Here's a she, the first love

• Here's a she, the first love

At the request of Esquire magazine photographer Alexander Gronskiy took portraits of young people who are in love for the first time.

Here's a she, the first love

Katia (17 years), Anton (20 years). At 8 months

Anton: "I think she's my copy. With me always something happening (in an accident get, it'll break something, then something else) - and Katya too. Or here's another thing: I do know that if I suddenly wake up at 5:00 and call Kate, she too will not be sleeping at this moment. "

Katya: "I call it the" Anton "and" bunny ". But I myself do not like to call Anton À. Better to just gently - Anton ".

Here's a she, the first love

Rasim (16 years), Savely (14 years). At 10 months

RASIM: "We are from completely different families with different structures. We - the opposite. We are united by something that is not subject to reason. I think Savely very similar to the Labrador. "

SAVELIY: "think of me as such a small 14-year-old bully who runs, jumps, wearing brown jacket with breeches, soundly drinking and singing with a guitar Tsoi. Everything has changed enormously. "

Here's a she, the first love

Nick (20 years), Alex (22 years). At 4, 5 years

NIKA: "We then went to the skating rink, and I looked miserable because my mother said that the rink wearing the worst. Oh, I had such debility hat! And his friend, Luba, on the contrary, came to this beauty: the side there's some rosette, there is no rosette. And I think: "God, what am I a disgrace."

Alex: "Yeah, so she had the jacket and felt boots."

Here's a she, the first love

Alex (17 years), Vicky (19 years old)

Vic: "He really won me over - view, self-confidence. Then again it turned out that Alex - immensely talented musician, charismatic, sharp, brilliant. I'm just in the euphoria, when I see him with a guitar. " Alex: "When you catch sight at the concert, when you see how each note is the emotion on her face, when you feel this exchange of energy - it's nice."

Here's a she, the first love

Vika (18 years old), Dima (17 years old). At 2 years

DIMA: "We like everything. No, it is more serious, and I - dolt. "

Vic: "We very much complement each other, we have turned this symbiosis. We really like so that, as a rule, all the words and deeds of one of us to another predictable. "

Here's a she, the first love

Sasha (16 years), Dima (16 years old). At 3 months

DIMA: "I think that I will not forgive infidelity commonplace. And so I'll not see Sasha particularly negative things. Later, perhaps, when I get to notice them, I will divide them for yourself on the ones I can forgive, and who can not. "

SASHA: "Nothing conflict have not yet been so hard for me to say that I would not forgive."

Here's a she, the first love

Vlad (16 years), Angelina (16 years old). At 1, 5 years

VLAD: "Yes, we are always surprised all honestly tell each other - and we understand. By the way, we never quarreled. And not once was, but it's when we were just friends. And so we very rarely poorem at each other - and all. "

ANGELINA: "We do not command the each other. In the end, I'm not his mother, something to ban. "