Rifle airsoft sniper: an overview, features and reviews

Tactical war games in recent years become extremely popular. One of them is the airsoft. In this command the military-sports game used "airsoft guns": shooting plastic balls made of 6-8 mm caliber. Unlike paintball, colored pigments such balls are not provided. Straykbol'naya rifle muzzle energy has to 0, 3 J. In the models that are intended for competition, this figure may reach 0, 4 J. It depends on manufacturers airsoft rifles. Overview of the most popular models presented in the article.

Rifle airsoft sniper: an overview, features and reviews

Dating weapons

For airsoft rifle is characterized by a distinctive feature: the ball flying out of the barrel, it is able to travel long distances. The models used in straykbol, optimum power is 0, 3 J. For such articles are provided actuators gas type. In staykbolnyh rifles, which are designed for competitions, mainly electro-drives are used. However, judging by the numerous reviews, a great demand they do not use. The average cost of weapons for this game - in the range of 15 thousand rubles..

About airsoft rifle Mosin

For this model provided a gas-type actuator. According to reviews, this airsoft rifle has a low rate of fire. However, the owners are very appreciated by the quality performance of the piston. In the manufacture of his head is aluminum. Furthermore, during operation of this modification there is no problem with the nozzle. The rifle has a power of 0, 3 J. Equipped is only 12 gram cartridges filled solely with carbon dioxide. Price airsoft rifle - 10 thousand rubles..

Rifle airsoft sniper: an overview, features and reviews

About "SVD 2M"

Airsoft sniper rifle provides a quality gas drive. According to the owners, such a model can be operated at temperatures below zero. Barrel Size - 91 cm nozzle -. 105 cm rifle equipped with a mechanical shop with a capacity of 90 balls. This model can be purchased for 13 thousand. Rubles.

Rifle airsoft sniper: an overview, features and reviews

Rifles Description CYMA VSR-10

This model is designed for those who are engaged in professional airsoft. Used this rifle competition only. Equipped with electro-game weapons drive type.

Rifle airsoft sniper: an overview, features and reviews

The gun can operate in single and semi-automatic fire. Experts believe that exploit CYMA VSR-10 at sub-zero temperatures is undesirable. Shooting weapons only 2-gram balls. Airsoft gun equipped with a standard shop with a capacity of 40 balls. Complete with battery 1800 mAh. This modification is equipped with a barrel length of 92 cm and a toothed piston. The ball flies out of the barrel at a speed of 120 m / s. The authors consider the numerous reviews CYMA VSR-10 - the best airsoft rifle. The cost of it - not less than 19 thousand rubles..

About CYMA R-50 model

According to the owners of such rifles, it is a good option to use in airsoft competition. However, this model is not without some drawbacks. Among its weaknesses include the presence of a manual cocking system and the ability to produce only single shooting. Like the previous model, R-50 is equipped with electro-pneumatic actuator. Power rating increased to 0, 35 J. game gun is equipped with a standard piston gear. Rifle can be operated at a temperature of -30 degrees. Also, the product works well at high temperatures. Rifle shooting only 2-gram balls of competitive brand "Golenbol" or "Proslik". Acquire such weapons can play for 18 thousand. Rubles.

On the characteristics Well L96

This model provides a high quality airsoft weapons drive the electro-pneumatic type. The rifle is equipped with a manual cocking system. Despite the fact that this model has a low rate of fire, the true owners of the following strengths Well L96 evaluated:

  • The presence of a very high quality store. In its manufacture using high-impact plastic. The store is roomy enough.
  • battery is 1,800 mAh.
  • The model is equipped with only one electric motor.
  • The rifle has a capacity of 0, 42 J. According to experts, this figure could increase due to the small diameter of the piston.
Rifle airsoft sniper: an overview, features and reviews

Initial ball velocity is 130 m / s. The rifle is equipped with a ramrod. The owners of this model is recommended for use only shooting balls from the manufacturer "Proslik". rifles cost - 14 500 rubles.

