Dmitry Malyshko - biathlete from Sosnovy Bor

If not for perseverance coach who influenced the fate of his pupil, the world did not recognize such an athlete as Dmitry Malyshko. Biathlete thought about banking career back in the firing line and became the Olympic champion.

The right solution

He spent his childhood in Sosnovy Bor. The city of Leningrad region has played a decisive role in the athletic career of Dmitry Malyshko, because this is where he started in biathlon section. His first coach was Yuri Parfenov. An important achievement of the young athlete won the bronze medal in the Winter Games, held in 2008 in Saransk. Due to this success, he came to the attention of Russian Federation of biathlon.

Then Dmitry Malyshko made a sudden turn in his biography and decided to go into banking. Apparently, Dmitry hesitated to get him a professional athlete or not. Far not everyone can become a champion, a great success achieved units and each victory is a big job, a daily exercise routine. In order to develop and grow, the athlete must be an active part in major tournaments. At that time Russian Biathlon Federation was experiencing financial difficulties and was unable to support young talents.

Dmitry Malyshko, whose age at that time was 21 years old, still came back to the sport. For this you need to thank his personal trainer Dmitry Kucherov, which contributed to the return of promising biathletes on the ski runs.

Dmitry Malyshko - biathlete from Sosnovy Bor

Similarly, the target

Major breakthroughs in adult biathlon came to Dmitry immediately. Year after year Malishko increase the pace of speaking. Beginning in 2011, he always held the place on the podium, and frequently fall into the "flower" ceremony. But the most significant results of Dmitry Malyshko, biathlete with a strong team spirit showed in the relay race: 6 times Russian national team won the World Cup, and in 2014 - became the strongest in the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Dmitry Malyshko - biathlete from Sosnovy Bor

Home victory

When Dmitry went to the Olympic Games in Sochi, he, of course, dreamed of a medal in the individual race. However, participation in them happened to Malyshko not the best way: the athlete showed good shooting, but summed up the ski course. The reason was that at the right moment, he has not yet reached the peak shape. The most appropriate in this situation was to show composure and continue training. Every day self-confidence increased, and the start of the torch relay Dmitry Malyshko walked in the best condition. In order not to let the team, he had to shoot out to zero and try not to have recourse to additional rounds. And he almost succeeded.

Dmitry Malyshko - biathlete from Sosnovy Bor

His stage team race Dmitry Malyshko spent the best teammates, allowing only one mistake. After the last shooting he raced at full speed to the place of handover, in order to minimize the gap from the leaders of the race.

Yes, Dmitri was not the fastest on his stretch of the relay, but with him rivaled the strongest athletes in the world - the "King of Biathlon" Ole Einar Bjørndalen, accurate Arnd Peiffer, experienced Simon Eder. Topics and valuable victory in the team race, that every speaker at the limit of its powers. Therefore, fans love this kind of biathlon for his entertainment and the opportunity to enjoy with the whole country successes of the national team.

Relay quartet composed Alexei Volkov, Evgeny Ustyugov, Dmitry Malyshko and Anton Shipulin met the expectations of Russian sports fans, bringing in the treasury of the long-awaited Olympic medals biathlon gold.

Life Dmitry Malyshko

At the Olympic champion has a lot of hobbies: he likes to motor vehicles and regularly monitors the results of Formula 1. Fast ski course Master prefers the same high-speed driving on a motorcycle. Escape from the stress, which is inevitable in professional sport, it helps your favorite music.

May 14, 2016 Dmitry Malyshko Ekaterina Tikhonova and entered into a valid marriage. The wedding was celebrated at St. Petersburg among teammates.

Dmitry Malyshko - biathlete from Sosnovy Bor

His future wife, Dmitry met in childhood. Ekaterina Tikhonova, just as he was seriously engaged in biathlon and achieved good results, becoming the master of sports. Now the couple grows son Philip. In their family complete understanding, because Kate as no one else knows the nuances behind the scenes life of an athlete. Therefore its advice and support mean a lot to Dmitry.