Sore muscles after exercise - is it good or bad?

Anyone who visits the gym, know what a post-workout pain. It occurs due to damage to the muscle fibers in the course of employment. Many people believe that if the sore muscles after exercise, it is a sure sign that they have successfully completed business day. Yes, there is some truth, but not always. It is necessary to find out in which cases and training related to the pain they are positive, and when not.

Sore muscles after exercise - is it good or bad?

Lactic acid

One of the most faithful and the main reasons why the sore muscles after a workout is lactic acid. It is formed in the muscle groups that were exposed to stress. The more and longer committed these loads, the more acid will accumulate in the muscles. As a rule, it can be identified by the effect of a burning sensation that arises in exhausted muscles. Another important point - so the pain goes away immediately after school, as well washes her blood from all parts of the body. This phenomenon is absolutely harmless.

Muscle pain with a delay The pain usually occurs in cases where the classes are at the gym after a long break or illness. Or when there is a return to the exercises, which are not carried out a fairly long period of time. This is the reason why the sore muscles after exercise, due to microtrauma, which do not bring any harm to the body. It also should be aware that any muscle begins to grow after a full recovery. Then begins the process supercompensation - adaptation to future loads. This phenomenon is imperceptible to the body. So when you do not experience muscle pain after training, do not assume that something is wrong. On the contrary, everything is in order, you can

Sore muscles after exercise - is it good or bad?

to do next.


If you engage in without a rest and a break, it is inevitable onset of a phenomenon known as overtraining. In any case you should always know when to stop, because nothing good physical and mental exhaustion is not. How to train the muscles, even if they are not recovered? In this case, you need to give your body a break for 1-2 days, until all microtrauma will not heal. Such a state is held for a reduction in strength of the joints and ligaments, thus increasing their invasiveness. Injuries and bruises

Improperly performed exercises or negligence may lead to the appearance of injuries, bruises, sprains and other negative phenomena. Therefore, it is important to always warm up before exercise and observe the technique of each exercise correctly. The pain is usually in these situations a long and sharp. Usually 1-2 days is enough to understand that the injury was received during training. In this case trip to the doctor is provided.

Sore muscles after exercise - is it good or bad?

How to reduce the pain?

There are several ways to reduce the unfavorable feelings. If strongly sore muscles after exercise, it is best to use the next smaller load. You can also at any pharmacy to buy a special patch on the pain in the muscles. You just need to attach it to the inflamed areas of the body, after which the vitamin A contained in the patch, sdlaet their job.