Elvir Rahimić: Bosnian Defense Army foundation

Defensive midfielder - one of the key positions in modern football. A player like Elvir Rahimić, whose biography is of interest to many fans - a recognized expert of the game in the middle of the field. Arriving in Russia in 1999, he stayed here for a decade and a half, answering for the preparation of boys in CSKA Moscow.

Early career

Elvir Rahimić was born in Bosnia in 1976. Soccer engaged since childhood, but because of the war, he had to stop training for a couple of years. Elver professional career began at home, playing for the "glory", "Bosnia". For some time he had a chance to play in the Austrian league, playing for the club, "Steyr".

Elvir Rahimić: Bosnian Defense Army foundation

In 1999, he moved to Russia, signing a contract with Makhachkala "Anji". By this time, Elvir Rahimić already decided on his place on the field. He played in the midfielder. Elvir Rahimić perform all the duties that are required of the player in midfield. He practiced in the defense, was the first in rebounds. Even then Elver differed obstinacy and rigidity in the martial arts.

All these qualities, reliable Bosnian legionary game attracted the attention of the strongest clubs in the Russian championship. In 2001, he moved to CSKA, who played for the then nearly fifteen years.

The true soldier

Elvir Rahimić has become an indispensable player in the game of soldiers. In his first season he won the competition for a place in the composition and spent almost all the matches without replacements. The position of the player on the field required him to work in a large selection of the ball, martial arts with the attacking players. Being a very tough player, however Elvir Rahimić was able to balance on the verge of what is permitted and not often let the team, leaving her in the minority due to their deletions. Earning a career 60 yellow cards, while it only once expelled from the field.

Elvir Rahimić: Bosnian Defense Army foundation

very characteristic was the game against CSKA Israeli "Hapoel" in 2007. Elvir Rahimić managed in this match may result in injury to two players, one of them carried away from the field with a broken leg.

Total playing for CSKA Moscow, Bosniak five times won the Russian championships, won seven cups of the country, but the most memorable was the 2005, when, together with the partners in the club, he won the UEFA Cup.

Because of the conflict with the leadership of the Bosnian football federation for a long time, the talented midfielder has not been called to the national team. The first game for the national team took place only in 2007, and subsequently Elvir Rahimić played 40 games for Bosnia. For the 2010 season the midfielder due to age has lost speed, sharpness and increasingly began to stay on the bench. He dreamed of playing for the national team of Bosnia at the 2014 World Championships, but due to lack of match practice has not received an invitation to the main command of the country.

Season 2013-2014 was the last of his career, after which he turned to coaching in CSKA already own.

Elvir Rahimić. Personal life after football

After completion of active career Bosniak held various coaching positions in the Moscow club. Now he works as a mentor to the young men of the army command.

Elvir Rahimić is married, the spouse Marcia gave birth to him in marriage two children.

Footballer of Bosnia has become one of the most memorable players in Russian football.

Elvir Rahimić: Bosnian Defense Army foundation

Not having outstanding technical skills, he was able to fight for the ball great, he had done a huge amount of defensive work. It is associated with the best CSKA seasons when Rahimić provide complete peace of mind in the rear, clearing the center of the field and insuring defenders.