Amorous entertainment Russian empresses

Followers (lovers, Galanti) queens and empresses Gosudaryni constant alternated succession. Among them were subtle personality of which memory remains only a name, but there were also those who are very much influenced the course of history of the Russian state.

Amorous entertainment Russian empresses

It can be said that the concept of "favorite" in Russia appeared thanks to Princess Elena Glinsky Vasil (1508-1538), the widow of Grand Duke "BCEAO Rusii" Vasily III Ivanovich and mother of the future Ivan the Terrible

Amorous entertainment Russian empresses

The wives of princes differed chastity, and even after the death of his wife faithfully observe mourning for the rest of his days. And that's why very noticeable was the favor of the princess to her favorite - Ivan Fedorovich sheepskin Telepnev-Obolensky.

Elena Glinskaya, Lithuanian-born princess, did not have such a virtue. Her husband died when the future of Prince Ivan the Terrible, was only 3 years and rule the country remained one Elena Glinskaya. Even as a baby Ivan was put in charge of noblewoman-nanny - Agrafena chelyadnins, nee Princess Telepneva-Obolensky, the sister of a young nobleman, groom, Prince Ivan Fedorovich sheepskin Telepneva-Obolensky. All the secret sooner or later becomes apparent and bond Elena Glinsky and Ivan Telepnev (Sheepskin) soon found, and then Elena Glinskaya openly presented his court favorite, who listened without question and was completely subordinated to his will. As a result, sheepskin-Telepnev completely took power into their own hands and administer all matters of state, easily eliminating all non-subordinate and prevent him. He waged war, negotiations, all things went through his hands. By the way it was at the time of his reign, in Russia there was a coin, which later became the "penny. After the sudden death of Elena Glinsky (presumably been poisoned) Ivan Telepnev was sent to prison, where he died, sharpened in shackles and chains of hunger and cold.

Princess Sophia, the regent during the reign of John V Aleksievich, infant sister of Peter I, made her a favorite of Prince Vasily Golitsyn

Amorous entertainment Russian empresses

Vasily Golitsyn began serving at the court of Tsar Czar Alexei Mikhailovich 15-year-old boy as a waiter and then Chashnik. It should be noted that even while serving with the king Theodore Golitsyn, as an educated man, very progressive, has made a considerable fraction to the formation of the Russian state. Sophia gave to her gentle friend (Galant) management of all important affairs of state, instructing him to head the Russian government. He was entrusted with the most important orders, including one of the most important - Ambassadorial order.

Under his leadership, it took quite a few martial affairs in Russia, made a lot of necessary and timely laws and regulations, but the grown up Peter I, who demanded to return him to power, clashed with his sister Sophia, who wanted his death. Prince Golitsyn never welcomed this enmity between brother and sister and strongly dissuaded from attacking Sophia Peter. Having taken power into their own hands, Peter, who had not seen any hostile action against him Golitsyn, gave him a light sentence - Golitsyn was exiled to the North, where he lived for another 18 years, the breeding of horses, engaged in farming and teaching the local ladies to read.

The third, though secret, a favorite of Catherine I --Bedchamber suites Her Majesty Willim Mons

Amorous entertainment Russian empresses

Peter I, who have confidence in his wife, who have been able to contain his anger and skillfully guiding it in public affairs, was astonished to learn that his wife is cheating on him. Seeing with my own eyes and Catherine Mons meeting, he made no betrayed himself, but checked as Mons does business and has found numerous examples of embezzlement on the part of the latter. After talking with him, the next day Peter issued a decree for the arrest of Mons, his trial and the sentence of the death penalty in the execution. Catherine did not betray themselves, even when they are with Peter drove past the place of execution, where the spear head hung Mons, not a muscle twitched in her face. Peter also learned that about this affair knew his favorite and favorite Prince Menshikov and mental anguish ruined the king - a few months after he died. Left Empress Catherine, who could not even sign their own decree, handed over all the reins of power in the hands of Menshikov and dedicated drinking were numerous and amorous pleasures. Note that Menshikov led all affairs of state even after the death of Catherine. True long after the marriage of Peter II (grandson of Peter I) was sent to Ryazan region (and later by order of Anna Ivanovna in Siberia) with confiscation of all property is very numerous.

