He promised to carry arms

Seven men talk about how they are youthful and great love immortalized on their bodies women's names and what consequences it had.

Alexander Karpov

He promised to carry arms

44, the driver. Tattoo done in 1982.

"In 1982, I served in Moscow in the internal troops. During the leave passes went for a walk with a friend Serega at ENEA - explore the sights. On that day, we drank some wine and our mood was upbeat. Look, meet the two girls go. We drove up to them and "do not want to meet?" Serge chose Tanya and I Vera. A girl of medium height with dark blond curly hair. She began dating her. She often came to me in the street of the Torrents of Spring. In spare time I went with her to the cinema, cafes. Somehow went swimming, and Vera saw on my forearm tattoo in the form of a girl. I must say that to draw a girl hairdo looked like it herself. Vera asked, "What's her name?" And without waiting for an answer, she took a pen and wrote her name. Then my co-workers on a path and pinned "Faith." In July 1984, I was discharged, and on October 6, we were married. Two years passed. May 29, 1986 walked about two birthdays - my brother and Faith. A little drunk, and his wife's relatives asked to pin his heart pierced by an arrow. I have done everything and went to sleep. While asleep, Vera took two needles, wrapped thread, dipped them in ink and in his name was pinned our common name. It turned out, "Vera Karpova". I do not feel it. I woke up and blown away. I asked: "This is why?" And she told me in response: "You never know what you've got there faith is drawn, and now everything will be clear that it was me." Together we have more than twenty years. Keeping the two boys. "

Nikita Nikitin

He promised to carry arms

35 years, granitčik. Tattoo done in 1992.

"At school I was walking with a classmate Sanya. Natural blond braid thickness of a fist. The case went to the right wedding. But after graduation I immediately went into the army. There I was in the sign of the love of Sana'a made machine from a mechanical razor and himself tattooed tattoo. Only in vain I tried. She was waiting for me a year or two, and then jumped out to marry. I never would have known about it if it had not come to bury their parents. Father died in the service, and the mother of his only two months survived. When your tattoo look, Sanju no longer remember, and his youth. As with all the guys play tricks, like the nurse in the morning to wake the school as a father went fishing. A girl ... she is today, and tomorrow the wind blew it, and vanish into thin air. "

Evgeny Grigoriev

He promised to carry arms

56 years, the electrician. Tattoo done in 1970.

"In the summer I went to see my grandfather in the village under the Tambov Aleksandrovka. The club met at a dance with Trusova Valley. I was 14 years old and older it for a year. Svetlenkie, sympathetic. How to meet with her? We walked through the village. nor even kissed once to the army. At age 18, I was taken into the army. He served near the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the Signal Corps. Colleagues and pinned me to the tattoo "Val". We corresponded with her, and I thought to marry Wallis. But before Dembele came a letter from her: "Do not come. I meet another guy. " It turned out Valya bother me. It was insulting me. I wanted tattoo acid burn. Then I leave this venture - there is. Since then, Valya did not see, and there was no desire. Life has been lived. Destiny we so very different. "

Victor Pravosudov

He promised to carry arms

54 years old, Maintenance Engineer car and tracked vehicles. Tattoo done in 1972. "In the summer of 1972 before entering the military school we went together with a friend for a vacation on the Volga River in the city of Syzran. Discos if there was not, and all went to the movies. Here before you can view some of the domestic film we met. I saw a girl rostochku small and medium build, and came up. And then as a friend: "Good morning, hello. Where you come from, do not you? "I had already been almost 19 years, and Irina year less. With me it was like a stone wall, then I was the champion of Moscow on Greco-Roman wrestling. Then he went to study in Tashkent. Irina I promised nothing. Before leaving, he said dryly: "It's just going to correspond." I just arrived in Tashkent as a sign of loyalty and love for Ira decided to get a tattoo. Colleagues and pinned me on the hand two letters VI - Victor, Irina. When she saw the tattoo, only one said: "What a fool you are!" And I was like: "Thank you so much for saying that." In general, I told her to write more. Irene was a low-key girl, and later thawed. In 1975, we were married. At that time I was adjutant of the Deputy Commander of the Airborne Troops, Lieutenant-General Ivan Lisov and fast on his feet. Three years ago, we celebrated a pearl wedding, and the next'll celebrate amber. Our family continued their daughter Olga and son George. I do not regret what I did the tattoo. At least in order to hear from Irina: "Vit, a fool you were young, but I love you so much!"

Vladimir T.

He promised to carry arms

59 years, the driver. Tattoo done in 1968.

"Tamara, I was sitting at a desk with the sixth grade. It was a brunette with long hair and big brown eyes. After high school I joined the army, serving in Belarus. Tamara had promised to wait for me. That is a sign of love for her, and I chopped her name. Before muster was 4 months, but on the way to Tamara I stayed for a few years - crashed car. The man who was riding with me, died. For this I received a life - 3 years. According to the voucher I was sent to the prosecutor in Bobruisk, and then in Novokuznetsk. Not immediately, but Tamara stopped to wait for me. All banal. Then we had seen each other a couple of times. Not that I was still, but Tamara was already had a family, a child. I do not regret anything. I looked at the tattoo and remember the youth. "

Sergei Agafonov

He promised to carry arms

47 years old, entrepreneur. Tattoo done in 1976.

"It was my first love back in school. Galya was her name. 15 years, without hesitation, I took it and, so to speak, immortalized her name on his arm. Himself tattooed tattoo. It was painful and at the same time enjoyable. Still, the love I have for her was. Once I was from an ordinary family - the working class, and it is wealthy. Her mother in a luxury store was selling. Here is our love and ended because of this inequality. Mother banned Gale to meet with me, and she and obeyed. See, not so much, and I want her to be. Yes, I do not regret nothing. Sixteen years I was not there, he married a lovely girl. Initially, we have a daughter and then a son. Now we raise grandchildren. Galya still trades at a fish shop. Terrible as the grandmother has become. "

Victor Burlakov

He promised to carry arms

52 years old, mechanic. Tattoo done in 1976.

"With Anyone we met in Gorky Park. My friends and I came to Chulkovo, and she with her friends with prominent. They walked toward each other three girls and three boys. Here we are met. Only prominent escort Luba I went alone - love. I was 15 years old, and she was a year older. Svetlenkie such business - running to first watch factory, watch collecting. In the same year I got a tattoo. Chopped himself, sitting at home in the evening. Nothing complicated - three needles, thread, ink, pen, and all the cases. But Lyuba was not impressed, I looked at my hand and said nothing. We met three years, until I was drafted into the army - naval aviation, the Northern Fleet. She wrote to me two months, and then stopped. As it turned out, she did not wait for me, and got married. But I was not upset, because even in the army fell by correspondence in the light of Moldova. Our part of the girls threw letters, just choose. I chose a letter in verse form. All usually written, but here poems about love. I was touched. Photo hooked too - Chernenkaya, sympathetic. Here I also tattooed on the arm of her name. And immediately after the demobilization went to see her. In life, at first I did not like light - pictures on the face and figure were better. Dodgy - at times photographed. Besides, it turned out to be a two-year child. But I decided, once arrived, so come. We had to ask for the hand and heart. She checked out, and we went to live with me in Chulkovo. A year later, a son was born, and three years later Light spree. I stopped coming home at night, and I drove her back to Moldova. Then she married again, but did not make the tattoo - matured. Daughter, Lena, we have given birth, but divorced two years ago. Long lived, feelings are gone. And I can not live without love. Now my love name is Tatiana. A Good Woman - Russian woman, 46 years old. Like me, have children who are already grown up. As I live in Chulkovo. 10 October this year, we were married. "