cordura - a relatively soft material. Sheath therefrom require durable frame manufactured from metal, leather or plastic. The material is not afraid of water and easy to clean. Sheath good quality of Cordura produce such manufacturers as S & S Systems, Blackhawk. Tactical knives is especially important that they are equipped by additional fixing parts.