Rules of life of an actor, poet and author-artist Vladimir Vysotsky

• Rules actor's life, the poet and the artist-author Vladimir Vysotsky

Rules of life of an actor, poet and author-artist Vladimir Vysotsky

I have never considered my songs like protest songs or songs of the revolution.

for me art song - it is an opportunity to talk, to talk with people on topics that I care about and are concerned; tell them that I have scratches on the nerves, tearing the soul, and so on - in the hope that they are concerned about the same thing.

I want my audience thought that she felt a certain tension. I want to express my opinion.

I studied poetry for a long time, since childhood. Guitar appeared so: suddenly I once heard a tape recorder, then they were very bad, tape - now something we are just in an excellent position, there is now an equipment and domestic and out - good quality! And then I suddenly heard a pleasant voice, amazing for the time melodies and lyrics, which I already knew - it was Bulat (Okudzhava -. Esquire). And suddenly I realized that the impression of the poems can be enhanced by musical instruments and melodies. I tried to do it once, then took a guitar, when I had a line. And if that do not bear this rhythm, I immediately changed the rhythm and saw that even work it helps, that is easier to write with a guitar.

as I want, and I sing. Other people can sing better, but not so. And anyway, I do not like when my songs sing singers and other performers. this is not a song, it is poetry with a guitar.

most of all I am working with a verse. And most feel that same thing, which is called inspiration, which sit on your shoulder, poshepchet night, somewhere to six in the morning when izgryz nails and it seems that nothing happens, and here it came.

I have two favorite roles. Hamlet, I'm playing, and Galileo in Brecht plays.

I would like to play Caligula. There is such a play Camus. In general, a lot of roles that could be played.

to me is more important than my poems and songs. Because I do it myself, but the acting profession is always performing, over you there are people - director, author, heads, saith the Lord GOD.

and our superiors, which is engaged in culture, there is the habit of the author's song, although the authors of the songs sung around the world. And so, of course, I have somehow been criticized for the fact that I was - allegedly - does not possess vocal familiar ... They say I always cry. And they say that "this is not the theme for the songs" that I sing. But from time to time I release a record, I work in cinema as the author of his songs, and things are going ... little by little.

Happiness - it's a journey. Perhaps in another person's soul, a journey into the world of a writer or a poet ... What a trip, but not alone, but together with the person you love, that you value the opinion.

you know, I have one friend, a famous film director and writer, he wrote the script himself, articles in newspapers, hosted a program on television, it's Sasha Mitt. He believes that each person is obliged to write, remember aphorisms. I've never done it. I just remember: "Veni, vidi, vici", that is, "came, I saw, I conquered." It's nice ... good saying. I love my country and I do not want to hurt her. And do not ever reasons.

I appreciate in men a combination of kindness, strength and mind. I used to label pictures kid, be sure to write: "Grow strong, intelligent and kind."

a woman I would have written: "Be smart, beautiful and good." Beautiful - not necessarily externally, as you know.

often in the letters people I talk about the role played by my songs and in their lives or in their lives, what action have on their friends on their own. That's the kind of content in the main these letters. They are very many, as they say, praise, or something, words, words of thanks - and it's always very nice, in general, it is, to be honest, it gives us strength to work on.

why my songs have become known? That's right, say, because they have a friendly attitude, have mental treatment to friends.

as I still have years, months, weeks, days and hours of creativity? Here is how I would like to ask the question. Or rather - to know the answer.