Marina Zueva: biography and achievements

Marina Zueva - known Soviet skater. She has performed in ice dancing. Her partner for many years, was Andrew Whitman. Finished with a professional sports career, Zueva running figure skating coach and choreographer.

Biography athlete

Marina Zueva was born in Moscow in 1956. Her coach was champion of the USSR in figure skating Elena Tchaikovsky, who worked well with Tatiana Tarasova and Maria Butyrskaya.

Marina Zueva: biography and achievements

Marina Zueva has found his calling in the figure skating ice dance. Together with its almost entire career played Andrew Whitman, who was 8 years older than her. Remarkably, he began to speak in figure skating. Whitman is among the ten strongest sportsmen of the country, but eventually switched to ice dancing.

Major victories achieved on a couple of the Soviet Union championship level: Zueva and Whitman twice became bronze medalists. Repeatedly acted on superiority of Europe and the world, but to get on the podium and could not.

The bronze medals

For the first time Marina Zueva managed to win a bronze medal in the championship of the Soviet Union in 1976. With Wittmann is represented by a team of the Armed Forces in Moscow.

Superiority of the country took place in Volgograd. The ice dancing Zuyeva Wittmann and third steel. Won a couple Natalia and Gennady Linchuk Karponossov (they were from the sports society "Dynamo", at that time one of the strongest in the country). Silver medals - Irina Moiseeva and Andrei Minenkova of sport society "Trud".

Marina Zueva: biography and achievements

The following year, Zueva and Whitman repeated their success. They again bronze in the championship, which was held in Vilnius. This time the victory went to Irina and Andrei Minenkova Moses, but became the second Linchuk and Karponossov.

International performances

On the international stage the most successful for the pair became 1978. That's it with the special feeling always remembers Marina Zueva. Figure skating at the time was the main thing in her life.

At the European Championships in Strasbourg, France Zueva and Wittmann took sixth place. They lost not only two pairs of his countrymen, who regularly lost in the domestic championship, but even Christina Regetsi and Andrasz Challand from Hungary, Janet Thompson and Warren Maxwell from the UK and Lilyane Regakovoy and Stanislav Drastihu from Czechoslovakia.

At the World Championships in Ottawa, the Canadian pair took 7th place. We celebrated the success and Linchuk Karponossov. Silver went to Moses and Minenkova. In addition to the pairs skaters who Zueva and Whitman lost in the European championship, they have given way and Canadians - Wigton Lorna and John Dowling.

Choreographer Career

At the end of the 70s Zueva completed a professional career. She began to work in choreographed sportobschestva CSKA parallel entered GITIS. He engaged in the creative workshop of Mark Zakharov.

Marina Zueva: biography and achievements

As a choreographer Marina Zueva most successfully coached a couple Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov. With them it has developed several dance programs: "Romeo and Juliet", "Moonlight Sonata", "Vocalise". As a result, the skaters have won twice at the Olympics. After that finished amateur career, began to act in a professional competition. Zueva and then continued to work with them.

The conflict in skating

In the domestic figure skating name Marina Zueva clearly associated with the conflict, which she appeared with the famous coach Stanislav Zhuk, a multiple champion of the USSR.

Marina Zueva: biography and achievements

That Zueva became one of the initiators of the letter to the CPSU Central Committee, in which it accused the honored coach of immoral behavior. And the proof of this were not provided. Despite this, the Beetle started this persecution, because he was also a member of the CPSU.

As a result, he lost many of his famous pupils. It was then that G & G moved to Zueva. Ultimately Beetle removed from work.


Coach Marina Zueva brought not one successful couple. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, she went overseas. He began to work in Canada with his son Fedor Andreev and odinochnits Karina KaDeWe.

As a result, Andreev managed to become the bronze winner of the championship of Canada.

Marina Zueva: biography and achievements

In the early 2000s, he moved to the United States Marina Zueva. Figure skating coach needed to several tandem. She worked together with Igor Shpilband, the highest achievement in sport which was the victory at the World Junior Championships in ice dancing in 1983. They are clearly distributed responsibilities. Shpilband responsible for the technical elements and compulsory dances. Zueva develop original and arbitrary programs. Their coaching couple broke up relatively recently. Marina Zueva - figure skating coach who managed to prepare its students a unique program, they have always been spectacular and unusual supports. According to her own story, the inspiration for the ice dancing it draws not only in speeches of other skaters. Much attention is paid Zueva circus, theater and ballet. For this, she thanked the coach Stanislav Zhuk, who had learned. However, the scandal associated with a famous coach, makes suspect Zuev insincerity.

Among her pupils a lot of famous people and famous skaters. Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won the Olympic gold medal at the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010.

Americans Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto were second at the Olympic Games in Turin 2014. The victory then went to the Russian pair Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov.

Now Zueva 60 years. She continues to coaching in North America.