Oleg Romantsev history footballer and coach

Oleg Romantsev - an odious figure in the history of Soviet and Russian football. Behind the coach eight championship titles - more than anyone else in the championship of Russia, and later - the Premier League. His service to the country marked at the state level: the coach Oleg Romantsev awarded the title of master of sports of international class in 1980 and honored coach of the republic - in 1990. During the game and coaching has changed several clubs, but for the ordinary Russian fans Oleg Ivanovich is primarily associated with the Moscow "Spartak".

Oleg Romantsev history footballer and coach

Oleg Romantsev: Life Biography and facts

Ordinary Soviet boy named Oleg was born in the family of Ivan and Claudia Romantsevo in 1954 in the Ryazan region. His father, a famous engineer, had to constantly move around the country, so the family did not spend more than a year in the same place. The 3 primary school class Romantcev Oleg went to the city of Krasnoyarsk. There, in the youth team, "Motorist" (now FC "Yenisei"), where the boy led his father, he took his first steps in football.

Looking guy very quickly attracted attention. Over time, it began at bay and to the adult team, although Oleg Romantsev was still in a very young age. Teammates and opponents on the game often perplexed, because next to them on the field was hardly probable not the child.

Young defender literally reveled in football. He played with the ball after school, attend team training, and even when his teammates already went to the locker room, Oleg remained at the training ground and practiced technique. With the tenacity and zeal for football guy could not long remain unnoticed for professional clubs in the top Soviet division, so very soon Romantseva invited to view in the "people's team".

Oleg Romantsev history footballer and coach


The composition of the young player has hit the two stages of the most popular in the USSR football team. In 1976 he made his debut against the St. Petersburg "Zenith". Then the few people in the audience knew who Oleg Romantsev. Footballer went to unusual position for himself - in the attack, but could not help his team avoid defeat, which, by the way, it was worth the "red-white" in the Major League Union. The team at the time was divided into two opposing camps, the atmosphere is tense to the limit, so Romantcev left the club and returned to his native Krasnoyarsk.

However, very soon the team came Konstantin Beskow, who restored order to the ranks of Spartak. In the same way as back and talented defender. With a new coach Oleg Romantsev very quickly found a common language, and after a short time the defender of "Spartacus" was not just a captain, but also a symbol of the team.

In the rows of the "red-white" Romantcev spent 7 years old, he became the champion of the USSR and three times won the silver medals of the championship. Oleg Ivanovich quite early (at age 29) finished his playing career due to a serious injury that is incompatible with the continuation of the performances at the highest level.

Oleg Romantsev history footballer and coach

Coaching career

Romantsev-trainer from the early days as a coach, "Spartacus" was able to instill his vision of football team and the spirit of the winners. To some extent it can be called innovative approaches in Russia, because when Oleg Ivanovich played in the attack had almost the entire team, except maybe the goalkeeper and the central defenders.

With "Spartacus" Oleg Romantsev gave a powerful series of victories in the national championship (8 titles), three times won the Russian Cup and reached the final and near-final stages of the Champions Cup and Cup Winners' Cup. Naturally, the work done as a coach otherwise great achievement will not name, but at the beginning of the new millennium, things went sour. "Red and White" were so poorly in the Champions League of 2001-2002, breaking several anti-record. Bad things were going in the Russian championship. In summer 2003, Oleg left the team, and then more briefly coached the Moscow "Dynamo" and Moscow Region "Saturn" from Ramenskoye. It is worth noting that when it won the championship today is the last yet for "Spartacus."

Oleg Romantsev history footballer and coach

In the national

Oleg Romantsev twice led the national team of Russia. In 1996, the preceptor "tricolor" managed to bring the team to the final of Euro 96, but on the fields of England team brings to the field a different coach. Next achievement Romantseva with the team dates back to the year 2002. Russia finished first in the selection for the World Cup, but in the final stage took the last place in the group and one of the first to go home. Those matches were the last to Oleg Ivanovich at the helm of the national team.

Romantcev finished coaching job in 2005, but from 2009 to 2012 he worked as a consultant in the structure of "Spartacus." From time to time it can be seen as a guest analytical football programs on television.