The palette of hair colors. The palette of paint colors for hair

That's how women are, they always tend to change their appearance to look more attractive. Contemporary palette of hair colors allows you to choose any colors, which only can imagine the woman of fashion. Every whim can meet modern industry. Therefore, before some question the choice of a suitable color. Funds from different manufacturers differ in their palette, durability and efficiency. To understand this diversity will help this article.

How to choose paint

First you need to decide on the shade. Each manufacturer has several series, which are formed according to certain indicators. Of course, it is better to use the services of a specialist. He will pick the right tone, advise higher-quality, durable dye, produce staining and even make recommendations for follow-up care for the locks.

The palette of hair colors. The palette of paint colors for hair

Select the manufacturer, the palette of hair colors which has the highest efficiency, is also important. Some colors are not particularly high-quality assets are untrue. The result of staining may depend on the structure of the hair.

Testing the skin

Each manufacturer recommends before staining test for skin sensitivity. To do this, mix a quarter of a small spoon of cream with the same amount of the emulsion. This mixture is applied to the skin in the area of ​​the elbow bend 30 minutes. If you did not have allergic reactions, it is possible to use this tool with confidence. You can also carry out a preliminary coloring strands. To do this, dilute the same amount of cream and put on a little curl. After 30 minutes, rinsed and dried hair. If the result is satisfactory, it is possible to carry out a full color.

staining Rules

Correctly chosen palette of hair colors - this is not a guarantee of obtaining the desired shade. Original color curls plays a huge role. So, for the dark-haired woman painted in bright colors will be difficult. To obtain the desired shade, it is necessary to pre-lighten your hair, and then give them the desired color. Dark strands can just freshen up, giving them a light tone.

The palette of hair colors. The palette of paint colors for hair

Owners of red curls do not recommend to choose a very dark shades. They are optimally suited chestnut or copper palette of hair colors. Simply is the case with blondes. They can use any shade, after painting the hair will be bright, saturated color.

Gamma paint "Estelle"

Very popular hair dye "Estelle". The color palette of this manufacturer are very diverse. Released several series of funds, "Estelle" for both professional and domestic dyeing. The oxidant is mixed with the activator in proportions which depend on the specifics of the means. Line De luxe - is resistant dye hair brilliant shine and intense color. The structure means includes vitamins, chestnut extract and chitosan. These components provide gentle care and healthy looking hair.

The palette of hair colors. The palette of paint colors for hair

De luxe texture resembles a light mousse, that allows you to put it on the strands without difficulty. What else shows paint for hair "Estel"? her palette includes bezammiachnoy semipermanent tools. In total 134 species. Among them, the basic shades of pale light brown to black. Corrector DE LUXE used to eliminate unwanted tones. This tonic, providing a temporary color curls. This product is suitable for women who often change their image. It includes avocado oil and olive extract. Extra Red - a line of all possible shades of red. High Blond suit blondes and those who want to become one. This is a special line of brightening and toning dyes. De luxe Silver Line is ideal for changing hair color with a large percentage of gray hair. Gamma This series consists of 50 shades. The palette of paint colors for hair "Estel" will satisfy even the most demanding fashionistas.

Hair-dye the Palette

For more than 40 years Palette pleases women means the variety of choice for the care of curls. Intense, lasting color, guaranteed by the disappearance of gray - it's all "Pallet" - hair dye. Palette is the most fashionable and popular shades. This dye provides gentle care, beauty and shine. Toning balm represented the most demand color (blond, red 2 colors, dark cherry and chocolate, 2 brown and black colors). Palette Deluxe - is resistant cream-color, allowing you to create amazing colors, show the depth of color while protecting hair. The palette of paint colors for the hair in this series contains 22 compositions from light light brown to black. Sparing agents "Fitolinii" does not desiccate, and restore the structure of the strands. This bright, copper, red, brown and black colors.

The palette of hair colors. The palette of paint colors for hair

properties to choose from 24 shades shining "Pallet". Hair dye, palette which will satisfy all the desires - the ideal tool for painting. Palette also produces products that do not contain ammonia, but giving curls extraordinary and lasting color. Special gel for giving shade provides a wonderful shine. It contains no hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

Hair dye "Loreal"

When choosing a means to change the color of the strands, you should always remember about caring for them. Products must contain a set of caregiver and be of high quality. One of the leaders in this area is the company "L'Oreal". These tools provide color stability and simultaneously caring for the strands. "L'Oreal" - hair color palette which includes 4 collections. "Shining Blonde" - a line to lighten hair. "Ice chocolate" is all kinds of shades of brown. "Chocolate glaze" includes copper and chocolate colors. Finally, the "Black Silk" - is all dark shades for brunettes and brown-haired women.

The palette of hair colors. The palette of paint colors for hair

Casting Creme Gloss is excellent even paints gray hair. Royal jelly, part of its structure, it nourishes and strengthens strands, making them beautiful. Hot Line - the Preference "L'Oreal" - hair color, the palette is represented by a few other areas to meet the tastes of all women. Preference "Loreal" perfectly fills the gray hair. Therefore, it is chosen by many of the leading stylists and hairdressers. Lavender extract, which is present in the composition of funds, provides protection from ultraviolet rays. L'Oreal Preference also contains vitamin E.

dye "Londa"

Particularly popular products "Londa". Hair dye, palette which is diverse, provides smooth, stable coloration even gray strands. "Londo" easy to use at home. The consistency of the cream allows you to distribute the dye on all strands easily. Londa Professional contains ammonia but substances contained in its composition, penetrate deep into the hair structure, providing color fastness.

The palette of hair colors. The palette of paint colors for hair

wax, keratin and lipids in the composition of funds give silky, shiny and full-bodied tone. Natural oils takes care of hair. Londa Professional palette includes over 90 shades to suit every taste. This matte shades to suit blondes and brunettes to black color. 16 dyes used for red-haired women. also developed a whole line of brown tones. "Londa" - is a reliable and safe cosmetic.

"Kapus" - hair dye

One of the leaders of the market is the domestic manufacturers producing cosmetic line "Kapus." Hair dye, palette which is constantly updated with new, rich colors and shades, is an excellent tool for coloring.

The palette of hair colors. The palette of paint colors for hair

In the composition of cosmetic products of this brand always contains natural oils, extracts of fruits and herbs, which provide not only high performance, but also safety. Two main lines of this manufacturer - this Kapous Studio and Kapous Professional, include 72 and 106 colors. It shades from light to black. There is a range of copper and brown tones. Color after dyeing is stored up to 8 weeks. In the application is an improvement and strengthening of the hair, which is an important nuance.


When choosing a hair color, you should always focus on the well-known manufacturer has established itself only with the best hand. Such tools not only provide excellent results, but do not harm your beautiful tresses. In addition, the range of well-known brands are so great that there is always a remedy that meets all your requirements.