The next de facto leader of the country, when the Empress Anna Ioannovna was Ernst Johann Biron

Amorous entertainment Russian empresses

Anna Ioanovna daughter of King John V Aleksievich (brother of Peter I) and Queen Praskovya Fyodorovna was married to the Duke of Courland Friedrich Wilhelm (Kettler). However, the 40-day binge on the occasion of the wedding, has led to the fact that the Duke died, hardly having left a young wife from St. Petersburg. Duchess of Courland, on their own to get to the family nest husband settled in his castle. To help her in Peter I sent Peter Bestuzhev-Ryumin, who became her lover and had a right to manage on its behalf in the estate and lands inherited from her husband Anna. That Peter Bestuzhev-Ryumin acquainted with Anna Ernsomt-Johann Biron, who quickly took the place of a favorite. Occupying the Russian throne Ioanovna Anna took her and Biron, marrying him in this one very ugly court lady. Interestingly, the couple's family appeared regularly in children, but the palaces were crawling rumors that temporarily "polnela" Anna and Biron's wife only puts a pillow.

Spent 10 years Anna Ivanovna on Biron throne led Russia completely. Hard times were dubbed "Biron" because of the exorbitant taxes and embezzlement. However, it is impossible not to note the many positive sides. In any case, when Biron actively developed the art of poetry, the first Russian opera, and was conducted very successful foreign policy was set. He rules even after Anna's death, became regent in young John VI Antonovich. But it is very short - just a few weeks. Power snatched from his hands Leopoldovna Anna and Biron was put on trial. Note that later, during the reign of Elizabeth, a palace coup, which has taken power from Anna Leopoldovna, Biron, though in exile, living in a beautiful house, and got a very decent content. Later, his daughter Princess Elizabeth, Hedwig, who became a favorite of Peter III, recovered all the regalia and the estate of his father, in addition to the Duchy of Courland, but much later and recently returned to him with the help of Catherine II.

Count Carl Moritz Linar - a favorite of Anna Leopoldovna

Amorous entertainment Russian empresses

Seventeen Anna Leopoldovna, while still a single girl, fell in love with the Saxon envoy, Count Karl Moritz Linara. at the time they parted ways, but became empress Anna immediately called upon the Saxon diplomat Linara to himself, where he became a favorite and had the opportunity to influence the foreign and domestic policies of the country foreign to him. Primechatlno that after the arrest of Anna Leopoldovna Linar immediately left the country, not even trying to somehow influence the fate of his mistress.

Later, Karl Moritz Linar returned to St. Petersburg and continued to be the Saxon envoy at the court of Empress Elizabeth.

Elizabeth and her favorite

Amorous entertainment Russian empresses

Historically opinion about partying and feasting Catherine I, but quiet Elizabeth could give odds to Catherine on the part of love affairs, though not particularly loud. Her first favorite, did not take part in public affairs was Alexander Buturin. They tied exclusively loving relationship, short-lived, however, became the Empress Elizabeth did not forget former lover, and gave him the title of count, a lot of land, estate and rank of Field Marshal.

New lover, became a favorite of Simon Naryshkin, chief chamberlain of the Imperial court, soon, however, exiled by Peter II abroad. But Elizabeth immediately met a new lover Alexei Yakovlevich Shubin, who eagerly began ostaivat claims his mistress to the throne, for which he was sent to Anna Ivanovna in the link. Becoming the Empress Elizabeth Shubin returned from exile, but he returned there another man - devout and ascetic, because of their love affair did not continue, however, Shubin was very generously endowed (money, estates and ranks) Elizabeth. Loving Elizabeth almost immediately switched to the new favorite Aleksey Razumovsky. It is not very educated Razumovsky nevertheless dabbled in the glow of adoration and love, as Elizabeth and her courtiers all - Razumovsky "took" sociability, kindness and sympathy. He was also granted numerous ranks, salaries and estates in Great Russia and Little Russia - Alexei homeland. He even brought in the court of the fashion for all the Little Russian - clothes, food, songs, etc. There is an unconfirmed theory that Elizabeth and Alex got engaged and had a daughter, and later trimmed a nun, but was buried with military honors near the burial place of the Romanov boyars...

