12 caliber bullets Gualandi: description. Bullet boar

In the market of small firearms attention of hunters a wide range of ammunition. Judging by the numerous reviews of consumers, including such products are very popular bullet Gualandi, Brennecke and Mack Alvin. Despite the fact that they are all used shotguns, ammunition for each type of limitations are provided. The shot will be effective, if the hunter correctly select the appropriate type to it and the caliber of the projectile. This article provides information about the device characteristics and marks of bullets Gualandi 12 caliber. Let's get started.

12 caliber bullets Gualandi: description. Bullet boar


Gaulandi bullet ammunition is the points-turbine type. It consists of a relatively heavy head and light small liner. Shell on both sides equipped with special ribs and belts required for crimping the product on a Choke, providing high accuracy of its flight. In gun shops, commercially available bullet Gualandi gauges 12, 16 and 20 mm. They are equipped with hunting cartridges brand "Vetter". ammunition production is made by the Italian company Baschieri & Pellagri (B & P).


Gualandi bullets manufactured from a special lead alloy having an increased hardness. For driving belt product 18 is provided the diameter of 5 mm. The width of the rear portion 17 is 5 mm. The diameter of the projectile body - 15 mm. Bullets of this type may weigh 28, 32 and 40 grams.

About 28g Product

Designed this bullet for hunting rifle with a barrel equipped with a choke. This munition is undesirable for use with shafts contractions greater than 1 mm. Otherwise, it will be dismantled in Choque plastic tray. Judging by the numerous reviews of consumers, with the correct selection of the barrel, 28-gram projectile did not harm the choke. The lack of impact, a positive impact on the accuracy of the battle.

The projectile 32 grams of

This weight hunting bullets are typical 12 gauge. As experienced hunters claim their use for shotguns equipped with a "power chokom" (choke greater than 1 mm) is undesirable. Also, they are not recommended for weapons with 1-mm chokom. The projectile is provided solely for the choke 0, 5, 0, 25 mm. Hunt possible using such bullets boar and elk. Shooting is at a distance of 50-60 meters.

12 caliber bullets Gualandi: description. Bullet boar


On 40-gram pool

Projectile characterized by a high stopping power. Compared with the rest of the bullets used in the rifles caliber 7, 62 mm, an indicator of its knockdown much higher. The effect of the 40-gram fire Gualandi, can be compared with the caliber 9 mm 3. Judging by the reviews of consumers, these bullets used for hunting large moose and wild boar. Since they are designed for magnum-class patrons, bottoms size should not be less than 7, 6 cm. The effective range of a bullet, does not exceed 70 meters. Within this distance of 40 gram Gualandi has good ballistic characteristics and high stopping power.

"Vetter Sport"

Reviews of bullets in cartridges of the brand, exclusively positive character. Consumers appreciate the sleeves in capsules. Kinetic energy is 18%. Sighting shooting a bullet, it is possible from a distance of 55 meters. During the flight, the projectile deviation are considered rare. For the core provides for a special grooves. The cartridge is equipped with a sealing wad, which is positively reflected in the high accuracy of fire. For a shirt is a wide flange. condensation ratio is not more than 2, 3.

12 caliber bullets Gualandi: description. Bullet boar


Bullet Gualandi in a chuck mounted on the core. Projectile, a special lead-shirt. thickening factor of 2, 3. In the cartridge characterized by a sealing wad. Capsule seal is missing. Ammunition equipped with a special seed orifice diameter 0, 9 cm. The test Gualandi bullets in hunting cartridges mark "Fetter Set", it was revealed that the released shell has an average initial velocity of 600 m / s.

the cartridges for hunting large animals

Many hunters know that for every shot has to be responsible. Availability wounded game or misses undesirable as such member can be fined. The effectiveness of firing depends on the correct choice of ammunition, as well as on the accuracy of the hunting party. Judging by the numerous reviews, many novice hands, one way to solve the problem, consider the use of a special boar buckshot. However, according to the rules driven hunt when procuring ungulates such ammunition deemed unacceptable. Buckshot boar can only be used for hunting small and medium-size game. Produce large specimens using such ammunition can be only if the animal is judged to be very dense thickets. Firing of the boar, being in or reeds in the bush should be made from a short distance, or even stop. Grapeshot shell has a very high lethality, allowing the hunter to "clean" pack animal.

If hunting is conducted in the open, the arrow will have to use a bullet cartridge. