"Scorpion" tattoo. Meaning tattoo

Tattoo today - a very popular way of self-expression. Despite the large number of enemies, more and more people use the services of tattoo artists. But before you put on your body image or inscription would be nice to understand the meaning of a symbol. One of the most popular among both men and women is a tattoo of "Scorpion". It combines a lot of different characters from the field of religion, morality, and omens. Image of small arthropod animal carries a strong message of energy, so you need to understand what people want to say such a tattoo.

Scorpion symbol

Scorpio is recognized as one of the most dangerous creatures in nature. In African tribes he represented the revenge and was regarded as a harbinger of death. In ancient Egypt was a symbol of the scorpion god who patronized departed from life. In religion scorpion symbol is interpreted in different ways. In Christianity, the analogy with the Devil or other demonic entity, but Buddhists see it as a symbol of humility on the one hand and the defender - on the other.

Tattoo "scorpion": the value of

Underwear picture of this little animal can have different meanings and to provide an indication of the involvement of different groups of people (sometimes completely opposite). Military tattoo "Scorpio" symbolizes the courage, the desire to fight to the death, and always maintain pride. Soldiers who went through the fighting in hot spots, often get tattoos with the image of a scorpion with open claws and lifted up a sting. If the sting is omitted, and the claws are closed, it means that the person has served in a hot spot, but the participation in hostilities did not accept. This tattoo can be interpreted within the meaning of generosity, a willingness to sacrifice themselves, striving to protect the family, which should be typical for the military. Also, a tattoo "Scorpion" is the unofficial symbol of the internal troops and marines. Sometimes he is painted in a circle sight.

In the UK and France Troops inflict scorpion on your body just can not. It is imperative to prove his courage and valor, and thus deserve this right. In the US, such a tattoo may well mean involvement in a gang. Often tattoo "Scorpion" is the identification sign of drug addicts. In this case, the value is the provision tip. If it is omitted, then the person in the complication, if raised - the active addict.

But in places not so remote scorpion means loneliness and betrayal. As a rule, his prick prisoners serving sentences in solitary confinement. This is a unique way to inspire people to fear and insecurity. Often the scorpion is a symbol of duality, combining small size and lethal weapons. Sometimes people prick afford it, they want to show that they can fend for themselves, despite the apparent helplessness.

Those born under the sign of Scorpio

Often tattoo scorpion want to make the people born under this sign. So they want to emphasize the makings of a leader, inner strength, passion in all spheres of life and independence. Most scorpions are endowed with a complex character. They are characterized by intransigence on the verge of stubbornness. Girl-Scorpions put such tattoos to show their independence in a relationship with a man.

scorpion tattoo on the shoulder

Apply picture scorpion can be on different parts of the body. Women usually prefer to do them on the back, ankle, or lower abdomen, which gives an additional extravagance owner. Men often make the scorpion tattoo on the shoulders, arms, shoulder blades, neck. Often, the location also has its value. As mentioned above, the military tattoo is often found "Scorpion". The value for the people who passed through the hot spots, it has a special image. There is an unwritten rule that a tattoo decided to put it on his shoulder. Also, a scorpion tattoo on his shoulder with the transition of the image on the neck intended to alert the person's readiness to defend itself in the event of abuse in his direction.

In Japanese culture, the scorpion depicted with a flower to bring a happy married life and undying love. This image may be applied to the right shoulder, a tattoo because it fostered family happiness.

Scorpion on the arm

Tattoo "Scorpio" on his arm almost always in sight. Therefore, there is a perception that this is the most obvious way to attract attention and self-expression. on hand drawing of a scorpion adds spectacular in the importance that has the tattoo. Also for members of certain areas of the tattoo on his arm - an option to declare their membership in a group and the ability to identify "their". Therefore, we must weigh the "pros" and "cons" before stabbing a scorpion on her hand. Given the multiplicity of characters, there is a possibility of adverse consequences. Many relate to certain images with special awe and attention.

The style of

Typically tattoo of a scorpion done in dark colors (black, gray, or blue). But women often choose red or blue. Thus it can be displayed in different positions and in combination with other items, such as flowers. Even a simple image of a scorpion attracts attention. It fascinates many, or even frightening for someone carries a sense of mystery and exoticism. A key piece in the picture - the tail of the animal and sting. That it is concentrated all the strength and power, which makes it such a dangerous insect. The picture can be in any style, be a detail-drawn and sketchy.

Therefore, to tattoo or not, and if you do, what, everyone decides for himself. It is important to remember that tattoo - it's for life, but each image has a certain meaning and inevitably imposes on human life your prints.