How to get rid of black hair color at home

Girls with black hair are very popular among men. This color they associate with something passionate and hot. For some reason, girls with dark hair is considered more prudent, wise, than owners of blond curls. For these and many other reasons, the black hair color is popular. However, he, like everyone in this world, can get bored over time. How to get rid of black hair color? This is a difficult task, but even it can be solved. For this we need:

How to get rid of black hair color at home
  • more packages hair dyes of different colors;
  • clarifier;
  • Hair care products - masks, balms, conditioners.

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Now let's talk about how to get rid of black hair color.

1. Perform a clarification. This way of getting rid of the dark color is the most effective but also the most dangerous for the structure of the hair. Unfortunately, even the cosmetics industry does not figured out how to create a paint that it does not change the state of hair. Brighteners strongly burn, drain and thin them. In this procedure, you risk being left with no hair at all wrong approach. And if you do decide to take this step, we recommend that you restock of hair care products: masks, gels, tonics, balms, conditioners and so on.

How to get rid of black hair color at home

2. Wash hair with black paint - this procedure very recently been quite expensive, and could do it only in the cabin. To date, freely available sold various means to wash the hair color at home. They allow easy and convenient to get rid of their own unwanted color. Such means is usually released in the form of a cream. It must be applied to the hair and after 20-30 minutes, rinse with warm water. After this procedure, your color will be lighter. Resort to color remover recommended deliberately, because the harm of such a procedure is quite strong, but certainly less than at clarification.

3. How to get rid of black hair at home? Dye your hair in several different colors (usually use two or even three colors). Black is quite stable, so completely get rid of it. Ideal for this purpose suitable dyeing and coloring treatments. Damage from them will be much less than for washing and clarification procedure.

How to get rid of black hair color at home

A few more tips We hope that the described techniques can help you understand how to get rid of black hair color. Summing up the information, I would like to give some advice:

  • If you are not sure that will be able to choose the right tool (brighteners, agents for washing), it is better to refer to a beauty salon.
  • If your hair is severely damaged by previous painting, it is also better to give to decide how to get rid of black hair color, salon masters. All the procedures described above have a negative impact on the structure of the strands. It is better to overpay than to stay with the sick hair or no.
  • If you decide to be painted in black color, think about how this decision is weighed, and how to get rid of black hair in the future.