Ballistic knife. A knife with a detachable blade

The legend of the mythical weapons are still relevant to the local population of our country. Hearing only part of the story or seeing a fantastic image in the media, many people can not overcome the desire to share it with others, a little fib on my own. And rumors are born, which require that they destroyed. The focus of the article, one of the legends - ballistic knife (with a detachable blade).


Ballistic knife by their appearance obliged to the US military, which in the early eighties of the XX century learned how to design a silent weapon, able to cast steel blades for a short distance. The mechanism is quite simple: in the handle of the knife is integrated spring, which is pre-compressed before firing. Top blade set and fixed by a special bolt.

Ballistic knife. A knife with a detachable blade

According to the developers, such a system allows simple throw the blade at a distance of 10 meters from the initial velocity of about 16 m / s (about 60 km / h). This is several times faster than conventional stabbed. Hence, the questions begin, for example, that it is set for the spring, as it is compressed, to get such a powerful force. It is not air rifle with odnogrammovoy parison, the blade will be harder. We should not forget about the problems of air rifles, which spring, located in long cocked state, loses its elasticity and becomes ineffective.

Combat use

Melee weapons of this type, according to the idea of ​​Americans, should be used for silent liquidation of manpower. After all, the purpose of any special forces - to solve the problem without the hustle and bustle, stepping back unnoticed to others. To do this, ballistic knife should stop or paralyze the enemy for a few seconds, so that he could not give the signal to attack. American spring mechanism capable of hitting enemy only in the neck, which, as a rule, is not protected by body armor. After all, all the other parts of the body hidden under a lot of clothes - any army knife there will be ineffective.

At the end of the XX century, a group of students of the American University conducted an independent study, whose purpose was to determine the effectiveness of the throwing blade knives. Of course, the driving force of the US served as a spring. The experiments were conducted on the carcasses of dead animals, access to which is provided by one of the country's meat-packing plants. Fixed and stabbing and shooting of the blade. Made by the Government of the knife characteristics were refuted, but against the researchers were accused of political articles.

Ballistic knife. A knife with a detachable blade

American propaganda

Even after decades of Russia in the world community soars many fictional stories that are instantly destroyed by reference to historical information. Myths about the weapon - is no exception. If stupidity - so established in the USSR. There are exceptions, but they are related to the defense industry of the state, so they are not made to talk with a stranger.

Myths about the miracle knife spawned American propagandists, who announced that the ballistic knife - is the fruit of the work of Soviet gunsmiths. The emergence of shooting with a knife spring dates back to the end of World War II. But in fact there is no document that would confirm the statement made by the Americans. And if we look at history, you'll find just two knives that were adopted - the legendary bayonet for AK weapons and Soviet spy HP-43 "Cherry".

Many legends in the media can be found on the Russian representatives shooting knives under the brand name "H-148 Scout." Anonymous users tell wonderful stories that this knife is able to penetrate concrete and crumbling brickwork. However, there is no historical document confirming the production of these weapons.

But the idea is interesting

A knife with a detachable blade developed by Tula gunsmiths in the mid 80-ies of the last century. However, instead of the spring blade ejection powder gases produced. The knife handle was built in the trunk, consisting of six grooves, and below it was a live round set SP-4 caliber 7, 62 mm.

Weapons received coded NRS-2 (knife scout shooting). Develop weapons for special army units, but mass production has not been established. The whole thing in a very large number of requirements and bottlenecks within the application. But judging by the Tula arms factory specifications, manufacturing knives with detachable blade did not stop, they are still produced in limited batches of the state order.

If the appeal to the information provided by the foreign media, you may find that a knife with a detachable blade HPC-2 was adopted by the Ministry of Defense of the USSR with the PSS silent pistol "Wool".

Ballistic knife. A knife with a detachable blade

The advantages and disadvantages of such weapons

If we compare a conventional army knife with a ranged weapon, then the last little more advantage to defeat the enemy. After all, it can be used in combat and as an ordinary knife. And in case of emergency only one silent shot can hit a target at a distance of 25 meters. But judging by the numerous reviews of professionals in the media, the distance is greatly exaggerated. Upon sighting shooting is possible at a distance of no more than five meters. The breaking of the blade is impressive - when shooting in the board is able to delve blade 100 mm. This is enough to cause damage to the enemy.

Shooting knife - single-shot weapon, and it is its huge drawback. Time a fighter to reload may not be enough in the battle, so be sure to be in the presence of a second knife.

On the form and the correct sharpening

If you review the knives and ballistic projectiles, can draw attention to the fact that they have almost the same form. To some, it resembles a smooth tusk. Someone compares the blade with a bullet, and someone tells a story about the similarity with the shark's body. If you listen to everyone and take a closer look, there is no reason for the dispute. After all, the name "ballistics" assumes perfect blade flying toward the goal, and what it looks like - it is not so important.

But sharpening weapons given special attention. After all, the sharper the cutting edge, the more effective will be the passage of the blade obstacles. Naturally, the knife blade is sharpened on both sides. No matter what the size of the blades are used, the technique is the same for all.

  1. by the winepress passage starts from the back of the blade at an angle of 40 degrees.
  2. Reaching the point where the blade starts to bend, it is necessary to lift the handle to maintain a constant angle of sharpening.
  3. The endpoint passage tip remains on the bar.
  4. Each subsequent edge is sharpened by the same procedure as the first.
Ballistic knife. A knife with a detachable blade

Where the wind blows

It is interesting that the media is so little data on the use of throwing cold steel in the Middle Ages. After all firearms have not yet celebrated their millennium, but the cold instrument of mankind has known only when we have learned to handle the metal.