When Elizabeth was briefly handsome cadet Nikita Afanasievich Beketov, he was replaced by Ivan Shuvalov - the young people (almost half under the age of Elizabeth) and became the most favorite, whose influence at court and in public affairs has been very noticeable. He distinguished himself above all as a significant politician in the field of art, science and culture, he was a patron of education and teaching, using it worked Academy of Sciences, headed by Mikhail Lomonosov. This is perhaps the only favorite, completely devoted to the cause of education in Russia, and not seen in the embezzlement of public funds, and vice versa - to give her the benefit of science and art.

Entered on the throne of Catherine II of slander Shuvalov sent abroad, but from there he tried his best to help the Russian science and art - sending pieces of art (statues, paintings, etc...) In Russian museums and the Academy. Soon, doing the very important mission of the Empress, Shuvalov was returned to his homeland, where he received the highest rank and the rest of his days in the treated quarters poets, playwrights, scientists, artists, sculptors, actors and otherwise helping the people of art and science. Thus Razumovsky and Shuvalov were favorites who have made a considerable contribution to the affairs of state and influenced the course of the flow of Russian history.

Catherine II and her favorites

Amorous entertainment Russian empresses

As a 16-year-old wife of Peter Fedorovich, Catherine moved closer to Count Zakhar Chernyshev. Elizabeth learned about the connection, remove Chernyshev from the yard, but when Catherine came to power and became Empress, she immediately called back Chernyshev. Count Zakhar Chernyshev, he became governor-general of Moscow proved to be a great administrator and city planner - Moscow under his rule quite transformed.

However, the favorite of Catherine already had another young man - Count Sergei Saltykov. In his memoirs, Catherine II recognized that her son was the future emperor Paul I - was not born of man, namely, Sergei Saltykov. However, with all the love of Catherine for Saltykov, he did not share her admiration and treated her coldly, often disparagingly. Such as a date could not come.

Catherine soon became acquainted with Count Stanislaw August Poniatowski, and between them ensued overt communication. Catherine's husband Peter at this time was also fascinated by the favorite and therefore particularly attached no importance to the adventures of his wife.

Affair with Poniatowski elected to the Polish throne, was not just a love story of the Grand Duchess, but got a coloring serious international politics of the Empress Catherine II, the policy which led to the partition of Poland. Catherine also bore him a daughter, Anna, but she did not live, and 5 months.

But the main role in the Russian state has played another favorite of Catherine - Count Grigory Orlov. I am not very educated. but very shrewd young man, supported Catherine Eagles in all undertakings, for which he was treated kindly titles, estates, titles. He was elevated to the title of count, was appointed adjutant general of Her Imperial Majesty, the general-director of the engineers, then he received a high ranking military officials, General-in-Chief (II class of the Table of Ranks) and General feldtseyhmeystera and entered the history of Russia as the organizer of a palace coup, as a result of which Russia gained Empress Catherine II, as a long-term favorite of the Russian throne, to a large extent influence the course of development of the Russian state. Catherine later acquired another favorite of Alexander Vasilchikova nicknamed itself the Empress - a boring person. Replacing him was found in the person of Grigory Potemkin. In the opinion of foreign ambassadors Potemkin in Russia became the most influential person, so that the head of the foreign powers have become through their ambassadors to contact him on important issues. From this union was born a daughter Elizabeth G. Temkin (truncated surname of children born out of wedlock). Potemkin had a very significant impact not state policy of Russia, but was removed from the role of favorite, which is passed to the young careerist teeth. However, nothing outstanding, useful for Russia's "golden age," as christened Catherine's time during a favorite Zubov did not happen. Upon learning of the death of Potemkin, Catherine spoke, and now rely on no one ...

Another favorite of Catherine - Pyotr Zavadovsky was a gentle man, in love with Catherine to unconsciousness, which greatly annoyed the Empress, and soon, by awarding its ranks, titles and estates Catherine alienated from himself ... However, its role in the development of Russia, too, is very high - Pyotr Zavadovsky, a former favorite of Catherine II, became the first Minister of education in the Russian Empire, privy councilor, senator, member of the State Council.

Further favorite Catherine - Zahar K. Zotov Alexander Lanskoy, Alexei Yermolov, Alexander Dmitriev-Mamonov and Ivan Rimsky-Korsakov did not succeed particularly at the state field.

Amorous entertainment Russian empresses

Based on the book by Irina Resurrection "Favorites from the Russian throne"