Photo project "The War on Sundays"

Author: Ismail Madzhit

Photo project

A few years ago there was my acquaintance with the gaining popularity while in the Russian military and tactical game - a simulator of hostilities - airsoft. Having been to several training sessions and games, I imbibed the spirit and charm of the lesson learned. But join me completely failed, and my passion for photography has exceeded the fascination of this game, in the end, yearning for the old "fighting" days, I'm using the old gaming friends decided to create this portrait series dedicated to the players of one team, simulating the special forces of the FSB, and asked they tell us about yourself and your enthusiasm ...

Photo project

Michael "Owl" Maltsev. 28 years. Researcher


Due to the limited size of the personnel specialize in Inspection Equipment: mirrors and miniature video cameras to inspect the premises, without entering into it.

It is a hobby ... a marked effect on lifestyle. It not only allows you to relax from the work routine, but also to develop physically, and to develop useful skills for themselves. Airsoft I have been doing for 7 years, and it goes beyond this time there was a lot of curious and interesting cases. Here, for example, one of them 4 years ago, our group in the amount of 4 people received the mission - to delay the enemy advance on a key point. The enemy came to our ambush at dusk and did not expect an attack, which allowed us to hit some 30 opponents. During 10-15 minute our group minutes unfortunately also been struck. Already going into the "ghoul" (the place where the player spends some time after he "killed"), we watched as the enemy mortar and pulled violently shelled our already empty positions. The task was accomplished. The remnants of the enemy fell in the second ambush and failed to capture a key position.

Photo project

Timur "Bars-3" Dolidze. 18 years. Student

Schitovik driver

Airsoft - a magical hobby. In just a few hours of play, you rest better than a week at the resort. Imagine a hard working week, reprimand the chief, quarrels, traffic jams and wild bustle at the end of the week you become nervous and irritable, but after Sunday, and you can spend a few hours of his passion. During those two or three hours, you can throw out the negativity that has accumulated during the week to get a shot of adrenaline and a good mood, and on Monday you are ready to re-create and surprise colleagues with his stories. And about an interesting case: one working with a shield, bumping into a small room, in which six people. Once this "door" appears in their field of vision, the following occurs - with a wild yell "E ** Th, then the shield!" Some jump out of the window, while others frantically shoot into the shield, and the rest are simply driven into the corners. That's how we play.

Photo project

Sergey "-" The Old Man. 24 years. The repairman electrical

The operator can perform a variety of tasks, including the switchboard (to work with Rostov armored shields weighing 25 kg.), And climbers (inspection and storm the premises with the Alps. Equipment).

At this stage, I can longer positioned as a hook mountaineering specialist, for the most part from the fact that this activity is genuine emotion, that is simply breathtaking. The most memorable moment was the case at the close of one of the seasons. According to the military equipment it was scheduled to game scenarios. I especially did not elaborate, and expected to see typical URALs or APCs, when he flew a helicopter with a machine gunner on board, which flew over the heads of people and just mow the whole branch of the other team. By evening, the commander of our party, it was decided a night storming an enemy base, located on the mountain. Our party quietly and, it seemed to us, sidled up to the foot of the mountain, and then on all sides started firing mortars, grenades fly, and everywhere beaten with the tracer. In short we were sleeping, and nothing else to do but just proud to go to a ghoul, but basically all those who were shot, were given for all the fun and watching from the sidelines. Something like this.

Photo project

Paul "VeNoM" Klimov. 21.



Airsoft for me more than a game. It is a way of life.

I do because of the interest in the simulated direction. Also, to maintain physical fitness. More relax and de-stress, you can forget about all the problems and affairs. In addition, one of the most pleasant feeling when you hit the enemy, but you have not got.

Photo project

Irina "Spider" Zhukov. 29 years. The system administrator

Deputy commander, mountaineer.

Airsoft - this is an opportunity of self-development, communication with interesting versatile people, active in the background of the nature, trips to other regions, as well as an opportunity for some time to get out of the city, to show the qualities that are hidden in everyday life within us. In 2011, we went to the Moscow region at the close of the winter season. It was the beginning of April, the weather improved, the snow has melted, and though it was a lot of water, did not promise great adversity. But night fell over the huge puddles as much as 14 centimeters of snow. Playing in such difficult conditions remember me very much: long detours through the woods, falling at times waist-deep in a pool, which is not visible under the snow, drying by the fire friendly commands, hot food and tea in camp and very warm chat - all this has left a lasting impression .

Photo project

Dmitry "Sweet" Sychev. 26 years. Lawyer

Sturmovik, schitovik.

year 2012. Summer. Upcoming conversation with the commander ... I did not know what to prepare, and how everything will be ... worried ...

However, the conversation, as they say, was easy and relaxed. I willingly answered questions, gave the measure equipment and shoot from the drive. The impression that I had a conversation not with the first pinned down new people and old friends and comrades. Interesting and amazing feeling.

As time went by, and every workout, especially the game passed with such a sense of responsiveness and friendliness.

Rather, it is every time out of bed, put aside worldly affairs and drags ...

Such amazing in its uniqueness and strength atmosphere prevails at every game. Then, when people of different ages, different life views, different professions and even sex are united in one hobby. The enthusiasm that fills the adrenaline and good humor. This enthusiasm, which is called airsoft - playing friends!

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