The most powerful airsoft gun: an overview, features and reviews

In order to choose the most powerful airsoft gun, you need to understand how it works and construction features. From the structure and functioning of the mechanism will depend on the power of weapons. Next, consider the main modifications, differing device, and some models of famous brands, imitating martial counterparts.

The most powerful airsoft gun: an overview, features and reviews

Power options

Airsoft gun in electrical performance is one of the weakest in its category. Unlike similar machines in the compact size is difficult to place a filling, which would provide more power.

Such modifications suitable for shots at short range in shooting galleries closed. As a training option for beginners - this is a pretty good solution. But electric airsoft guns do not belong to the class of the most powerful versions.

Springovye modification

Such instances are powered by a spring mechanism. Power and speed shot mainly dependent on the spring force and the whole mechanism, installed by the manufacturer or owner.

It is worth noting that springovy airsoft gun requires some effort when charging and product shots. Of this modification to make a powerful weapon is quite real. However, it is not very effective in terms of rate of fire, and on the training ground. Roughly speaking, the gun is too slow and inconvenient to use.

The most powerful airsoft gun: an overview, features and reviews

Gas models

Gas weapons divided into several types, differing in design and performance. For example, the airsoft gun GBB variation mimics out like a real weapon. Power shots depends on the type of gas used. Working mixture is conventionally divided into two categories: gringazy and CO 2. In the first embodiment, refers to the various formulations and brands. In any case, the most lethal gringaz much less CO 2. Therefore, when choosing a truly powerful gun Airsoft is necessary to pay attention to the model, aggregated with the second type of mixture. Next, consider a brief description of some of the popular modifications.

airsoft pistol Makarov

It produces several well-known manufacturers. The weapon comes in a special box with the instructions in several languages. "Makarov" is made of metal, it has a high quality of assembly, all mating elements fit together perfectly. pistol weighs nearly seven hundred grams.

The most powerful airsoft gun: an overview, features and reviews

The weapon is running on gas cylinder CO 2. Dvenadtsatigrammovy reservoir is located directly in the handle. Installation and removal of the balloon are made by loosening clamping screws and shift of the handle back. In a charged plate to be rigidly fixed. Magazine holds 14 bullets in the form of beads, is equipped with a brake that facilitates the charging process. shot speed is about one hundred and twenty meters per second. For this category of weapons is quite a decent figure.

Pistol "Glock"

Glock airsoft gun comes complete with a store, outside the barrel, the heel to expand capacity clips and instructions.

The main characteristics of these weapons:

  • Caliber - six millimeters;
  • gun weight with clip - 773 grams;
  • length / height / thickness - 204/156/30 mm;
  • adjustable Hop-Up;
  • the speed of the shot - 95-100 meters per second;
  • magazine capacity - 23 spherical charge.

will please owners and assembly of the pistol. The developers have paid a lot of attention to detail. All removable parts are marked, elements fit perfectly. For aiming weapons at the target using the standard rear sight and front sight. Small parts are made of plastic, is provided in the design and practical return spring brass inner barrel. The model in question is manufactured by different companies for the production of sporting weapons and is one of the leaders in the relevant market.

Galaxy Airsoft guns

Game weapons under the brand name "Galaxy" is available in several versions. Consider the basic parameters of the Galaxy G.6A gun. It is an exact copy of the Army springovuyu "Colt 1911" model. The weapon is made of a special alloy of zinc and plastic, equipped with a silencer.


  • Caliber - six millimeters;
  • the principle of action - Spring (spring);
  • charges - six-millimeter pellets;
  • magazine capacity - 18 bullets;
  • firing rate is about eighty meters per second;
  • length - 190 mm;
  • weight - 650 grams.

The body of weapons made of galvanized metal, and the side of the handle casing - made of plastic. Design features and the introduction of modern materials make the gun convenient and easy.

The most powerful airsoft gun: an overview, features and reviews

Reviews and price

Consumer feedback on airsoft guns are separated, which is not surprising. Some users like the weighty metal models, the most similar to real guns. Other owners are satisfied with inexpensive electro-pneumatic spring or modifications that are ideal for target shooting at a shooting range or a closed space. Professionals choose reliable pistols made of composite materials that combine power, precision and low weight. Airsoft gun, the price of which depends on the design, the manufacturer and the equipment can be purchased on the open market or under the order of seventy dollars.


Airsoft guns is very popular among outdoor enthusiasts. The market is represented by the mass modifications, from which everyone can choose the appropriate option. Unlike rifles and machine guns, pistols slot and have a lower capacity range. However, among them presented a very original models, having a high rate of fire and good accuracy.

The most powerful airsoft gun: an overview, features and reviews

When selecting airsoft gun you must pay attention to the material of manufacture, the operating principle, technical characteristics. Of course, to acquire better weapons known brands as artisanal products are of questionable quality and may cause injury.