Description guns "Saiga". Smooth-bore hunting rifles

The main purpose is to perform shotguns firing using buckshot, slugs and special purpose fractional charges for hitting various targets. Guns for hunting guns are divided into stem with reclining mechanism, as well as the whole single-barreled rifles magazine type. The barrel of guns is not refracted to charge patrons and extraction of spent cartridges.

A little about the features of shotguns

Shotguns for hunting come with a folding barrel, as well as one-piece single-barreled. Gun-perelomki are among fans of hunting is very popular because they require minimal maintenance, and use of them is quite simple. Moreover, the hunter can quickly replace the cartridges and continue shooting without losing precious time. Especially popular are the double-barreled models that allow a quick re-aimed shot in the case of a miss.

The second type of shotguns is neotkidyvayuschiesya Single-model in which design shop provided. In such guns be sure there is a mechanism that allows you to extract liners and replace them with new cartridges. Through the use of exhaust gas energy and hand strength, this mechanism can be activated.

Such weapons is automatic, and on rate of fire and the weight ahead of double-barreled models. The guns of this type are expected to use cartridges, recommended by the manufacturer. For a single-model applies a shotgun "Saiga".

How to develop "Saiga"

On the development of the gun design "Saiga" self-loading type of armourers worked in Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant. "Saiga" is a gun barrel with a smooth structure and has resemblance away Kalashnikov. This similarity is not accidental, because the plant engineers have deliberately taken as a basis for the design of the famous "Kalash".

Description guns

Izhevsk gunsmiths managed to accommodate a mechanism for automatic firing a hunting cartridge, and rifled barrel has been replaced by smooth. In addition, some work has been subjected to the shutter mechanism, which was slightly larger and much stronger. Design changes have also been trigger device and exhaust mechanism.

For firing queue "Saiga" is not intended. tools designed to use accessories to enhance the visibility of the target and sight in the gun "Saiga". Guest hunters speak of a high level of reliability of this weapon, but there are some flaws. First and foremost is the lack of accuracy of the shot, and sometimes there is a delay in the shooting.

"Saiga" 12 caliber and characteristics

Description guns

Hunting rifles line of "Saiga" are manufactured with different barrel length. For the training of shots in self-defense as perfect a short-carbine. One is the gun "Saiga 12K", which is very convenient to use when shooting at targets at short distances up to 25 m. This model is a compact carabiner with a short barrel length of 430 mm. The gun is equipped with a plastic folding butt. Conduct aimed fire from these weapons can only be on condition that the stock is in the unfolded state.

Description guns

shotgun "Saiga 12C" also has a plastic butt that can be folded. The length of this model is 580 mm barrel, and there is also a version with 680-mm barrel. Full-length arms with buttstock is 1145 mm and weighs 3.6 kg.

The choice in favor of "Saiga"

magazine capacity can be 5 or 8 rounds. There are also shops dvuhpatronnye. And if you use unload, with a hunting can take a sufficient number of shops and charged cartridges. Saiga has low recoil when fired due to their weight, as well as a good rate of fire. These qualities make the popular shotgun Saiga. Price models with short-barreled weapons will vary between 38 thousand. Rubles. The thickness of the trunk allows prolonged shooting, and the presence of the pistol grip significantly improves handling instrument. An interesting fact is that gun "Saiga" upgraded and finalized also in several other countries. For example, an American company Tromix produces some fine-tuning "Saiga", which are pronounced in a very short trunk and modernized flame arrester. Also equipped with a carbine rifle butt M4 original model.

Description guns

Modifications smoothbore rifle

Hunting rifles "Saiga" 12 gauge are available in several versions. Each of which has a number of features. "Saiga 12 K", made in the presence of a basic embodiment differs sight leaf ventilated type. There is also a modification of this model, which fly with entirely situated on the back side gas outlet tube.

"Saiga 12K-030" is designed so that the presence of Picatinny rails pair allows you to install different types of sights, as well as illumination. This model has been widely used in a number of law enforcement agencies and special forces of some countries.

