The highest paid singer in 2013

American Forbes published the rating of the most highly paid singers in 2013. On top of it was resilient Madonna with an annual income of $ 125 million, confirming the place that everyone should become a star of his own hit "Like A Prayer". rating silver went to Lady Gaga ($ 80 million). At the same time, and Madonna, Gaga took the same line in the global list of the most highly paid musicians of both sexes in the world. But we can not say that the music of established domination of women. Numerical superiority on the side of the stronger sex: among the 25 most expensive artists in 2013, only seven women. Third place in the "Women's list" got Taylor Swift ($ 55 million), but in the rating of "all" it was only seventh.

It is noteworthy that four out of ten "golden women" of the music business in one way or another connected with the American Idol show. For example, the "closing" list Mariah Carey - former judge, and Carrie Underwood - winner of the 2005 season. Close to the top ten highest paid were such divas as Celine Dion, Shakira, Britney Spears. But the next year experts have on young people - a place in the "Golden Ten" designate the country-singer Miley Cyrus.

Forbes studied musicians income for the period from 1 June 2012 to 1 June 2013. The rankings used data from Pollstar agencies, the RIAA and other information received from the promoters, lawyers, producers, and data provided by musicians.

1. Madonna

The highest paid singer in 2013

The annual income: $ 125 million

This time the singer has expanded its budget mainly due to the MDNA tour - he brought her a hefty $ 305 million profit and gave souvenirs to the concerts, as well as its own clothing line Material Girl and perfumes Truth or Dare..

2. Lady Gaga

The highest paid singer in 2013

The annual income: $ 80 million

Gaga's new album artpop, the cover for which you created the famous and controversial Jeff Koons, came after Forbes analyzed period (global release took place November 11, 2013). Nevertheless, the singer earned enough and took second place in the ranking. In addition, the singer did not finished a successful tour due to a thigh injury. But a considerable amount - $ 168 million - in the speeches she was able to earn.

3. Taylor Swift

The highest paid singer in 2013

The annual income: $ 55 million

She was born in 1989, it works with an incredible intensity, like the music industry did not change. During the first week after the release of her fourth studio album, Red has sold 1, 2 million copies. It has managed to turn his musical triumph in lucrative business deals: advertising contracts with Diet Coke, Sony and Covergirl.

4. Beyonce

The highest paid singer in 2013

Annual Revenue: $ 53 million

Another girl, who entered at the same time and in the top ten highest paid musicians - it's Beyonce. After the birth of daughter Blue Ivy, she took a break for a year, but triumphantly returned to the stage with a tour Mrs. Carter World Tour (in each city she earned more than $ 2 million). This year, it again exceeded the revenue of their husband Jay Z. Traditionally, income and bring her far away from the company of music, such as a new promotional deal with Pepsi and H & M, as well as a clothing line House of Dereon.

5. Jennifer Lopez

The highest paid singer in 2013

Annual Revenue: $ 45 million

In 2012, Latin American diva earned more - $ 52 million (a fee of $ 12 million brought only judging the show Americal Idol). But in 2013, Lopez holds a financial bar at about the same level. World tour brought her $ 1 million for a concert. Impressive replenishment piggy bank turned participate in the Latin American reality show ¡Q'Viva! (It goes on Fox Channel and Hispanic Universion). Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony, as well as a director and choreographer sought talents of Latin America.

6. Rihanna

The highest paid singer in 2013

Annual Revenue: $ 43 million

Rihanna hit the list of the highest paid star with a record productivity. She released seventh album, Unapologetic (she manages to give out at the plate every year), but still gave 40 performances. Even without the habit of flipping Twitter tape it was difficult this year to let her hit Diamonds and advertising Vita Coco.

7. Katy Perry

The highest paid singer in 2013

Annual Revenue: $ 39 million

Her new album PRISM came after the end of the period are counted Forbes. But Perry has earned millions at the expense of concerts and sales Coty perfume line. Brought considerable revenue and advertising contract with Popchips (it also belongs to the part of the shares of this company).

8. Pink

The highest paid singer in 2013

Annual Revenue: $ 32 million

In 2012, Pink released a new album The Truth About Love, which thundered hits like Just Give Me A Reason and Blow Me (One Last Kiss). When earnings of $ 2 million for performance in each city during the tour - only this would be sufficient to enter the Forbes list.

9. Carrie Underwood

The highest paid singer in 2013

Annual Revenue: $ 31 million

Underwood began his career with a victory in the popular song show American Idol. Her story - the embodiment of the American Dream: in 2005, friends persuaded to take part in a TV show in 2013 - it is on the Forbes list. Last Blown Away singer disc went platinum. Significant revenue brought performances - from 1 July 2012 to 1 July 2013 she gave 100 concerts.

10. Mariah Carey

The highest paid singer in 2013

Annual Revenue: $ 29 million

The main singer revenue line this year - selling album All I Want For Christmas Is You ($ 18 million). Significant fee she was discharged for performance on the show Americal Idol. Carey earned rest in the sale of plates, perfume and souvenirs.