Training program for the house girls

All the girls want to look attractive and have a perfect figure. Unfortunately, not many people do anything to achieve their goals, and only dream of becoming slim and beautiful. There are special training programs for women, to help them improve themselves. To a novice in such matters began to engage effectively, you need to know many aspects of women's training.

Training program for the house girls

Do women differ from men's training

Many girls do not know a lot about training, begin to engage at random: without training regime, norms and a certain number of approaches. Such activity came to nothing lead. The so-called men's program for training women too do not give much result. The thing is that the body of men and women differ. Each responds to exercise differently.

Features female body

exercise program for women and men to be different to each other. The main reason - the differences between organisms. First of all, our development (and muscle development as well) due to the presence and concentration of various hormones. Women opposed to men, so their body contains much less of the male hormone.

The main male hormone, of course, is considered to testosterone, which is responsible for the development of the body, muscles, and other parameters. Due to the lower content of the hormone norepinephrine in the body of the fair half of mankind muscles work differently principle: any girl just because of the physical structure does not know the feeling, when the muscles are tried and tested to failure and further spending cuts with the weight can not.

Training program for the house girls

It is this factor so strongly hinders the female half to effectively gain muscle mass.

Elevation Exaggeration

Muscle fiber - the basic unit of which all the muscle groups. So, these small fibers in the body of the girl is much less than that of Man. To achieve the best effect, the training program for girls terrain contains the maximum number of repetitions. If the guy enough to do 6 sets, then the fair sex was not lucky in this: for the same effect, they will need 10-12 repetitions.

Where contains most of the muscle fibers in girls

For every girl is very important to have a beautiful and buttocks tightened. And this is no accident. Most of the muscle fibers in the female body found in the lower part of the body. The most advanced in this respect are the legs and glutes.

Home workout

Very often modern girls do not have time for themselves and their bodies. There is always a way out: to have a beautiful and slim figure, not necessarily go to the gym and do fitness there.

Training program for the house girls

There is not a training program for girls at home who have achieved the same success as their colleagues from the gym. For home workouts you need to have great willpower and motivation. Before a need to set a goal and go for it. Houses are so many temptations to leave the sport and go about their business.

It is best to ask for help from a competent professional who knows how to make a program for the training of girls, and later on those recommendations to deal with. But if this is not possible, then make this program possible and to himself. Important to set goals and know what you need to work.

Weight loss or fat loss for women

Sport activities for the fair sex in the first place, aimed at the formation of their beautiful and slim figure. Slimming girls training program helps in dropping excess weight, which is the number one goal of the girls, a complex about her body. Burn excess fat in the body will only continuous lower intensity exercise. At a certain diet can achieve results even faster. low exercise will help rid it of excess fat and muscle will save. The fact that the heavy load is burned primarily muscle protein rather than fat replacement. mass Reset occurs only because of the reduction of muscle mass.

State when the "recycled" oil, should be achieved slowly and smoothly. It is best to drop the excess weight will suit the slow jogging or quiet gymnastic exercises. Good fit for the job yoga. Ideally, if the heart rate during exercise will not rise above 120-130 beats per minute. The duration of such sessions should be at least half an hour, and best of all - an hour or more. Long-term and low-intensity stress will force the body to use the energy that is contained in the accumulated fat.

Training program for the house girls

Graduation training

The main point in the preparation of training programs for beginner - grading exercise. You can not load your body heavy loads with the first workout. They need to come gradually, through all the stages of building muscle. loads Graduation - a gradual increase in the number of approaches and reducing the time to rest in between. home workout program for women should also contain a gradation. Only in this way the body painlessly perceive exercise.

The training program for novice athletes girls: good advice

Most effectively engaged by week: start with a certain number of exercises and approaches to them every week to increase the load. The amount of training should not be more than three times a week, so that the muscles have time to rest and recover. This is a very important aspect in sporting activities. It is very important that the training program was attended by exercises for all muscle groups. For best results, women, unlike men, have for the training to work all muscle groups from the legs, buttocks, and press until the triceps, biceps and chest. Complex exercises will increase the efficiency of each workout.

Exercises on the legs and buttocks

Legs and buttocks - the main area over which the girls are working hard in training. As they have in the bottom of the muscles of the body located more, and pump them will be much easier. To work out the quadriceps (quadriceps) and buttocks training programs for women are advised to do squats and lunges forward. These simple exercises involve all the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Squats can be done both with its own weight, and with an additional. The same applies to the attacks.

Training program for the house girls

The first week of sit-ups consists of 4 sets of 20 times. In general, it appears that the amount of 4 receiving squat will be equal to 80 times. Time to rest between sets should not exceed one minute.

After the sit-ups need to rest no more than three minutes and start doing lunges. The first week (lunges forward): 4 sets of 15 times on each leg. This exercise involves a well quadriceps therefore strengthens it.

Each week the number of sets and the number of sit-ups and attacks should increase. Increased pressure on the muscles helps to ensure that the body starts processes that increase muscle mass and reduce fat mass.

The training program for the house girls on press

Training program for the house girls

Press - the second area, which draws women during exercise. In order to efficiently pump up the press, his training can not be given a rest. Better to rest between sets does not exceed 30 seconds. The first exercise in the press - twist. To do this, lie on the floor, legs hooked over the sofa and lifted his body. For a beginner the minimum number of sets is 6. Do you need to twist to the limit, until the muscles will not refuse to obey. Another effective abdominal exercises - lifting legs. It's simple: on a solid surface a person takes a horizontal position and lifts his legs at an angle of 90 degrees. This drill is designed for 5 sets of 10 times. With each week the number of rate increases by 3-5 times.

The training program for upper body

The best exercise for the development of the arms, chest and back muscles are push-ups. Depending on the grip area is changing the muscles that will be used the most. To load the triceps push-ups best suited narrow grip. Pushups average grip most involve the biceps, but the load on the wide grip is on his back. To start the exercise is done in a lightweight form - from the knees.

Training program for the house girls

Each grip needs to be done on the four approaches to the reduction of load: 1st approach - 5 times, 2 nd - 5 times, third - 3 times and 4th - 2 times. Rest 2 minutes between them. Pushups involve all groups of muscles of the shoulder girdle, which is very effective in training.