The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

The editors of the American Forbes annually conducts a large-scale study of the most promising entrepreneurial skills in 15 industries, from finance and technology to music, sports and science. In each of the categories of reporters with the help of experts and market participants is determined by the 30 entrepreneurs in the age group "under 30 years", which implement breakthrough for its industry projects.

The purpose of the rating - to determine the most innovative and creative of a new generation of businessmen. Below are the winners of all 15 industry categories.

Maria Sharapova

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Sports

Age: 26

Occupation: Tennis, WTA-tour participant

What was in the rating: In February, the fourth-ranked Maria Sharapova will return to his native Sochi to work as a correspondent for NBC during the Winter Olympics. And the answer to the question why the American TV network has dared to make a Russian woman of his face at the time of the Games, is on the surface: Sharapova knows how to make money. She led the last ranking of the most highly paid athletes according to Forbes the world with an annual income of $ 29 million, of which $ 23 million was spent on transactions outside the tennis court. The four-time victor of the Grand Slam tournaments, Sharapova from year to year increases the scale of his business empire, in its portfolio - long-term advertising contracts with brands-level Porsche, Motorola, Tiffany and Nike (manufacturer of sports equipment has not regretted for tennis players, even the "name" clothing line).

In 2013, the athlete made her debut as independent entrepreneurs: it branded candy Sugarpova appeared on store shelves around the world and has already reached the level of sales of $ 6 million "Business has always been my passion.. And I was always sweet tooth. In the end, the sports career - just a small part of my life ", - says she Sharapova.

Evan Spiegel

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Technology

Age: 23

What does: Snapchat, co-founder

What was in the rating: Spiegel manages Snapchat - a mobile application that allows users 450 million share daily "endangered" photos. The hottest startups in Silicon Valley "Now" has already collected from investors $ 60 million under its development, in June received from market assessment of business models in the $ 800 million, and at the end of the year declined by more than generous offer to be acquired by Facebook for $ 3 billion.

Olivia Wilde

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Hollywood Entertainment

Age: 29

Occupation: actress, social entrepreneur

What was in the rating: Fundraising - a curse for any experienced philanthropist. People who want to raise funds for charitable purposes, over and over again have to go with an outstretched hand to the rich donors to convince those in the prospects of their initiatives. Hollywood star Olivia Wilde chose a different path and founded the company Conscious Commerce. This startup creates mutually beneficial collaborations with brands: those selling individual product lines, sending all the proceeds to charity and make a good parallel fashion on the course of interest to them in terms of business prospects for the markets or even globally. Thus, the best-selling dress of Anthropolgie "finances" girls' schools in India, limited edition handbags from Alternative Apparel - one of the revenues of the education system in Haiti.

"I've always been a supporter of every person to support the important, in his view, purse designs. And I was inspired by the example of my generation entrepreneurs who are pushing people to the realization that what is spent every dollar spent by them "- Wilde explains. In 2013, Conscious Commerce raised $ 100,000 for the Indian charity project New Light.

Bruno Mars

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Music

Age: 28

Occupation: Musician

What was in the rating: Junction of the next round of the playoffs of the National Football League in less than a month. But the native of Honolulu, Bruno Mars, who will perform at half-time "Super Bowl" - one of the most popular events on the American TV does not show any signs of emotion: "Anyway, Hawaii does not have its team. So I just hang out there. Maybe more for the underdog. "

The term "underdog" perfectly describes and Mars itself, which just a few years quietly passed a huge professional way and raised himself in the big world of show business league, for which the "Super Bowl" - a true indicator of the popularity. Mars - the first in 10 years, actor under 30, which is entrusted with such an honor. However, the 14-times nominated for "Grammy" and has a portfolio in two platinum albums artist so flattering assessment of creativity is habitual.

Lucas Daplan

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Finance

Age: 22

What does: Clinkle, founder

What was in the rating: Just a year ago Lucas Daplan received his degree at Stanford, and now the young specialist IT controls one of the most discussed and controversial Silicon Valley start-ups - Services Clinkle. The company has set itself the ambitious goal of the global implementation of an innovative model of financial transactions - with a digital wallet on smartphones. Daplan shocked seasoned skeptics, it is easy to gather under his idea of ​​$ 30 million from investors scale Richard Branson, Peter Thiel and fund Andreessen Horowitz. However, no details of the business model and the general principles of its service to the general public the young talent has not yet been revealed. This did not prevent him to recruit a number of prominent industry figures, among which stands out the former CFO Barry McCarthy, Netflix, who joined the team Daplana operating officer. In blogs nevertheless increasingly circulate rumors that Clinkle awaits future "bubble", key employees leave is already startup, and service the founder behaves consistently and provocatively. Daplan retorted: "In the final analysis will be important only one thing - whether people use our product? It is the product, rather than building the image in the media and we do an accent. "

Shiz Shahid

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Social Entrepreneurship

Age: 24

What does: Malala Fund, co-founder

What was in the rating: When Shiz Shahid learned about the Taliban's attempt on the life of a young Pakistani human rights activist Malala Yousafzai in 2012, she ordered a ticket for the next flight, and flew to the victim. Activists met three years earlier in a joint operation in Islamabad, where Shahid and Yusufzai engaged in educational programs for women. As a result, the first was the guardian angel for a second: she oversaw the process of treatment of colleagues in London and protects the family from intrusive media attention. "Once, when I was with her, she woke up and said:" I want to continue my campaign. " Even then it was clear that she can help the world in a different way than before the attack, "- says Shahid.

