Diet couple ended in divorce

• Diet couple ended in divorce

Couples love to go on a diet together to support each other and enjoy the success. But for this couple diet has become a bone of contention. Wife threatened to divorce due to the fact that her husband was lost, and it is not. The man told his story, and asked for advice on Reddit.

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Diet couple ended in divorce Diet couple ended in divorce

Reddit user under the nickname Jimboyt65 shared the story of how he and his wife decided to lose weight. The reason was that it was hard to live with excess weight: Each of them weighed about 130 kilograms.

"We could barely walk a few steps from the car to the office. We do not rest, do not go for a walk, we did not do anything, just staring at their phones when going out to eat. Three times a day we ordered food at home and were very unhappy. Our sex life was uncomfortable at first, and then completely finished. "

Diet couple ended in divorce

The pair joined a gym, started eating healthy foods and counting calories. Only the persistence of his wife enough for only a week.

"My wife left the gym in a week", - complained Jimboyt65.

Diet couple ended in divorce

But the man began to notice results.

"For a month I lost 4, 5 kilos, and four months later the results were noticeable. At this point, wife began to treat me with hostility. "

"She kicked me to sleep on the sofa in the living room (I said it was due to the fact that I snore). We communicated only through messages and emails, and even managed to fall out there. " Then his wife began to publish strange positions in the social networks, and the man decided that they belong to him.

"She began to write on Facebook that" lost the genetic lottery, "and the only way is to love yourself for what it is. And on the cover of her profile supplied quote: "I was his world, not the body." "

In the end, his wife decided to file for divorce and reported it to the CMC.

"I'm sorry, that came down to it, but I was no longer attracted to your body and your attitude to life. I never thought that you would remind me of those bullies who made fun of me because of the excess weight. I'll get in touch with a lawyer on Monday to start divorce proceedings. "

After this message, the man and asked for help from Reddit users. In the comments he was advised not to try to return to the relationship, and leave his wife because she did "dishonest and disrespectful" towards her husband.

"It is very unfair to you, you deserve at least talk to her. And if she decided to end the marriage long 12 years of SMS, I do not think she respects you. "