Good exercise for leveling the upper back - with a barbell shrugs

If you want to have a big beefy back that without a well-developed upper back muscles simply can not do. Trapezius muscles need to develop and to increase - it will not only give a more aesthetic look back, but also indirectly improve your performance in other exercises.

Good exercise for leveling the upper back - with a barbell shrugs

Shrugs can be done in different ways: by using the neck or dumbbells, holding weight behind or in front of him. There are other more perverted variations of this exercise. Consider the classic versions.

Shrugs standing with a barbell in front of

This embodiment Schrag is probably the most common among others. This is due, most likely, with a simple and easy execution of movements, as well as high efficiency of the exercise. By doing so, you can take a fairly heavy weight.

Shrugs standing barbell in option when you hold it in front of you, well allow to pump the upper part of the trapezius muscle. If your trapezoid do not grow up, it is precisely such an exercise will help you to grow them to the desired level.

It is worth noting that in recent years all athletes prefer more and more to do with a barbell shrugs with large weights. It is bad or not - perhaps can not answer a theoretician and practitioner only. Because each athlete's body is formed in its own way, each has its own genetics and predisposition. If you feel that your back is not ready for a serious stress, then try to do shrugs to the pole, hanging a large weight is pointless and dangerous.

How to do the exercise?

Good exercise for leveling the upper back - with a barbell shrugs
  1. Do shrugs standing barbell is recommended only using athletic belt to insure the displacement of the vertebrae.
  2. Take a barbell in front of you, preferably with special racks in order to once again not to strain the longitudinal muscles of the back and lower back when working with heavy weights. Regarding the grip it must be said that there is no specific "right" recommendations on its width. When a wide grip amplitude decreases, but the deltoid muscle is not so much take over the load. A more narrow-grip will be actively involved, except for the upper part of the trapezius muscle, side and rear deltoids. If your hands are not sufficiently developed in order to keep the curb weight, you can use the athletic straps or bandages.
  3. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart so that the knees and feet were in the same plane. None exercise in bodybuilding or powerlifting can not be performed with fully straight legs, because you can seriously damage the knee. And in carrying out this exercise, at least slug bend your legs to remove the excessive load on the joints.
  4. Then simply lift the shoulders up as far as possible, that they are the most up to the end of the movement, or even clung to his neck, if possible. During this it is necessary to breathe the air. Wrong is the exercise when athletes try on a circular path to raise the bar. This is not necessary, such an arrangement violates the correct distribution of the load on the target muscle group.
  5. Hold this position for at least 1-2 seconds and is not easily lower the shoulders to the starting position. When you lower the barbell down, you need to breathe the air, to be charged for a new repetition.
  6. Make 12-15 repetitions and put the bar to the racks.

When the Schrage is necessary to watch your back and posture, so you do not do this exercise in a position chess knight, otherwise there can be problems and back pain.

In order to exercise gave effect to make enough 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions. If you are uncomfortable carry it over the bar, you can take a dumbbell. This variant does not allow the use as loading heavy weights, performing barbell shrugs, equipment will be at a higher level, which will allow a good feel for each centimeter of motion path.

Shrugs standing with a barbell behind his back

Performing shrugs with a bar, holding the barbell behind his back at waist level, you turn the middle part of the trapezius muscle, and rhomboid muscle, which is responsible for the movement of the blades. If the embodiment of the Schrage with a barbell behind your back helps lengthen the trapezoid up such a way of doing it helps to make them wider and more powerful.

Good exercise for leveling the upper back - with a barbell shrugs

However, this performance is not an option for everyone. This is due to the fact that not everything can be in a position to support the weight, as well as due to poor flexibility to implement it in full range.

How to perform shrugs with a barbell behind his back?

Technique of this exercise is virtually identical to the first embodiment. The only difference is that you must initially turn to the rod back and then take it in hand. Performing almost impossible without special racks, because in such a situation is rather difficult to raise a good weight to the floor. In the absence of struts can do the exercise in the car Smith.

Security - first and foremost!

Good exercise for leveling the upper back - with a barbell shrugs

Most importantly, always remember safety and that the health of all given one. Do not try to buy the heavy weights, do not spoil the technique and be able to avoid injuries that sometimes so much disturbed not only in the gym, but in life. Take care of yourself and develop.