Description Well 80

This model is characterized by compact size and light weight. According to the owners, this rifle is very easy to operate. The model has a capacity of 0, 32 J. Gun equipped with electropneumatic actuator. The ball flies at a speed of 125 m / s. The product is equipped with a battery 1800 mAh, which, judging by the reviews of consumers, enough for a long time. Spaciousness store 90 of balls. Barrel length - 75 cm. bipod mounted near elektrodvizhka. Airsoft gun is equipped with a manual cocking system. The price of this model is 12 500 rubles.

Description of airsoft guns and King 16 King 25

Rifle 16th modification provides gas-type drive. The shotgun is equipped only with 12 gram cartridges. In the manufacture of pistons for airsoft weapons King 16 aluminum is used. Nozl in the rubber gun. According to owners of the shops of the 16th modification of large capacity do not possess. nozzle length is 120 mm. The bed is made of impact-resistant plastic. For the model is characterized by low power:. Only 0, 23 J King 16 rifle buy a 15 thousand rubles..

Reviews of the owners of the airsoft gun modification King 25 are predominantly positive. Consumer appreciated presence of high drive, and T-connector. However, despite the unquestionable strengths, for King and 25 are characterized by deficiencies. The disadvantages of this model airsoft owners include:

  • Small capacity store. It can be charged no more than 50 balls.
  • An insignificant barrel length - 75 cm
  • .

  • The low ball speed - 110 m / s. According to experts, this parameter significantly loses King 25 other models of airsoft guns.

Fires 25th modification of 6-mm pellets. In the manufacture of rails 25 is used in King high strength plastic.

Rifle airsoft sniper: an overview, features and reviews

3 rifle weighs 3 kg. Compared with the 16th model in the rifle power is increased up to 0, 25 J. Buy King 25 can be 16 thousand. Rubles.

Model airsoft rifles Spring

Judging by the reviews of consumers, during an event for airsoft well-proven 20-th modification. This gun is equipped with electro-pneumatic actuator. The rifle has a maximum capacity of up to 0, 4 J. The ball is flying at a speed of 135 m / s. battery option is 1,800 mAh.

Rifle airsoft sniper: an overview, features and reviews

Equipped with a gun nozlom made of rubber. For Spring T-connector 20 is not provided. This modification of the airsoft gun experts believe is very convenient to use. Problems with the combat power is not observed. Sale Spring 20 in gun shops. Rifle worth at least 18 thousand. Rubles.

Judging by the reviews (mostly positive character), a lot of popularity among consumers has a 24-th modification Spring airsoft guns. As compared with the previous model, ball speed, discharged from Spring 24 does not exceed 125 m / s. The gun is equipped with an adjustable hop-up system and a battery 1900 mAh battery. Shop dressed balls caliber of 6 mm, the number of which is 90 units. nozzle application is provided for this modification. Gearbox powered from a battery. Included with the Spring 24 is attached ramrod. Price airsoft gun is 12 thousand. Rubles.

Apple Airsoft Guns 1900

As evidenced by the numerous reviews of the owners, this model airsoft rifle is not intended for use during the competition. Nevertheless, it has a number of advantages. Apple Airsoft 1900 strengths are:

  • The use of a gun roomy drum.
  • Easy. rifle weight is not greater than 3, 1 kg.
  • High ball speed - 135 m / s.

Airsoft model is equipped with a gas-powered. Powered arms only carbon dioxide, which is contained in 12-gram bottles. For gun-type gear is provided with an aluminum piston head. T-connector in Apple Airsoft 1900 does not apply. Rifle equipped with a manual cocking system. When manufacturing the guide manufacturer uses high impact plastic. Fires product for staykbola only 6mm balls. Buy Apple Airsoft 1900 in 15 thousand. Rubles.


Most airsoft rifles amenable to tuning. Every owner can change the better characteristics of both external and internal structure of the weapon. According to reviews, the operation of the described model does not cause any complaints from the owners.