The information is there, it is quite a lot in the history books. For example, during the Inquisition trained witch hunters used a prototype of shooting knife. Wooden or ceramic tube accommodates a compressed spring, which is located on the edge of the silver blade. The gun was worn in the hole, a shot was made by straightening the arm in the direction of the enemy. knife handle could be used many times. Maybe, this device was the world's first ballistic weapons.

Rare instances of weapons

In the museums and private collections sometimes there is a unique weapon. Knives with several knives are no exception. Weapons have different blade design. It is caused by the need to hide a spare blade in the handle. When fired, one of the second blades extended and locked in the firing position.

Why not design offices have adopted such a wonderful and promising technology, it remains a mystery. After all, in fact, solve the problem with wearing the second knife. But if we develop the idea further in this direction, then we can come to the idea of ​​creating an entire cassette of small blades, which can be alternately shoot. Pro spring mechanism can be forgotten, but the use of propellant gases is realistic as the use of compressed air or inert gas.

Ballistic knife. A knife with a detachable blade

Air Knife

In 1993, the arms market appeared ballistic knife "Barracuda". Blade in it is not ejected by a spring, but due to the compressed air. However, its design is very primitive - bulky in comparison with the size of the knife cylinder body with compressed air clearly spoils the first impression. Not to mention the relief valve, without which it can not do with a reusable firing.

This development proved to be more successful, if we compare it with firearms and spring mechanism. The device quickly and easily serviced and recharged. Good performance characteristics make the air knife is very attractive in the arms market - from a distance of five meters steel blade penetrates through 50 mm pine board.

Under the heading "Confidential"

Interestingly, the automatic knives departing blade, using the energy of compressed gases mentioned in many documentaries dedicated to the USSR State Security Committee and the departments of GRU. For example, the transfer of "Military Secret" tells about a unique case, when Soviet spies chased off the coast of the Baltic countries experienced saboteur, who was trying to break through to the water located near the submarine. Stop criminals succeeded with the help of a ballistic knife, making the shot in the buttock. The options are many and each decide for themselves what to believe him. In a beautiful fairy tale, the audience filed in the form of a documentary, or something that still there is a military secret, which does not apply best, and certainly not to seek answers to their questions.

Ballistic knife. A knife with a detachable blade

What prevents the alternative solution,

Automatic ballistic knives on the mission are an excellent alternative in the form of a service pistol with a silencer, which is several times greater than the tactical and technical characteristics of the throwing blade. The same silence and wearing comfort, together with a high rate of fire and multiply charged simply leave no chance of bladed weapons.

How to say many experts in the weapons case, all the matter of the legality of wearing, the acquisition and storage of firearms and bladed weapons. And if the law of the Russian Federation "On Weapons" will have no problems when it detects in the form of the usual knife, whose blade length not exceeding 90 mm, any gun always attract attention. Real spy or scout such a development is clearly not appropriate. And if you remember the story about the use of projectile weapons under water, then fire the gun just no chance to beat the knife.

The interest of criminal organizations

Overview balisongs partially affected and criminal structures, where it is assumed to use makeshift weapons switchblade blade. Their main difference from a military-style flight of the knife blade with fixing in a combat situation. That is, the blade did not fire back, and cocked from a hidden position.

There are two kinds of knives used in criminal circles: with mechanical ejection and side discharge blade. Both mechanisms are almost identical, because the main purpose of weapons - cock the blade quickly into the firing position. A platoon is made by a spring mechanism and particular complexity is not. An important component of these knives is a lock end position and the backstop of the blade. In the former USSR, including Russia, the presence of pins in the flick knife, regardless of the material of construction of the knife handle is prevented for blades having a length in excess of 9 centimeters, a width of more than 2 cm. Therefore, manufacturers freely unpunished decreasing length and the width of the cutting edge.

Ballistic knife. A knife with a detachable blade

is always need assurance

And since we are talking about throwing the blade at a distance to engage the enemy, then recall is a very popular cold steel, which stands in service all over the world - a throwing knife. Between these two types of weapons have one thing in common, which directly depends on the technique of gun ownership - a single application. When the shooting of the blade (or throwing) failure ingress leads to loss of military weapons. Here are just fighters Special Forces are carrying up to a dozen combat blades that can be throwing in turn, quickly deliver the target. But with the hidden wearing can cause problems.

As for the shooting of the knife, and for throwing weapons there are a number of requirements in the manufacture of: simplicity, lightness, aerodynamic, the possibility of masking and similar characteristics. We do not mention the sophisticated sharpening blade system, which determines the effectiveness of weapons.

Device "2 in 1"

Quite popular among collectors so-called shooting knives. Unlike ballistic, where as a destructive force is used the blade flying out, they use conventional bullet that fires back of the complex mechanism hidden in the handle knives. Assortment rich enough - from conventional disposable systems to six-shooter with front sight and an aiming bar (with miniature dimensions of the blade). However, there are instances that are shot with the help of powder gases energy, sharpened stars that breakout performance can compete with blades. human imagination is limitless - it will always find a solution of how to create the perfect weapon.


As a result of the review, it became clear where myths intersect with reality and that in fact is a ballistic knife. It turned out that most of the functions attributed to him friendly, and really cool weapons inferior firearms. SWAT fighters are recommended to have two knives (in the case of a miss in the shot), and all other readers - dismiss the desire to own such weapons. In addition to violations of the law, every person who keeps the house a dangerous instrument is at risk of injury by negligence. Although the tactical and technical characteristics and are not the best, but still a short distance the blade is able to cause significant harm to humans.