Epee and Foil: contrast, photos

Summer Olympics include various types of competitions. The program always includes fencing. It is a sport which is included in the compulsory program of the highest level of competition. Participants may use different weapons. This may be a foil, saber or epee. These weapons have a number of features.

Hit the opponent can be a prick if you are using a sword and rapier. The difference between these types of weapons significantly. Today, fencing is not confined to professional athletes. Many people prefer these exercises on fitness training. To master the basics of fencing, need to understand the differences between sporting weapons.


Sword, foil, saber, differences (photo shown below) which are significant when we look at, emerged on the basis of ancient weapons. In the Middle Ages they were used for personal protection, on the battlefield during the military campaigns. Such weapons are now used exclusively in the carrying out of sports.

Epee and Foil: contrast, photos

I - a short and a long sword.

II - rapier.

III - saber.

Even in the most ancient times man picked up a stick to protect themselves. Stone Age left far behind. eventually weapon is undergoing significant changes. We began to make tools from more durable materials. The most popular of these is iron.

One of the first varieties of martial weapon was a sword. The first mention of it are found in the II century BC. e. The weight of the product was great. With it, you can chop and chop. For foot soldiers, he fits perfectly. But in the course of fighting on horseback, he was uncomfortable. Requirements Warriors eventually led to the emergence of other types of weapons.

The process improvement

fighting tactics of the past has led to the need to improve the weapon. In the I century BC Asian tribes began massively used a sword. Swords, rapiers (photo presented later) appeared much later. Before this battle is only used weapons like swords. It is distinguished by a lower weight, compared with a sword. Such products are allowed to be conducted not only on foot but also an equestrian battle.

Epee and Foil: contrast, photos

After a few centuries, a new weapon has appeared in Europe. In the XV century, it began to make swords and rapiers. They were distinguished by a thin blade. Such technology previously no one applied. The need to manufacture a thin blade appeared due to the mass use of chain mail. Thin sword or rapier allowed to penetrate between the cells of underwear to protect soldiers.

In Italy produced swords. Piercing weapons Spanish production has been called "foil". Beat the blade pierces the edge of the enemy, with a high probability was fatal. But cuts the opponent had a better chance to survive.

Fighting sword

Considering the difference between swords and rapiers (photo shown below), you must begin with the study of military weapons. From his place sport varieties used in sport fencing. The sword came from the sword. This thrusting weapon that can be applied at the same time and cutting wounds. Historically such arms had a length of 100 cm.

Epee and Foil: contrast, photos

This product consists of the hilt and the blade. Its blade can be single- or double-sided. Hilt, which is also called a handle, guard consists of, as well as special protective shackle. This design prevents the enemy blows on the fingers. Historically, there are several varieties of swords. Cavalry sword differ significantly in weight and length of 100-150 cm.

One of the most popular types is the arms, which differed significantly less weight. This "court" type of swords. He has become an integral part of the vestments of the court. A few centuries later presented species have become very different design. Their blades at the same time were nezatochennymi. But the sharp apex makes it easy to apply thrust. They were popular among the esteemed members of the nobility of the time in Europe.

Epee Fencing to

Differences in the sport rapier sword and enough tangible. They define the style and technique of the fight. Today it is mostly weapons used during sports events.

Epee and Foil: contrast, photos

The sword, which is used in competitions at the highest level, has a length of 1 m 1. The weight of such a product invariably equal to 0, 77 kg. Cloth flexible blade. It is strongly bent at the time of stabbing. Blade-section trihedral.

Castle round shape protects the hand from being hit. Its diameter is 13 5 cm. Sports equipment has a blade which tapers towards the top. The size of facets which allowed modern fencing, is 2 to 4 cm.

Participation in competitions

Established by generally accepted otlichiyarapiry swords in fencing. Weapons determines what technique in the process of engagement will apply participants, their tactics during a sporting event.

Epee and Foil: contrast, photos

Tournaments are held separately for men and women. At the tip of a sensor installed. When applied with the thrust force of not less than 0, 55 kg, he fixes it. An injection can be applied to all parts of the body except the back of the head.

If the opponent stabbed faster (for 0, 25), the device will accept pressure sensor. Priority actions in this category of the competition does not. If the said time interval is from a shot two opponents they both participants are awarded. This is one of the main features of the type represented by the Sporting Arms.

Fighting rapier

Having considered the question of the difference between the sword and by the rapier sword, we should say a few words about the other species of historical weapons. Their main characteristics were finalized at the end of the XV century. Historical foil is significantly different from the modern fencing equipment.

Epee and Foil: contrast, photos

In the transfer foil literally means "sword of clothes." It's easy, practical weapon. In ancient times, it were not the military, and the rich citizens of Spain. Chop it does not so much as a sword. However, its blades sharpened. It was a very popular weapon in XV-XVI century. Later, rapiers were driven out short swords. The last is lightweight, but in the battle were effective.

