Bellies knife: a brief description

Melee weapons are always highly appreciated not only among its "users" but also among collectors. The richer the history of the blade, the more likely it acquired in private collections. Bellies knife causes a lot of controversy about its origin and thus attracts the attention of experts and lovers of knives.

A bit of history

Special units appeared in the seventeenth century. Mobile teams of well-trained endurance Cossacks secretly went to the rear of the enemy troops. Conditions forced them to lie in ambush for a long time the formation, hence the name of the Cossack Spetsnaz - scouts.

In such units got people with exceptional endurance, desperate brave. Cossacks were selected with discreet appearance that can not to attract undue attention. On the job, they took with them a short blades, suitable for use in close combat and invisible when worn. It is these blades and are called "knife-Plastun".

Bellies knife: a brief description

Another version says that the cold steel Cossacks received as a reward for a combat mission, and it was not a gift option, real combat blade. It was believed that the knife was not included in the mandatory equipment Cossack warrior. These premium products and are called "bellies knife." The original, according to the description was as follows:

  • blade narrow double-edged;
  • the handle and the blade itself - a one-piece product;
  • hilt plates are bolted;
  • sheath wood or leather, fitted with straps for attachment to the leg.

Finally, the third version, more modern. It is alleged that these blades have appeared in the twenty-first century as a fake copies supposedly historically valuable knives. Novokuibyshevsk released a small batch of fakes. Soon came the printed edition with detailed descriptions and photographs, according to the author, unique products.

Bellies knife: a brief description

The author claimed that their bellies knife - a redesigned chip combat checkers. And they do for themselves such knives poorest Cossacks, who did not have the opportunity to acquire for themselves the appropriate equipment. The opponents of this version point to its inconsistency for several reasons:

  • Checkers handle is very inconvenient for the knife;
  • Cossacks could not have a sword, because there was an ancient tradition to give the boys knives aged 3-5 years;
  • Cossack to serve in the army, who had a gun and a horse, certainly could afford to buy a sword.

What is the theory holds, everyone decides for himself. Today, the sales network the stunning specimens, many of them adorn private collections.


The main weapon of the Cossacks had knives. The main varieties of daggers:

  • Kama - a straight line. A double-edged blade spear shape from forged steel strip. The handle is simple, of the two cheeks riveted to the strip. He was a member of the military form of Caucasian Cossacks.
  • Bebut- curved. Its preferred scouts, it has a curved shape, a length of about 60 cm. Perfectly suited for the application of cutting strokes. Inflict puncture wound is quite difficult because of the peculiar shape of the blade. Virtuoso knife was the result of a long special training. In the capable hands of Bebutov he became a formidable weapon.

bellies knife cherished, it was used only for military purposes. Sharpening the blade in a collision with the enemy became a decisive factor in the melee. Used for household purposes other blades. In general, the Cossacks were different kinds of bladed weapons specialization.

Bellies knife: a brief description

Plastun could fight in a confined space (eg in the house). Knives were shorter pieces, have less weight and fine balancing for throwing. Secure attachment, a strong blade, secrecy when wearing - the main advantages of weapons saboteur. On the skill Cossack saboteurs were legendary. In the Kuban still remember the episode when a detachment of forty Plast forced to retreat three thousand mountaineers.


According to its characteristics Blade reminds daggers Highlanders, residents of the Caucasus. In all likelihood, it was originally captured battle trophies. Over time, craftsmen began to produce blades that resemble the original Caucasian weapons. Bellies knife has its own idiosyncrasies:

  • compact, but their mass is sufficient for applying a crushing pin;
  • ondulated blade with fuller (lateral groove);
  • The lance;
  • handle is comfortable, ergonomic;
  • Universal sharpening allows you to perform a tough job and thin slicing;
  • excellent balance makes it a precise projectile;
  • knife does not add to its storage using the sheath, which are attached to the leg.

Modern replica

Modern products can be found at Don weapon factory, the city of Volgograd. The production of such blades and Zlatoust weapon factory in Chelyabinsk region. No less known knives of the Nizhny Novgorod Region (Vorsma city), where factory Barinov worked since 2000. bellies knives are manufactured according to old photographs. Masters adhere to the techniques described in historical documents. They differ among themselves, but retain the main quality - functionality and usability. Depending on the manufacturing material blades are different names:

  • bellies knife - Damascus steel;
  • nickel silver;
  • with a thread;
  • premium.
Bellies knife: a brief description

Current models of different hardness of the blade, its length design. Very often, these products can be attributed to the works of art. The magnificent decorations on the blade, the hilt and scabbard is impossible to remain indifferent. They cause a genuine delight and respect for the Master Cutler. modern counterparts on the technical characteristics little inferior to their illustrious "ancestors". They are still lightweight, robust and practical.

The use of

Bellies knife today is an exclusive gift, collectible and convenient and practical instrument. He will come in handy on a camping trip and fishing, will serve as a picnic (for cutting anything) and as a projectile. They can simply marvel, considering the amazing patterns. For whatever purpose or purchased the sword, he will not be disappointed with its quality, beauty and functionality.