"Tactics" and special versions of weapons

Models of "Saiga 12 K-040 tactics" K-12 and 040-06 are butts folding framework-type, and top mounted Picatinny strap. Handguard these models ventilated, and the model 040-06, it is exactly the same as that of the SVD. Entirely on the guns can be adjusted independently. All of them have a short barrel and pistol grip.

12th "Saiga" also exists in several versions. 75 e is a classic self-loading rifle, forearm and the butt is made of wood. In addition, this model can be equipped with flame arresters of various designs. 261-e is made with a plastic forearm and butt. The butt is equipped with a rotary cheek. It can be equipped with flame arresters and various accessories. 278 th execution differs in that the model includes plastic forearm and butt of an AK-74-M.

On the 20 Series "Saiga"

It is known that gun "Saiga 20" appeared after the invention of self-loading guns line 410 gauge. The barrel bore has a diameter of 15.7 mm and is intended for use 20-caliber ammunition. Shotgun "Saiga 20" exists in several versions, wherein the base model is a long-barreled rifle butt with classical type. Modification gun "Saiga 20C" butt equipped with a foldable type made of polyamide fibers. But model 20 K equipped with a short barrel length of 430 mm and a folding stock.

Description guns

What are the stores and ammunition used by

All guns "Saiga" 20-series can be equipped with a rib to be adjustable. The store, which mans carbines, are box-shaped, designed for cartridges with a case length of 70 mm and 76 mm. Typically, this five-shot models, although the 76's made eight rounds and devyatizaryadnye shops. These rifles are recommended bullets "Tandem" and "Magnum" muzzle energy of which can be up to 3.5 kJ.

Features "Saiga" 20-gauge

Initially "Saiga 20" conceived as quickfirer which can be used at short distances up to 50 m. It should be noted and the stopping power of the rifle, especially 20 Single charged canister, which will pierce trehmillimetrovy steel sheet. In addition, among the smooth-compact semi-automatic guns, 20-I Saiga has established itself as a reliable and very practical gun for close combat and self-defense.

It should be noted that this rifle has excellent accuracy and rate of fire. In addition, as a semi-automatic gun, gun "Saiga 20" easy to use and require minimal maintenance. Hunting cartridges are highly penetrating ability that inspires confidence in the owner's own security and safe destruction of targets.

The carbine "Saiga 410-K" ─ reliable weapons hunter

Description guns

The shotgun "Saiga 410 K" can be operated in all weather conditions. It is able to withstand ambient temperatures from - 30º to + 50 ° C. For aimed fire cartridges are used with a length of 410 caliber shells 76 mm. Structure is a set of arms of the following elements: a box receiver and gun barrel, the gas engine and a return mechanism, trigger mechanism, fore-end, the frame gate (a gate), the tube plate and a gas collapsible stock.

Description guns

rifle is also equipped stores various containers sighting device open type nozzles provided with special rifling for bullets, and an optical sighting device with the bracket. To extend the life of the gas chamber and the piston and barrel channel and chamber are exposed to chromium plating.

The principle of the smooth-bore "Saiga"

After firing of the weapon reloading occurs due to gas energy, which are output from the barrel into the chamber channel, and the return mechanism of spring energy. From the store is carried chambering the cartridge in the cartridge chamber by the action of the return spring during the forward movements of the bolt with the slide frame. Then the channel closure occurs by rotating the shutter, followed by movement of the ejector for the barrel flange.

By clicking on the hook of the trigger mechanism is released the trigger out of engagement with the trigger hook. It is exposed to the return spring, and it is, turning gets the firing pin, due to which the shot is performed. Then the frame with the shutter moves back under the action of gases energy, and then removed from the chamber and cartridge cases ejected from the receiver.

The necessary equipment hunter

For guns need to purchase a special case of a rectangular shape and not too large. Preference should be given a dark monochromatic coloring, but the camouflage cover to acquire undesirable because it directly indicates the presence of a weapon. Without cleaning kit and a special oil hunt is unthinkable, therefore, these accessories should take care in advance. Also need to purchase sunglasses that protect the eyes during the shooting of the possible injury. To ensure a reliable grip arms and protect your hands, it is recommended to use special gloves.