Russian special forces combat knife (photo)

A few years ago, a scientific organization dedicated to the compilation of statistics, conducted the survey. Of the respondents were required to name the first association with the phrase "special forces knife" without hesitation. The results were quite interesting. Indeed, a huge number of people polled is called jaw weapon for murder.

Sharks are dreaded almost every inhabitant of the oceans and seas. It is possible that a shark tooth prompted ancient people to create a serrated tool that we commonly use in everyday life. Of course, each knife SWAT is made of special materials, and not from an improvised stone that simply hewing. However, the principle remains the same.


SWAT Knife - an indispensable attribute of many weapons of elite troops in the different countries. But for some reason it is assumed that for our country the phrase "fighting knife" - is an empty phrase. Like, ever we did not have them. They say that was a bayonet, but this Russian combat knife never was. This, of course, misleading. In fact, full of historical facts and information sources that say the opposite.

Russian special forces combat knife (photo)

So what are the Russian Special Forces Knives are made in our army has now? What are their models were used in the past? About this in our article will be discussed.

The bayonet rifle Mosin

Fighting knives GRU Russia have been used for a long time. On the basis of the bayonet, which was used in a pair with a rifle "Berdan" (and this event dates back to 1870), it was developed by another four-sided bayonet. He soon entered service in the Russian army.

In fact, the bayonet rifle Mosin, as well as modern combat knives Russian GRU, was simply a deadly weapon. The blade had a length of two feet. With its help the enemy could inflict a deep penetrating wound. It was accompanied by rupture of internal organs, they are heavily damaged, which leads to rapid death of the enemy. A small inlet, which leaves a bayonet, is simply not possible to evaluate on the spot, how seriously wounded. In most cases, it was internal bleeding, as well as the entry of infection. All this led, eventually, death.

Bayonet rifle Mosin spent half a century weaponry. During this time he was almost unchanged. Its peak weapons survived during the conduct of the civil war and revolution. It should be noted that many Nazis were killed by Soviet troops is using a bayonet-knife. He became a symbol that meant confrontation Nazis. A lot of the posters, which were made at the time reflect that fact.

Army Knife

It is worth noting the role played in his time folding knife. Special forces use these weapons very well. But during World War II were very popular and other daggers model. One of them is the famous Army knife, called the AT-40.

He was no less popular than the bayonet rifle Mosin. Taking it into service took place in 1940. This happened immediately after the end of the war between the Soviet Union and Finland.

Russian special forces combat knife (photo)

It is said that army knife also called intelligence. The thing is that this model is supplied with soldiers Recon, mouth and divisions. That's why he has just two names. On the surface it was a narrow blade (only 22 mm). He was able to hit an opponent in the ribs quite easily. Due to such a narrow blade reduces the resistance and decreased weight of the knife. The handle was made by special technology that reduces the cost of production model.

Finca NKVD

Russian special forces fighting knives are created on the same principle with the dagger. The war between the Soviets and Finland the Union has brought a lot of experience. During the war, deficiencies were identified that have taken place in the ranks of the scouts. It is known that they have acted in the enemy rear. So, they had the appropriate weapons and equipment.

One of the elements of the equipment was a combat knife. He was required versatility, thanks to which they could use it to solve as many goals. That is, they had to be silent and to destroy the enemy in the post, and equip temporary cache, and make snowshoes from scrap materials and much more.

Russian special forces combat knife (photo)

connect directly two bases (and we are talking about the basis of a bayonet-knife, which was produced in 1919, and the Finnish scouts knife), Soviet designers have created an army knife, which later became known as simply AT-40. In Russia, the "finca" has been known since ancient times. She enjoyed great popularity even before the moment when the revolution took place. The legislation has banned the use of Finnish knife in the 30s.

However, engineers and armourers little finished "Finn", and its basis was established knife that was used in the NKVD. His so-called "finca NKVD." The second name of this weapon - a knife Norwegian type. He produced a dagger at the "Trud". production peaked at just 40-years.

"Sea Devil"

Some people wonder, "How should look like a combat knife GRU?" Just the perfect answer to this question may give a dagger "sea devil". As is known, experts have not stopped developing and adopting a bayonet knife for Kalashnikov assault rifles, and so it was decided to conduct the development of advanced weapons that it could replace the outdated copies in the elite troops.

Russian special forces combat knife (photo)

"Sea Devil" - is one of those knives that use Marine Corps troops, airborne troops and special forces of Russia. Designer knife is Skrylev Igor. He - the author of a large number of developments in this field. Many problems can be solved with the help of a knife, and not only by special units of the Navy of the Russian Federation (which, in fact, a dagger and was made).

Bayonet AK-74 to

We are talking about modifications in 1989. To be honest, this dagger is not much like his predecessor. The only similarity can be seen only in the shape and the holes on the blade. Otherwise, everything was changed. And the shape of the blade and the handle of the dagger. even other materials have been used. Designers changed the shape and mounting. In general, the bayonet for AK-74 has undergone a total processing, as well as many special forces combat knives, photos of which can be easily found in the relevant directories.

Currently bayonet mounted in a horizontal plane to the right of the machine. Engineers believe that the only way the blade can be used in an attack successfully, without getting stuck in a potential enemy. It is possible that this makes sense.


This experimental model was created for the marine units of the RF Armed Forces. When designing a knife to bet on its versatility. In general, these daggers have always attracted a sufficient number of designers and engineers who are developing new models of bladed weapons. However, the decision of a large number of problems with only one instrument - it is what it is practically impossible to achieve in practice.

Russian special forces combat knife (photo)

"Storm" is made of stainless steel. He inert enough shockproof handle, which allows you to effectively use it for other purposes. Consider the dagger is not a universal weapon possible, because it has no blade. Yes and no serrated blade on the blade. Therefore, this model can be called exclusively combat.

"The Punisher"

"The Punisher" - is not just a knife. This is a whole series of them. It was made specifically for the security services, as well as for the power units of the Interior Ministry. This company is engaged in business "Melita-K." Since 1994, it produces knives, which, I must say, of sufficient quality.

Russian special forces combat knife (photo)

"The Punisher" is currently available in two variations. The first - "Maestro" and the second - "Wag-1." They differ primarily in the material of the handle is made. This rubber, cardboard, leather type-setting. In "Wag" in the root portion has a sharpening. And here at the "Maestro" are located at the top. The difference between these two models also type sheath. Are handled differently and blades.

There is a two-way guard. The blade is wide enough. Therefore, the knife can be used as a miniature shovel. On its slopes can be used as additional support. On the cutting portion has a crescent-shaped depression. Included with the gun go and scabbard are made of quality leather. The knife was officially adopted in the country to adopt.


This series has its own characteristics. For example, the material of which the handle is made, as well as blade type. Series blades are used for different purposes. It is not only underwater daggers, but also the means to combat or survival. All, in general, depends solely on the modification of the knife. The handle has two way hilt. As the material used for its manufacture composing leather, cardboard, rubber. The queen blade sharpening is made in the form of a wavy blade. The root portion can be noticed the presence of the hook. It is necessary to cut the mesh. There is also a serrated blade.


This combat knife designed in 2001. The order was issued by the Ministry of the Interior. Currently, the series consists of two modifications. The first has a handle of inlaid leather. Double-sided sheet-like sharpening a narrow blade enables the appropriate tasks effectively.

Serrated blade is also used for cutting lines. It is easy enough to cut with his aid climbing ropes. The blade can inflict deep incision wound. The handle and guard are made symmetrically. Use the knife and as a throwing weapon. He is able to sustain more than 3 million shots. Metal parts are subjected to anti-glare treatment.