A graduate of Stanford University and an employee of McKinsey, she threw a "dream career" in order to lead the charity fund 16-year-old Yousafzai. In less than two years the organization has received $ 400,000 in grants - the largest donor was the World Bank and the Hollywood couple №1 Brad Pitt - Angelina Jolie. In 2014, screens the film due out Oscar-winning documentarian Davis Guggenheim about the everyday life of workers Yusufzai and Shahid.

Palmer Lucky

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Video Games

Age: 21

What does: Oculus VR, CEO What was in the rating. Virtual reality for the general public is not science fiction anymore. All thanks to 21-year-old fan of video games Palmer Lucky. Self-taught engineer, he started to develop its own product for the integration capabilities of the virtual space and the gaming industry is still in school. College student talent boom created the first prototype of whether points, or virtual reality Oculus Rift helmet. "You do it, - said Lucky - and feel like being in the game, and not just a detached look at what is happening on the screen." The device quickly attracted the attention of major industry figures - Gabe Newell of Valve, and John Carmack of id Software (the latter was so impressed by the prospects of Oculus Rift, which left the id and got to Lucky Technology Officer) - and has received incredible feedback from the target audience - within kraudfandingovoy campaign on Kickstarter gamers gathered for the team Lucky $ 2, 4 million.

Venture capitalists have invested during the year in the $ 91 million start-up, the company's staff has grown already to 50 specialists, and software developers have at their disposal the demo slam for rewriting device under the popular games and applications code. It should appear in 2014, an innovative device on store shelves. Its estimated price is $ 300.

Divia Nag

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Science and Health

Age: 22

What it does: Stem Cell Theranostics, StartX Med, co-founder

What was in the rating. Divia Nag is struggling with one of the most acute problems in modern medicine: the inefficiency of laboratory tests. Often those samples of biological material that scientists are going to become unsuitable for further study in clinical trials. As a result, long-term development do not reach the mass market. A breakthrough science can with the help of new technology - induced pluripotent stem cells. Company Nag Stem Cell Theranostics engaged in introduction of innovations on a practical level, it has already received a grant of $ 20 million from the California University of regenerative medicine and is close to the closing of the first round of venture capital investment. The technology - the transformation of human cells, typically skin, into embryonic stem cells, which could potentially "grow" heart tissue for cardiac surgery. These artificial cells are better able to survive in the laboratory and to develop more effective drugs. Scientists hope that stem cells will be an affordable alternative to the cardiac tissue, dying with a heart attack. The clients at the Stem Cell - three pharmaceutical giants, but revenue is still small. Nag, who in the years of study at Stanford published articles in the most prestigious scientific journals, for the sake of their dreams thrown university and does not regret their choice: "Our technology looked so promising, but I'm so into it believed that the question of choice is not even standing. It was obvious that that's what I wanted to do all my life. "

Nick Borg

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Education

Age: 27

What does: Edmodo, co-founder

What was in the rating. In the highly competitive segment of education startups Edmodo Nick Borg is a clear favorite in the fight for the attention of investors. Only in 2012, the company raised $ 25 million, bringing the total volume of investments in 2008 to $ 57 million. Edmodo has positioned itself as a "Facebook for the class." Focusing on students, their parents and teachers, service for five years of accumulated audience of 30 million users (of which more than a million - teacher) of more than 210 000 educational institutions and has become extremely popular, for example, in Chicago and Boston.

Edmodo does not create the content yourself, but allows you to share data with others: it is essentially free and secure online platform where all participants in the educational process can discuss lesson plans, share information and analyze the results of tests and homework. In addition, the service is open to software developers: Edmodo offers users has more than 600 special profile applications in which the authors share the proceeds with the project Borg. Sosnovatel Edmodo says: "Let our industry and developed by leaps and bounds in recent years, it is still only the tip of the iceberg. Over time, we will better understand how technology can help to improve the educational process. "

Nate Levine

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Law and Policy

Age: 22

What does: OpenGov, founder

What was in the rating. While still at Stanford, Nate Levine found a promising niche: governments historically have never been able to clearly organize your own online presence. "They had to put effort themselves to gain access to your same data, because the presentation of adequate funds did not exist in principle," - he explains. From this logic, the idea was born OpenGov.

Levine founded the service in 2012 at the age of 20. Its software development platform helps authorities correctly and clearly communicate information to voters. The startup has already raised more than $ 7 million ($ 4 million - in 2013) and established cooperation with 50 municipalities, school districts and other local governments, in the aggregate representing the interests of approximately 7 million Americans. As soon as OpenGov developing and even stare at the commercial sector, Levine focuses on the creation of new breakthrough IT-tools for data communication of various structures and optimize the budget process. "Improving access to information allows the authorities to focus on important management issues, which is especially important in the conditions of growing responsibility of officials."

