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Catch-up with the head cheese, the newspaper as salvation from a raging bull and, finally, what the Georgian rugby is different from English? Today let's talk about the games for those who are 18+.

Running with their wives on the shoulders of Finland, sonkajärvi

Unsafe Entertainment

the country where the races are like a lot: the United States, Australia, India, Russia, Britain, China. The main rule one: the men and their wives in the neck have to overcome the obstacle. The distance normally is about 200-250 m. During the race the wife should not touch the ground. Someone has its second half, throwing over his shoulder, someone puts on his back, and someone on the shoulders. Three limitations. Firstly, it should be just a wife, and not just a representative of the fairer sex. Secondly, it must be at least 18 years. Third, its weight must not be less than 49 kg. The winner is the one who will come first to the finish line without breaking the rules. He receives an award of beer, equal to the weight of the spouses; sometimes pay and gratuities.

"Everything depends on the weight of his wife. Some of the women I've ever seen at this festival, weighed so much that I can not imagine how their husbands are not overstrained when tore his spouse on the ground. Imagine how long they then had to treat their backs! "(User philistine, Newcastle Herald).

The fight toe (touresling): United Kingdom

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Some fight on their hands, and some are experiencing leg strength. Athletes sit opposite each other, interlock big toes and try to squeeze the opponent's leg to the ground. The winner is the one who will succeed. On the part of the contest appears to be safe. In fact it is not. Due to the fact that the fingers fastened the lock, there may be broken. So, Alan Nash, who in 2017 won the title of champion of the world in toureslingu 14th time, only once per round managed to break four fingers. "It is a pity that he does not pass every day. I have the talent to go in slippers in the rain. Therefore fingers no weaker than that of Arnold Schwarzenegger. How could I lose to those with large fingers, like Pee Wee Herman? "(Participant in the competition, American Bekie in an interview with The Daily Mail newspaper).

Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake: United Kingdom, Gloucestershire

Unsafe Entertainment

The participants gather at the top of the hill, from which the signal allowed cheeses weighing from 1, 5 to 3, 5 kg. The task - to cross the finish line first. All anything, if the slope was not longer than 180 m, and the slope - about 45-50 °. cheese head speed can reach 112 km / h, where much of it to keep up! Yes, and by the participants stay on his feet, walking down the slope of the run, it is very problematic. Many reach the finish line with an already broken limbs and other injuries.

Viewers need to stay at the foot of the hill. The first race starts around 09: 30-10: 00, and the last - at about 13:00. Watch the spectacle is completely free.

Sprains, strains, bruises and fractures happen each year. But in 2005 the race even decided to interrupt: ambulances were unable to deliver the injured to a local hospital. In 2009, the government banned the game, but the traditions were stronger. As a result, the race held on this day. The award winner receives head of Gloucester cheese made by hand according to an old recipe.

"My tactic was simple: stay on their feet and run as fast as I can, and that came first. The funny thing is that I can not stand the smell or taste of this cheese! It was only after the victory of this thought "(Englishman Joseph Shepherd, one of the winners of the races).

Lelo Georgia, village Suhut

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An unusual Easter tradition: Georgian rugby. Objective: to select any method other team leather ball weighing approximately 16 kg and transfer it to a certain place. In the struggle all means are good, so the first wounded appear at the very beginning of the game. To promptly assist them next duty ambulance. If one of the players falls or he becomes ill, others lift up your hands to the injured can quickly pick up and help him. However, when in 2015, on the man died, the game has not been interrupted. But last year's match ended in just 20 minutes and cost no casualties. The game is played in any weather, and lasts up to determine the winners. By tradition, after the match the ball buried in the grave of a man who died in the village last. "I love rugby and often play in it. When I learned that this game is called Georgian rugby, I thought that we should try to play it. But it was too tight. I could not stand it and left the game in the first few minutes - and still afraid that I will arrive some body "(the Englishman Charles Hoggart, party games).

The race with the bulls: Spain, Pamplona

Unsafe Entertainment

The participants of the Festival of Spanish saint Firmin dress simple white dress and red shawl. And many in the hands of the newspaper to distract the bull in the event of an attack. Objective: to overcome 850 m Street Old Town - from the enclosure, from which issued bulls to urban arena. On average, the animals run for the people for about three minutes, but for some they are the last.

For those who want to be a spectator, you have two options: to reserve a place on the balcony of the path of the bulls route or go to the bullring. The first option costs € 60-110 per person, with the bulls on the street sweep in seconds. The second option will cost between € 6-10, and all the way to the herd you look at the big screen, and the race to the arena - live.

Along the route are on duty doctors. But no one year is not without injury. So, in 2017 12 people seriously injured, the rest escaped with abrasions and bruises. Nevertheless, even in 2013, the Senate of Spain passed a law according to which bullfighting has become a cultural heritage of the country.

"There are people who touch the bulls, slap their rolled-up newspaper, thrown on them. If after such tricks you got away with it, you're a hero ... Running girls are very few, and they are trying to protect. When the first bull next to guys blocked me from the animals ... But I still could not stand it and went the distance. Insanely tired constantly to escape "(Russian woman Steph Katerina, a participant of the race).

Racing on the beds: Thailand, Pattaya

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Pattaya - the birthplace of races are held here International race, national arranged in the UK and Russia.

What should be done to participants? Pay a fee, put a bed on wheels, consider the design of the vehicle. Bed must be made in accordance with the stated topic: Taxi, spaceship, flying saucer, a hut or something. Victory goes to the one who crosses the finish line faster than anyone and his vehicle will be interesting to others. Prizes and glory are guaranteed.

"It's like a carnival ... a box on wheels, carts, and all decorated. Four people running next to the bed roll, the fifth sitting on it. One of the teams lost on the road for their fifth, he had to run next door ... Who would want to have fun, fun. And who wanted to sleep, moaning all the way home, that your time spent. In short, all as always - a pleasure given to those who are on the positive "(user asshev, Otzovik site).

Buzkashi: Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan

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The severe version of polo. There are a rider, a horse. And there's a goat carcass 50-60 kilograms, for which riders compete. It is important to either seize it and hold it as long as possible, or to throw the carcass in a certain area. Cast the carcass on the croup or the horse's withers is prohibited. We can only hold it in suspension or pressed to the horse and hold the foot released from the stirrup.

The game is so recklessly that often riders nothing but mascara, do not see, and then flying into the audience. So those are on their feet in time to escape. Not without injury among contest participants: it happens, and horses falling and hitting receive.

To grow the horse, will have to spend money. However, the winner-take good prizes: goats, sheep, carpets and blankets are at stake in any game, and it happens that the winner gets the horse, camel or even a car. In Buzkashi is played across the steppe zone of Asia, in Kyrgyzstan, for example, too. "You feel like a kitten, found themselves inside the washing machine. No! I've had it once! More me no money to participate will not entice "(American Bill Morris).

"The Buzkashi played my grandfather, my father, and now I am. Some do not understand why we are spending. But the horse for us - it is like a child "(Tajiks Kurbonali).