Bodybuilding champion Natalia Dolishte

Natalia Dolishte - master of sports of international class in bodybuilding. She not only was able to realize themselves in the sport and to create in the hall of the perfect body, but also became an active motivator for many people who want to find themselves in life. Now it is one of the most successful women in the field of bodybuilding. Natalia Dolishte actively involved in sports and participate in competitions around the world.

Bodybuilding champion Natalia Dolishte

Biography athlete

Natalia was born in Norilsk in 1976. In 12 years, she first visited the hall and began a serious exercise. Only 21 years athlete has been actively engaged in weight training.

The first steps in the sport were not easy, because to find a coach in Krasnoyarsk for a girl, it was difficult. Today Natalia Dolishte recalls that initially she was engaged, the program copied and added to the exercises that would help to increase endurance.

Bodybuilding champion Natalia Dolishte

The athlete does not exclude from its production schedule and exercises with a barbell, as its goal was to build muscle and create a beautiful body. Yury Leonov became the first professional coach. He was the benchmark of strength and perseverance for Natalia baht.

Just a year training under his leadership has led the athlete to participate in the championship on bodybuilding in his hometown, where she took second place.

Presentations and Awards

Bodibildersha until 2005, participated only in the Russian competitions and championships. Almost always occupied leading positions among others. In 2005, Natalia Dolishte takes part in the European Championship, representing the Austrian federal sports organization (AFSO). There she takes the second place, ahead of rivals from Russia.

Bodybuilding champion Natalia Dolishte

In 2007, the bodybuilder Natalia Dolishte becomes the absolute champion of Eastern Europe in the category of women's bodybuilding. After that comes a year of active training and preparation for a new performance. Competition brings her victory at the Russian Championships bodyfitness. In 2008, she performs in Santa Susana in the world championship, which is included in the top ten, finishing in eighth position.

Sports achievements

2009 brought Natalia title of absolute champion on bodybuilding among women. But the athlete does not stop and continues to further develop active and train your body.

The following year she again participated in world tournaments and returns home with the title of champion of Europe. Natalia received this award four times, defeating worthy rivals its own parameters and physical characteristics.

In 2012, the bodybuilder Natalia Dolishte gaining a professional title in Europe. Although the first tournament of the new status does not bring her good luck, athlete only activity continued training and all the free time spent in the room. The next event in Chicago runs brilliantly, and Natalia again regains the highest professional athlete title.

Glory to the

Biography Natalia Batova is interesting that a woman successfully combine career not only in bodybuilding, but also actively appears on the set, is involved in various projects and shows. In 2010, the athlete has participated in one of the sports reality show, which was not able to win, but was able to show themselves worthy and win the attention of the public.

She took part in KVN on the first channel, then starred in the reality show. It can be seen in the current series and gum-battles. As a bodybuilding champion Natalia Dolishte positioned itself as a comprehensive identity and takes part in various TV projects. Today's woman has become an idol for many girls. This standard endurance, stubbornness and self-confidence in harmony with femininity and professionalism.

Bodybuilding champion Natalia Dolishte

Of course, in addition to the positive characteristics and admiration, a woman is not often heard in the address unfair comparisons with men and even insults. Natalia admits that thought several times about how to quit sports. But then he took himself in hand and held back from being able to give up an important part of his life.


Although the sports side of life and the talents she willingly shows around, taking part in different programs, with regard to romantic relationships - there are a lot of secrets and mysteries. As a teenager, she was married, but unfortunately, it did not bring her the desired happiness, and she was forced to divorce.

In an interview, she mentioned about an unhappy marriage. Now the relationship athlete does not tell, but there are things that she could not forgive the chosen one. There are no restrictions in the sport or to choose between family life and sporting career woman will not do. While it is recognized that her man does not need to engage in sports, the main thing - to between lovers reigned understanding and love. Despite the fact that bodybuilding for Natalia was always in the first place, at 41, she gave birth to daughter Sophia. Now the athlete combines career and role as a mother.

The woman in sport

Achievements in bodybuilding, active work on the body and constant training takes a lot of time in Natalia. Keep the body in a standard form, especially after childbirth, is hard enough, but she does not allow herself to relax.

Bodybuilding champion Natalia Dolishte

Dolishte Natal is one of the idols of today's youth. Among her fans not only girls and women, but also representatives of the stronger sex. In the real world, their physique woman does not brag, and in sports - not just competed with men and have won at the expense of the parameters. The title of champion in bodybuilding Natalia Dolishte does not advertise, because she says that you have to work on ourselves to achieve even greater results. The main motivation for himself in the sport considers only future and achieve good results, he said that it motivates and stimulates the best.

Bodybuilding champion Natalia Dolishte

from the athletes Tips

His fans and novice bodybuilders Natalia advises to be confident in their ability and power indicators. No need to be upset because of small failures. Any defeat - it's a good experience and a basis for future victories.

Sportswoman herself leading an active life, and does not stop there. He wants to try himself in interesting projects and open new horizons. It deals with famous athletes, taking part in social projects.

Photo Natalia Batova can be seen in the articles devoted to various activities, because the athlete takes part in contests and competitions. Also it has a course and program to build muscle, which it enjoyed at the beginning of the way. Natalia helps develop women's bodybuilding in Russia, and she is a shining example of successful implementation of sport in life.