Trip Adler

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Media

Age: 29

What does: Scribd, co-founder

What was in the rating. An avid surfer and amateur saxophonist street with a degree in biophysics from Harvard, Adler - one of the most versatile young talents of the technology industry. He believes that readers should also indulge in expanding horizons and to "think about what to read, not what to buy."

Scribd portal, Adler founded in 2007, helps to share media content and works on a subscription model: $ 8, 99 in the month reported on Scribd user gets unlimited access to download e-books. Service has already concluded more than 100 partnerships with publishers, in his library - more than 100,000 items, and books - is not the limit ambitions of a young entrepreneur. "We want to become a global digital library №1", - says Adler. With revenues in the "tens of millions" of dollars, stable profit and 80 million subscribers, Scribd is no longer in need of venture capital, "Now it is important to learn how to reinvest our profits into further revenue growth."

Brian Wong

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Marketing and Advertising

Age: 22

What does: Kiip, co-founder

What was in the rating. A familiar situation: you just reported to the running application to overcome the distance of 10 km, as a service immediately offers you to get a free bonus in the form of a liter of drinking water companies-advertisers. Or you've gone the next level in the game on your iPhone - and immediately get a new artifact as a reward. Such "incentives for achievements" - an important part of the new realities of the advertising market. And based University of British Columbia graduate Bryan Wong in 2010 Kiip keeps pace with the times. "We record and analyze over a billion examples of such stimulating advertising each month. With it, brands are a whole new way to participate in the life of the audience ", - the businessman explains.

Over the past three years Kiip attracted investors from $ 15, 4 million and acquired customers in more than 500 major brands are partnering with startups have access to about 70 million users According to 1500 mobile games and applications. Scale clients Wong amazing - enough to call Procter & Gamble, Pepsi and Disney. Kiip should become profitable in 2014, promises to its founder.

Carter Cleveland

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Art and Style

Age: 27

What does: Artsy, founder

What was in the rating. When Carter Cleveland studied computer technology at Princeton in 2008, he once took to find on the Internet a picture to decorate a dorm room. "I was sure that the site aggregator of all the art world there is a long time", - he said. It turned out that there was no such project. So the idea of ​​the portal, which is an online radio Pandora type recommends content to users based on their interests - only in the case of Cleveland service content is not music, and art. His company Artsy gives users access to more than 85,000 works of art from the private collections of 400 museums (including the National Gallery of Art and the Getty Museum) and 1400 galleries. Initially I thought of Cleveland model pictures online storage, but quickly discovered the potential of the business model due to commission payments (60% of the content on the Artsy can buy). The investors in the site - Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Google Eric Schmidt and iconic art dealer Larry Gagosian. Together, they have invested in the start-up is now $ 14, 5 million Cleveland does not hide that in his business career as an inspiring example of Jeff Bezos:. "For the world of art we want to be analogous to Amazon's".

Dzhameyl Larkins

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: Energy and Industry

Age: 29

What does: Ascension Air Management, founder

What was in the rating. Dzhameylu Larkins for the first time had the opportunity to travel by plane to the age of 12 years. Since then he became ill aircraft: future businessman a teenager selling aviation equipment and attend the numerous air shows. In 2006, Larkins became one of the founders of the joint venture to trade aircraft of general aviation. Today, his Ascension Air receives an annual revenue of $ 8 million and is the leading regional distributor of Cirrus Aircraft products, the largest manufacturer of aircraft with piston engines.

Meg Gill

The brightest business stars under 30 - 2013

Category: food and drink

Age: 28

What does: Golden Road Brewing, co-founder

What was in the rating. There is a stereotype, like beer - drink exclusively male. In fact, as it turns out, women do not just drink foam with no less enthusiasm, but also know how to produce it. Meg Gill to a bright proof. The US is experiencing a real boom brewery - produced in the country has more than 2,000 varieties of the drink. Gill, according to Forbes estimates, - the youngest female owner of the brewery in the United States. At 28 years old businesswoman is actively increasing production rates at the facilities of Los Angeles-based Golden Road Brewing: only last year, the company issued 15,000 barrels of beer - and plans to double the figure this year.

Gill said that the success of its business is not only the quality of the drink, but also the atmosphere that surrounds the production process - human relations and communication, which are behind the brand. Formulate the ideology of your company entrepreneurs, oddly enough, helped the study of classical literature at Yale: "All Latin, in fact - about the connection of the puzzle pieces into a coherent whole, and the same with the breweries." Her business partner has become an industry veteran, owner of the brand Mohawk Bend Tony Yanou. Golden Road sells its products in packages of four aluminum cans for $ 7, 99. The company's revenue in 2013 reached $ 10 million in the plans for 2014 in Gill -. Business expansion beyond his native Southern California.