Colored hair dye: cooking at home

Colored hair dye - the means by which uses a huge number of boys and girls around the world. But it can spoil hair and damage the scalp. If you want to change your hair color, you can use the most natural colors and palette to prepare yourself at home.

color hair dye. Features

The use of different colors in the coloring is becoming increasingly popular today. A large number of fashion brands are promoting the fact that you need to experiment with your image and style.

Modern methods allow to change the coloring scheme of colors and their saturation, thus creating a unique kind of hairstyle. However, a large number of people around the world began to abandon the use of chemical coloring of hair. The reason was the excessive addition of them in ammonia solutions and other corrosive components that can cause severe burns and other - even more serious damage. Color hair dye out shopping becomes so popular.

Colored hair dye: cooking at home

Even notorious means without ammonia do not save the situation. They keep bad paint evenly and quickly washed away. Sometimes the tone of these colors can be shown on the hair completely differently than it is indicated on the packaging of the product manufacturer.

The color hair dye: prepare easily at home and simply

Before we begin to describe the homemade paint recipes for hair, you should analyze the components that can make our locks color tone:

  1. Beet. Lovely natural dye, which is able to impart hair shade of pink or brown color saturated. The tone depends on how you prepare a concentrated infusion. For more details about the broth and on how to make the color hair dye, in the next paragraph of the article.
  2. Onions. The well-known component of folk medicine and cosmetology. Able to give your hair a light brown hue. Emollient and antiseptic properties. Colored hair dye: cooking at home


  3. Henna. Natural ingredient that will stain your hair in dark color and enhance their natural structure. This product is able to save you from posechennyh tips.
  4. Basma. It has a black color and gives your hair all the charm of a beautiful natural shine. Freely sold in any store cosmetics or pharmacy.
  5. The leaves of burdock. Darken blonde hair for one or two colors. Strengthen and take care. A good remedy for getting rid of a magnifying glass.

Usage Tips Home Paint

Colored hair dye prepared with a decoction of the leaves of burdock, suit blondes who want to darken the color a little bit. Boil 5 large sheets of plants and rinse obtained decoction hair.

In order to prepare the infusion paint burgundy, boil one small beets and make of it mashed potatoes. Put it on your head and keep from 5 to 30 minutes (depending on what the tint you want).

Colored hair dye: cooking at home

Colored hair dye prepared with a bow, will give blonde hair brown. Boil husk ten follicles and wash liquid obtained strands. Repeat this procedure every day for a week to achieve the desired result.