CSKA - that this abbreviation mean?

CSKA - that this abbreviation mean? The history of this sports organization has more than 90 years. This is the Central Army Sports Club, from its doors came a generation of well-known, brought fame to the country in the global arena athletes. In addition to sports training reserve, CSKA organizes competitive work in the ranks of the country's armed forces.

The formation of the club

CSKA - that this abbreviation mean?

The history of the army sport starts in 1919, when there was a task to equip the ranks of the young Red Army prepared, physically strong reserve. To accomplish the task on the basis of pre-revolutionary army objects created clubs, courts. Moscow is considered to be the first point of universal education in Sokolniki Park. Since 1919 we are prepared and formed military units of skiers.

April 29, 1923 opened the first army club OPPV based Sokolniki points. It stands for the experimental model of universal education platform. physical fitness among military inputs in the task, the promotion of sports and competitions, which had a military-applied direction.

CSKA - that this abbreviation mean?

In 1928, in connection with the 10th anniversary of the Red Army passed OPPV facilities and park on Commune Square (now Square. Suvorov). It was the beginning of the organization of the Central House of the Red Army to them. MV Frunze. And the army athletes started performing in competitions under the icon CDKA. Honor organization defended the famous CSKA: Alekseev EV, Andreev VA, Arkadieva brothers and other famous athletes, famous and internationally. Later they became the leading club coaches. Athletes CDKA bravely defended the country during World War II. Four CSKA were awarded the title "Hero of the Soviet Union."

The formation of the Army Club

And in 1960, after several reorganizations, the club is assigned a name that is valid today - CSKA. Deciphering the name has become synonymous with victory. After all, there were trained the best Soviet athletes! Since 1952, when the Soviet Union became a member of the International Olympic Committee, began the glorious history of the Olympic CSKA wins. What is to act under the banner of the Army Club in the international arena? It is constantly being the first.

CSKA - that this abbreviation mean?

In the four Olympic victories won:

  • fencers in saber - Pozdnyakov, V. Sidyak V. Krovopuskov;
  • swimmer stayer - Vladimir Salnikov;
  • Representative Skating - E. Grishin.

Three times Olympic champions became:

  • skater (pair skating) - I. Rodnina;
  • fencing saber - V. Vladimir Nazlymov;
  • famous players - V. Kuz'kin, Ragulin A., Firsov;
  • hockey goalie - Vladimir Tretiak;
  • invincible skier - L. Egorova;
  • sport gymnast - D. Belozerchev.

CSKA legendary coach

On all continents fans know what CSKA. Deciphering abbreviations leads in awe rivals. CSKA - is the strongest athletes of the world. Prepared by renowned champions outstanding coaches, known to all lovers of sports.

CSKA - that this abbreviation mean?

This is:

  • the legendary coach of the ice hockey - AV Tarasov;
  • talented coaches fencing - brothers BA and VA Arkadieva, MS Rakita;
  • the coach who led the national team in basketball - AJ Gomel;
  • big-name coach in volleyball - YB Chesnokov;
  • renowned figure skating coach - SA Beetle;
  • Coach Speed ​​Skating - VA Muratov and many others.

To train with CSKA ... What was the desire to honor and responsibility, everyone knew, because this step was in the national team.

International contacts

Changes in the international policy of the country affected the Russian Army. In 1992, the military representatives delegated to the International Military Sports Council (CISM), which allowed to participate in the World Military Games.

Competitions are held on the Olympic cycle - every 4 years. Participation takes 134 countries. Competitions are held in 32 sports. War games took the third step on the importance of following the Olympic Games and Universiade. CISM motto explains the importance of the organization - "Friendship through sport", it provides full cooperation and a comprehensive overview. CSKA Moscow of its international activities contributes to the strengthening of friendly relations with other armies. The Russian national team has traditionally formed from CSKA athletes.

New Advances CSKA

Modern military reform was not spared and the transformation in sports activities among the military. In addition to the development and training of sports reserve, is actively developing a new direction in the work of the club - the military-applied sports activities.

CSKA - that this abbreviation mean?

The purpose of a new direction - to prepare a person to competent behavior in different life situations, help maintain personal health and to help others. Today CSKA has six branches. They are equipped with modern facilities and have a wealth of experience. A good level of sports training is celebrated in cities branches: St. Petersburg, Gelendzhik, Samara.

CSKA cultivated 47 sports. On the basis of the army club has 33 sports schools and training 36 teams. 545 trainers are preparing to more than 15 000 people. An efficient system of training promising athletes from the sports school to the national team. Athletes with honor to protect the prestige of the Russian flag in international competitions. CSKA are different from the others constant desire to win, as our army.

CSKA was reorganized. What is the direction of the work has been chosen correctly, time has shown. This allowed purposefully and fully use the available material base, engage in training of qualified experts on sport and physical training, today is important for the army.