Beautiful girl in the press. Exercises on the lower press

on the lower abs exercises help the girl make the stomach fit that will not leave indifferent to the opposite sex. It is necessary to implement them efficiently, so that the result exceeded expectations and remained for a long time.

Reverse Crunch

Beautiful girl in the press. Exercises on the lower press

This is a very popular exercise on the lower press that provides excellent results from training. You must stay on the floor and pull straight arms straight at your sides. Feet should be lifted up. This is not to bend or rotate them. The legs are perpendicular to the position of the body. The pelvis is separated from the floor and is gradually lifted upward. You need to drag your feet to the chest, but it is forbidden to bend them.

The driving force for raising the pelvis should act only muscles that includes the press at the girl. When you get tired, or take a few seconds, you should gradually return the body to its original position, that is in the position when the legs are perpendicular with the body. Reverse Crunch allowed to perform not only direct, but also with the legs bent. Should repeat 2-3 times. For each approach, the exercise is about 10-20 times.

feet Lifting from lying position

Beautiful girl in the press. Exercises on the lower press

This exercise should be carried out in those cases when you need to pump up the press at the girl for a long time, and repeated as often as possible. It is necessary to exactly stay on the floor. Hands can be pulled along the body or to remove the head, however, set aside, or rest against them can not be in the floor. Legs can dramatically raise to a position where the torso and legs form a right angle, that is, they are perpendicular to each other. Followed by slowly and smoothly drop the legs, but do not bring them to a stop. Between the legs and the floor must be maintained a little distance. If seen high load on the lower back, or some muscles start to draw, you need to do this exercise with bent legs. Subsequently, the full version of the exercise should go in order to achieve optimal effect. Repeat the need for multiple approaches 10-20 times for the reception, but it is desirable to distribute the exercises on the lower abs all day and not do anything in the morning.


Beautiful girl in the press. Exercises on the lower press

This exercise should be done qualitatively, working through all the abdominal muscles, rather than simply repeating the usual traffic. You need to stay on the floor and put his hands behind his head. Right elbow, pull to the left knee, then left elbow to your right knee. Must be controlled so that the free leg is in the extended state, the did not go for the second leg as the exercise is necessary to work out more efficiently.

The right thing to do movement, the more visible results are expected. This exercise is universal. With it you can pump not only the lower press at the girl, but also involve the upper press, obliques. You must repeat 4-5 times. It is necessary to carry out the maximum number of approaches. Minimal - 15-20 times.


Beautiful girl in the press. Exercises on the lower press

This exercise is a familiar and favorite for most people, from childhood. You need to stay on your back, put your feet flat and arms extended along near the back or lay under the waist. The legs should be raised by 10 cm from the floor, then there is a small but constantly adjustable gap. Mahi feet produced exclusively in a horizontal position. This exercise is the answer to the question of how to pump up the press at home girl. Can be compared with virtual scissors cuts matter. When performing this exercise, lift your head is prohibited, as detached from the floor just feet. During the execution of the exercises you need to accelerate slightly to increase the positive effect. Repeat the exercise is worth a few approaches. Counting the number of strides out of place, so you can pinpoint for 1-2 minutes to make sure that everything is done correctly.

feet rise in the vise

Beautiful girl in the press. Exercises on the lower press

This exercise can do those who have a horizontal bar. If not, you can replace it with a bar, but must first be convinced that it is reliable and there is no risk of falling. The legs must be kept straight at the home position, and then pick them up. There were no problems with the press, it is necessary not just to make a kind of swings, and reach a level above the waist. If you perform this exercise correctly, you can get an answer to the question: how to pump up the press at home girl.

In the initial stages allowed to keep his legs in a bent position, but then it is necessary to straighten them and carefully perform the same action. It should be remembered that the higher will raise the legs, the better and faster to pump up the bottom press for girls.

Hands should be placed on the bar, with its set aside at such a distance, that this had to sit up on his toes. This restriction will help to make the training as comfortable as possible, a person will not be tempted from time to time to put your feet on the floor and relax, as this is lost on the effectiveness of training.

Features legs to lift Wiese

When the exercise seems too difficult, you can afford to relax, but do not do it too often. After the seizure of arms crossbar must perform a powerful movement, lifting his feet up and bringing their little knees up to your chest.

It should stay in this position for a few seconds and then return to the starting position. When the body becomes accustomed to such loads can be lifted straight legs. You can also alternate the exercises for lower abs with straight and bent legs, complicating the training towards the end of the session. It should not be peretruzhdaetsya as the main criterion for the effectiveness of this exercise is its regular and qualitative carrying.

When performed exercises for the lower press, you must keep steady and avoid body rocking. Repeat approaches need 2-3 times, but you should check that there is no perenagruzok. Quality and measured performance of exercises ensures a great result.