French goalkeeper Jérémie Janot

T his is a French footballer who is best known for his performances for "Saint-Etienne", in which he spent most of the time. To date, his 39 years, and his professional career, he has completed four years ago. In his club Jérémie Janot spoke at the goalkeeper position.

Early career

Jérémie Janot was born October 11, 1977 in the French city of Valenciennes. Here he began playing football at an early age. However, he soon moved to a larger academy club under the name "Saint-Etienne", which in the end he tied his entire career. Jeremy played for the youth team of the club, he has not yet signed a professional contract with him in 1995.

for his club appearances

French goalkeeper Jérémie Janot

In view of the fact that Jérémie Janot - goalkeeper, you can easily understand that immediately place at the base, he could not get. Yes, in his first season he defended as much as 14 matches, but in the future its progress has been much more modest. The fact that goalies during the game never change, so most of the match, he just sat on the bench. This went on for seven years. During this time, Jano played in just 53 games. But in 2003 everything changed. In season 2002/03 the rate was made on him as the main goalkeeper out of action, and goalkeeper defended the 14 matches. And next season he became the main goalkeeper of the club, and the other goalkeepers had to sit on the bench. Simply put, Jérémie Janot waited for his moment of glory. At that time he was 26 years old, which is not so much for the guard gate. For eight years, Jeannot remained the main goalkeeper, "Saint Etienne". During his career at the club he spent 442 games in which missed the 355 goals. Unfortunately, he failed to win a major trophy with the club, but in 2007 was voted the best goalkeeper of France, and in 2005 set a record for the number of minutes spent on the field without conceding goals.

For Rent in "Lorient"

French goalkeeper Jérémie Janot

35-year-old goalkeeper, definitely played in his "Saint-Etienne", so the club began looking for options where to send it, because the goalkeeper still wanted to play, but was unable to compete with younger goalkeepers. As a result, the spring of 2012 Jeannot was sent to the rent, "Lorient" for a month to replace the injured main goalkeeper. In this club Jeannot spent only three matches in which missed three goals, after which he returned to the club's location, with whom he unfortunately ended contract.

Go to the "Le Mans"

French goalkeeper Jérémie Janot

Jeannot has not yet been ready to retire, so I decided to look for a new club, in which he could still play. As a result, he was able to conclude an agreement with "Le Mans", the contract was for three years. But in the end everything turned out differently, so that the goalkeeper was unable to win a place in the main team. As a result of his first season, he went on the field all five times, while conceding seven goals. When it began the second season Jeannot in the "Le Mans", the goalkeeper has realized that he will again sit on the bench and can only play in training. Therefore, in October 2013, he announced that finishes his career.

Coaching career

When Jérémie Janot finished his football career, he spent a year out to improve their skills, to obtain the necessary license and become a professional coach. In 2014 he was appointed head coach of the youth team of the club, "Vilar", but stayed there only for one season. In 2015, he became head coach of the club "Firminy", but there did not last very long. As a result, Jeannot realized that coaching bridge - it is definitely not his vocation. Therefore, in the past two years, he did not return to coaching. Although he was not yet forty, because there is always the likelihood that he will return to football.