Alexander Filimonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

One of the many football sayings states that the goalkeeper - it's half the team, including her face. Of course, the guardian of the gate is the last bastion of defense of the football squad, because it has always focused attention and in particular to errors committed during the game. However, many forget that if many missteps fielders are simply overlooked, the goalkeeper will be responsible even for the slightest flaw in their work. One of those athletes who are fully felt the full pressure from the fans and the community for their carelessness, a former goalkeeper of Moscow "Spartak" and the national team of Russia Alexander Filimonov. His biography and will be considered as much detail in this article.

Alexander Filimonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

The birth and early years of life

Future football player was born on October 15, 1973 in the Mari ASSR, the city of Yoshkar-Ola. His father Vladimir was also a professional footballer. All my childhood Sasha held in Chisinau. As he later noted in the capital of Moldova, he got his football education, and lived there more than anywhere else afterwards.

In 1990, the young talent has become a graduate of the sports school "Petrel" and hit the "Steel" - a team game while in the second league of the USSR championship. However, in this team, he played only two games. The season ended, and the young man moved to the home team, "Friendship", which is already firmly took the place of the main goalkeeper and even scored his first and, as time has shown, the only goal of his career.

A new stage in the career of

the highest Russian league was formed in 1992. Alexander Filimonov at that time played a bright, because it is no wonder that attracted the attention of the employees of the club from Voronezh called "Torch". There are rumors that allegedly cost the club player transfer literally pennies. But be that as it may, the team Sasha revealed himself as a master, and never gave up his place at the heart of the other goalkeepers. The game was great athlete, but still the club was relegated from the Major League in the first division. Filimonov not immediately left the club and played there one season, although not in the elite cohort, but it did not introduce him into depression, and he moved to FC "textiles" - the team at that time was in the middle of the standings highest League. Along with the new team of Alexander Filimonov was even able to take part in the UEFA Cup, where he showed himself in all its glory, earning a lot of positive feedback from peers and experts.

Alexander Filimonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

Moving to the capital of

Strong game goalkeeper entailed fame and an invitation to play in Moscow "Spartak". The first time a new team Alexander Filimonov was a backup then the main goalkeeper Ruslan Nigmatullin, but in the second half of the season the young talent was able to "squeeze" out of the gate a more experienced friend and consolidate the number one position.

Years, having played in "Spartacus", can be called "gold" for our hero. In the six years he spent in the capital club, Aleksandr Filimonov six times became the champion of Russia, a finalist and winner of the Russian Cup, finalist and winner of the Commonwealth Champions Cup, and regularly took part in the European competition.

Invitation in the "Dynamo"

Once in the "Spartacus" came Maxim Levitsky, Filimonov less and less became a hit in the base, and because he was in Kiev, where the local club lost due to a serious injury of their main goalkeeper Shovkovskiy. However, in the "Dynamo" Russian citizen had a hard time. A series of ridiculous blunders during games led to the fact that he was on the bench. Ultimately, they have had only four games in the Ukrainian championship and a few matches in the Champions League, Alexander returned to the Russian Premier League in 2002, where he became a player, "Urals".

Alexander Filimonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

Again the battle!

The new club Filimonov got match practice on a par with its rival Yuri Yuri Okroshidze. Well, finally get to the core of Alexander stopped after a break in one of the matches of the Premier League of Russia is very sharp and critical of the captain of the team in May 2003. As a result, the goalkeeper lost his place at the heart, and in time the club was in a lower league, because of what Alexander Filimonov decided to find a new team, and besides, he expired contract with "Uralanom".

Fleeting moment

The next club Filimonov was the "Torpedo-Metallurg" from Moscow. The capital team goalkeeper did not stay for long as a year later began to play in the skill of their colleagues and therefore was later forced to move to Cyprus, where he received an invitation.

In 2007, the player became a member of the local team called "Nea Salamis", which at the time of the contract with Filimonov ranked eighth out of fourteen possible. In the first season, Sasha spent only four games in the first team in the team, and the next year, and all left the club.

Job in Krasnodar

In 2008, Alexander Filimonov - goalkeeper with vast experience in football - became a player, "Kuban", play while in the first league. Once the main part, able to defend keeper "to zero 'four matches in a row, but was replaced after the first Igor Cat, and then Alexey Stepanov. In the autumn of the same year, the club's director of Mkrtchyan announced at a news conference that he would not renew the contract with Filimonov.

Alexander Filimonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

Completion playing career

In spring 2009, Alexander moved to Tashkent "Locomotive", which finally appeared to 2010 inclusive.

Since the end of 2011 Filimonov becomes player-coach of "Arsenal" from Tula. June 22, 2015 the athlete has stopped his speech for the club, having gone to the PFL "Dolgoprudny" as a coach, took the goalkeeper. His last game as a player character articles held May 27, 2018.

The game for the main team of the country

Alexander Filimonov, error 1999 for which proved fatal in many ways, first debuted in the national team of Russia in 1995. His first tournament was the qualification for the Olympics in 1996, where the Russians ultimately did not make it.

March 25, 1999 the athlete has successfully defended at the gate during the game against the French, and Russian national team she won with a score of 1: 0.

Alexander Filimonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

But what is the most memorable in the team Alexander Filimonov? 1999 was a turning point not only for the main team of the country, but also for football. On October 9, the "Luzhniki" stadium hosted a match between Russia and Ukraine. The hosts needed only a victory to qualify for the final stage of Euro 2000. And at first everything went as it should have been, because after 75 minutes Karpin was able to score a goal guests. However, 3 minutes before the end of the meeting was appointed a penalty in the Russian gate, who brilliantly played Andriy Shevchenko. Filimonov same during the reception of the ball after hitting the Ukrainians began to awkwardly move backwards and eventually missed the scope of the net. Draw not let Russia go further.

After the match, Filimonov did not criticize just lazy. He is charged even the fact that he has not received the blessing of the father before the game, and the fact that he was an atheist. In addition, many experts and the audience did not understand why the head coach of the Russian team of Alexander put it into the goal, rather than the more stable the speaker Ruslan Nigmatullin.

In 2009, Sasha successfully performed at the Legends Cup, which eventually went to was Russian.

In 2011, the athlete also managed to become the champion of Russia in beach football and was even voted the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

Alexander Filimonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

Relationship Status

About the most intimate Filimonov talk does not like, but some information about his personal life yet known. In the early years of the athlete he played in Voronezh, and he thus regularly fly to Yoshkar-Ola to his bride, whom he married later. The couple had a child, but it did not save the family as a result of the collapse, as Sasha met a new love named Anna. Goalkeeper on the wave of new feelings left by his first wife, leaving her apartment in the capital, but at the same time almost completely ceased to communicate with the child. This has led to that July 12, 2009 the athlete was arrested by judicial police officers in Domodedovo, when he tried to fly out of the game to Uzbekistan. The goalkeeper claims were filed by representatives of non-payment of power they alimony in the amount of 700 thousand rubles. However, a week later the Khimki district court of the capital of Russia annulled all claims and lifted the ban on Alexander on his travel abroad.

Alexander Filimonov: biography, personal life, career, photos

So what do Alexander Filimonov now? In September 2018, former football player was invited by the coach of junior team of Russia to engage in preparation of goalkeepers this team, what Sasha said yes.