The product, which was called rapier historically, has a length of about 1 m 3. Its blade has reached a length of about 1 m. There have been many varieties represented weapons. Historic battle blades weighed more than a modern sports equipment.

in Rapier Fencing

Sporting rapier sword and different design and dimensions. The cross section of them has a number of features. Thus, sports rapier in cross section forms a four-sided figure. Equipment weight is about 0, 5 kg. Castle made of metal. It has a diameter of 12 cm.

Epee and Foil: contrast, photos

The blade is reduced in proportion to the apex. The tip has a diameter of 6 mm. The equipment which is used for sports tournament, the sensor is presented in the form of movable electric contact device. It reacts to the punch, which is applied to the opponent.

When a contact sensor with surface equipment, the signal transmitted by cable to a fixing device. Wire passes to deepen the edge of the blade. Under the hilt has a slot. It connected wire. In the manufacture of sports rapier shape of the handle can be shaped. One of the most popular varieties of the hilt is a "gun." The athlete in this case can not bend your wrist.

Fencing Foil

Differences in fencing swords, rapiers, sabers significant. This should be considered when choosing the best varieties of sports equipment. Tournaments in foil fencing are held separately for men and women. The sensor located at the tip of the blade, is responsive to pressure of 0, 5 kg. And the blow will be recorded only if it is put in a metal jacket opponent. There are certain rules of engagement using rapiers. Attack the opponent reflected before it will be committed response. For a variety of fencing important advantage of the action. Priority determines the arbitrator. He stops the fight, if the device captures the thrusting.

In this tournament opponents forbidden to touch each other's bodies. The bout will also be stopped in the case when one of the opponents will be behind another competitor. The high-level tournaments held video recording of the match. It is possible to avoid errors that could prevent the arbitrators.

Fighting sword

Having considered the differences rapier-and-dagger, should pay attention to such weapons as a sword. This is one of the most ancient instruments. By virtue of its features were formed and modern techniques of combat sports.

The saber is a slashing weapon. Its blade has a curved shape. With the help of the sword may be applied and thrust. To do this, the tip is well sharpened soldiers before the upcoming battle.

Introduced a variety of weapons appeared in the eastern territories. These products are widely used even in the VII-VIII century. With it applied chopping and stabbing wound. Over time, the design evolved. By the XIV century, it has been extremely chopping blade, wherein a large curvature. Weight has been relatively small. The center of gravity shifted from the hilt. This allowed us to strike a greater force.

saber in fencing

Determine differences foil, epee, saber in sports simply by knowing the characteristics of each variety of weapons. All submitted equipment appeared on the basis of their historical ancestors. Thus, scimitar chopping gun is capable also apply thrusting. The article has a sectional trapezoidal shape. Blade length up to 1, 05 cm. Castle is of particular design. It is able to protect the hand from above and below. During the battle can strike only the upper part of the body. This applies also to the arms (to the wrists) as well as a protective mask region.

Special unit captures an injection and blow. In the clothing, which is in the upper part of the trunk of the fencer, there is a special silver shavings. Saber fencing is carried out with the right to an advantage in attack. Fight is dynamic, spectacular. He therefore appeals to many fencers.


Delving into the question of what difference swords and rapiers exist in the modern world, it is necessary to consider the variety of fencing. Duel can be not only sports. It is a historic and artistic style of combat. Weapon thus should be chosen according to the characteristics of the match.

Historical kind used if necessary to recreate a fight between two people or a whole group. This takes into account technique of conducting a duel selected time period. Apply appropriate weapon. This fight is no different entertainment. However, this makes it possible to recreate real traffic rivals.

Artistic and sporting duel

When artistic competition as the basis of a historical technique of warfare. In this case, the match is different entertainment. All actions are staged. This show, which opponents are inherently partners. In this case, the light weapons.

Sport fencing falls into the category of battle by using lightweight weapons. At the same time there are certain rules of the match. The tournament is held on specially prepared sites.

How to choose a weapon?

Knowing the difference between swords and rapiers, sabers, you should consider several recommendations made by the selection of a suitable weapon. Wanting to engage in fencing, a newcomer attends classes and trying different techniques of fighting. In the first 3 months of the coach is watching to what type of weapon fencer shows great interest. When the choice is made, the process of honing technology need to be a lot of time. The selected type of fencing is necessary to love. training equipment used in the process of training. Please note that it may differ from the electronic versions of swords, rapiers and sabers.

After learning all the intricacies of fighting at the training equipment is the difference between such equipment and electronic products for the competition will not be felt athlete.

Having considered the particular differences of swords and rapiers and sabers, everyone will be able to choose the best weapon for sports training. Practice will allow to make the right decision. Fencing is a fun, popular sport in our country.