How to build a press in a week? Drill press home

Overweight - a scourge of the modern developed society. Gone are the days when people had to feed put tremendous physical effort. Today, simply go to the store and buy yourself something to eat. Meanwhile, a sedentary lifestyle contributes to and affects the health adversely.

How to build a press in a week? Drill press home

A because the body likes to turn excess into fat and deposit them on the stomach, so many can not boast of a relief pressure. In this article you will learn about how to make the perfect press for a week of training.

Balance the power

Understand that if you eat fatty foods, and there is an overabundance of calories in your diet, which does not disappear, no exercise will not help you. The body will still postpone the excess in the abdominal area.

In this case, no matter how you try, no matter how dried press, a week or a month you will not be able to achieve tangible results.

To accelerate metabolism allows reusable food

It is necessary to reduce the amount of calories consumed and balanced diet, so that the body gets the required amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

How to build a press in a week? Drill press home

In addition, by breaking your diet for 5-6 small meals per day, you can speed up the metabolism. This means that the body does not want to put off the extra food on a rainy day, and extra material will be deduced from it, or burned for energy.

Through this exercise for the press house will be even more effective. A fat, meanwhile, will soon break down and disappear.

Due to proper nutrition goal would be reached much faster.

Train daily

Pump up the press for the week is not possible without the daily training. Find in your daily schedule 10-15 minutes for the abdominal muscles workouts.

Regular classes are also important. If you shake the press 2 days and then has thrown this business, there are no changes for the better simply do not reach.

You can study at home, but you can in the gym

If you do not have the time or money to attend gyms, take advice and personal training from trainers, you can always pump up the press at home.

How to build a press in a week? Drill press home

below a set of exercises perfectly help you with this. And most importantly -nelzya lazy to find permanent reasons why you now can not start training.

What to do abdominal exercises in the gym?

Most athletes train the press at the end of the workout. On the one hand, this is good, on the other - bad. At the end of the training remains too little effort to work out a good abdominal muscles.

Therefore, if you want to remove the excess fat and make embossed press, start to do the exercises for the abdominal muscles at the beginning of the workout.

Before you start pumping the press, ran on a treadmill - this is suitable as a warm-up and prepare the body to subsequent loads.

In order to do the press relief, you will need a standard set of exercises, but they do need to be in a special way:

  1. Ups legs on the crossbar.
  2. Ups housing using the bench-press.
  3. Various embodiments of twists lying belly.

We will understand how all the same, as they need to do to pump up the press abdomen.

feet ups on the bar is best done using straps that allow you to escape from the constant control of the grip.

How to build a press in a week? Drill press home

So, put the strap, pass them through the horizontal bar, grab hands behind him and secure the brush. Relax completely - in this position should not strain anything, even the forearm, as the brush is fixed straps.

The legs should be straight and serried. Start them simultaneously rises. Once you reach the angle of 90 degrees, try to freeze even at 0, 5-1 second. Then start the most slowly lower them down.

Do this exercise spurts are not recommended, as you will be shaken strongly that subsequently hurt maintain proper performance of the technique.

If it works, do 4 sets the maximum number of times. Usually after the 10th repetition the right abdominal muscles will "suffer."

Bench press - a great helper!

Next, go to the second exercise. It is popular because, in doing so, you can easily adjust the load both at the expense of range of motion, as well as taking an extra plate or dumbbell. Press the abdomen perfectly responds to the load that it receives from this sports equipment.

It is convenient to sit down, fasten the legs, relax, and get down on your back, cross your hands and put on his chest. From this position, begin to rise, using only the strength of the abdominal muscles.

How to build a press in a week? Drill press home

As soon as the tilt angle between the body and the legs will be less than 90 degrees, begin to slowly descend. But it is not completely necessary to go to - how to feel the maximum stretch press, makes the second repetition. Make as much as possible the number of repetitions. If it will make more than 100 times, you have achieved a great result, and your abdominal muscles are toned.

Bench press is an indispensable ally in creating treasured dice.

What can you do at home?

If the first two types of training at home can be done only with special equipment, various twisting stomach on the floor - this is an excellent exercise for the press at home.

You almost do not need, it is permissible to perform them, even without a special mat or towel.

So, what do you do? Lie on the floor. Legs bend at the knees, put his hands behind his head. Start tear blades off the floor and lift the body up, without changing the position of the legs or pelvis. Perform as 30 times.

Next, immediately without rest put both hands on the floor on the right side of him. Start doing the same ups, but the amplitude should be two times shorter. From the side it would look like gentle swaying up and down. Do not put your body on the floor, always stay on your toes. Do 15 times, to shift to the left hand and do the same amount of reps.

Then place your hands on the buttocks, palms down, somknite legs, keep them straightened.

Lift them in a position above the floor, imagine what they are - this is your pencil or pen. Write to air their name, then first name. This will involve everything fibers abdominals.

When this is not enough, you can start to write tongue twisters.

Otdyshites for 2-3 minutes and repeat the same thing a second time from the beginning (lie down on the floor, bend your legs at the knees and so on. D.).

Do to complete muscular failure

All the exercises mentioned above, you need to do before such time as the muscle does not refuse to fall, and not when you are tired or you do not want to do it.

How to build a press in a week? Drill press home

When the abdominal muscles involuntarily relax, and you will not be able to meet at least half of the required motion path, then you can stop. Only in this way you will be able to make more prominent your abs workouts per week.


Do not be like those people who did not bring the case to the end started. Set a clear goal and imagine how you should look at the end of the training cycle.

Can not give up, despite the many obstacles in your way: laziness, muscle pain, want something tasty, alcohol ...

If you can change yourself from the inside, then outside the transformation will not take long to wait. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat well, actively spend your free time. Train your figure and each day will get better. In the meantime, will be strengthened, and health, which is sometimes so severely lacking.