Dita Von Teese. Queen of burlesque

Corporate identity Dita - the tenderness, grace, femininity. It is very difficult to imagine "the Queen of Burlesque" in jeans and a t-shirt. Her image has always been associated with girls from the past. Dita herself says that she found inspiration in their idols.

Dita Von Teese. Queen of burlesque

She often watched old movies with my mom. Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable - so she wanted to dress. However, when she was a teenager, her financial situation did not allow to spend huge sums on designer jeans and cool sneakers. Since childhood, she studied ballet, but she thought it boring and uninteresting, and she, as a creative nature, began to try himself in a burlesque show, although it has already been known as a strip dancer.

Unlike many girls, she had a unique program, which it still adds new numbers. Soon it became her vocation. It was her name associated with burlesque, glamor, grace and incredible dance in a martini glass. Outrageous star, who had been married for by Marilyn Manson, the woman, whose fetish photos scattered around the world - in the soul of a fragile and vulnerable person who seeks to see the beauty in everything.

Dita Von Teese. Queen of burlesque

burlesque artist and antiques

Dita Von Tizsama is a work of living art. The star of burlesque wonderful collection of antiques, works of art, gloves, underwear, and taxidermy, it collects nearly 25 years. In search of antique gizmos Dita is abruptly Sherlock. Among the latter exhibits its collections: • embroidered handkerchief 1940s;

• ballerina in a pink dressing gown, 1950;

• dvereznye shelves of black wood;

• a set of six green champagne glasses 1930-40, at the card table in the vintage box.

Dita believes that investing in art - it's part of its financial profile. To be on top and to feel more confident, be tender and gentle in conversation, but have a distinctive look, you need a lot of practice before a mirror. "Queen of Burlesque" does not consider the current models of the standard of beauty, a great many of them - a model-by-night. They do not have such a "person," which would be "worked."

Dita Von Teese. Queen of burlesque

One of the favorite exhibits Dita - is the motif of the Victorian era - stuffed birds, which are mounted on a pale blue velvet, and inside their glass domes made in the shape of a heart. Every time Dita is going on tour, with her bird. It does not allow anyone to touch them, because if they break the glass dome in the shape of a heart, to find the same glass for replacement will be impossible.

What about clothes? Favorite sellers vintage

Dita Von Teese prefers suits Dior 1950s. Three-piece suit, which it acquired in San Francisco, made of gray tweed with a blouse and a skirt attached garters. This suit even has a serial number, a red tag. Found in runoff suit Dita bought for $ 3,000, and now it costs about $ 60,000.

Dita Von Teese. Queen of burlesque

As the "Queen of Burlesque" loves stylish and unusual things, and jewelry from her at a high level. Best in the business for manufacturing jewelery, she said Connie La Parente. In 2002 Dita Von Teese appeared on the cover of the magazine "Playboy", where she had the opportunity to put the best jet black crystal-necklace. After the shooting, she bought it and never parted with him.

Not only dance, but also to books?

First out was a book "Burlesque and the Art of the Teese / Fetish and the Art of the Teese". The book is written a lot about the history of burlesque, fetish, including personal view stars, excursions into history and beyond.

Dita Von Teese. Queen of burlesque

The second book, "Dita. StripTeese "- this is a book on how to learn to be gentle and sensual, able to prioritize and to seduce men. Every woman wants to be like Dita, and after reading the book, many succeeded. The main thing - to love yourself, understand what your feature and define your style.

Dita Von Teese can be called a style icon and the "Queen of Burlesque". If it does not, the world would not have seen such an exciting show as it suits!