"Smile now fly a bullet!" Creepy selfie killers who shocked the Internet

Selfies is one of the most popular ways to make a picture. Millions of these pictures are scattered on the global network every second. Doing this photo, you show your subscribers and friends what you're doing and where you are. But apart from harmless walk in the park with your loved one, hvastanya new clothes and other things in front of your friends in Facebook, there is another category of images that seemingly no different from all the others, except that they are made just before or after murder.

1. Merrick McCoy - killed his daughter and himself after the publication of photos in Facebook

In Merrick began disagreement with his girlfriend Kim Fanthabonson long before she became pregnant. The pair often converge and diverge, but in the end, Kim decided to leave forever Merrick, taking at the same time with their 19-month-old daughter. McCoy is very upset because of their separation, and at some point the guy decided that an amicable Kim talk does not work, so in November 2013, he broke into the house of his ex-girlfriend, woke her up and began to threaten the gun. Somehow Kim managed to run out of the house and call for help. But while she called the police, Merrick decided not to waste your time in vain. He took up his daughter, made a parting shot, published it to Facebook, and then killed his daughter and himself. Above the photo, he wrote, "I told you that I can not live without you. You probably thought that I was joking. Now I hope you understand that this is not so. "

2. Frederick Roy Miller - kidnapped and killed his daughter

Frederick Roy Miller decided to kidnap his three year old daughter after a court decided to leave the baby with the mother. But the ex-wife of Frederick immediately reported to the police that her little girl was gone, and said that perhaps it might be her ex-husband. Home men was not there, and the police tracked his car. Before the police began to chase the jeep man, he took a picture with her daughter, who would probably send his wife, but, alas, it is the photo on his phone the woman saw already at the police station. Frederick had killed his daughter before he himself was shot dead the police chasing after him.

3. Obsessed admirer

Jamie Reynolds for several weeks pursuing George Williams, as in real life and in social networks. The girl, of course, rejected all his offers to meet. On his page Jamie very often published various reports that he will always be alone, because the love of his life does not want to be with him. After some time, she apparently changed temper justice with mercy, and I thought that Jamie could do it a couple of shots for the model portfolio. Thus she wanted to get to know him better. Inspired by dreams that everything will be just fine, Georgia was invited Jamie to him. But, alas, things turned a terrible tragedy. It is not known what happened to the guy, but at the time of filming, he strangled the girl, and the whole process he took the camera.

4. Amanda Taylor - killed-in-law and then did selfie with a bloody knife

Photo slightly blurred, but despite this, it clearly can be seen Amanda Taylor, which makes selfie with the murder weapon. Amanda victim was her 59-year-old father-Charlie Taylor. Police said that Taylor had an accomplice, whose name was Shawn Bell. It was he who helped Taylor to deal with the father, and prepared everything for the shoot. Amanda was set to kill as many people, but Bell hesitated and visibly upset Taylor decided to "remove" an accomplice, shot him in the face. To remember this day, she decided to capture the bloodied Shawn phone. Fortunately for Bella, the bullet went through his jaw, and the boy survived. Shortly after that, Taylor still arrested and put on trial.

5. Tyler Hadley - killed his parents and throw a party

For excellent youth party certainly needs some alcohol, loud music, good mood, a lot of friends, and sometimes illegal drugs. Tyler Hadley decided to spend the most memorable party and had prepared for her a bag of pills laughing. After the guy drank three pills of ecstasy, he realized that killing their parents - it's a great opportunity to get rid of morals on their part. Drugged Tyler scored a father and a mother with a hammer and not even bother to cover their tracks, and just stayed await guests. During a party guy, probably, I decided to show his friend the deed. Fortunately, the guy turned out to be sane, and saw a terrible picture, immediately called the police. Tyler immediately taken to the police station. Now the young man is awaiting trial.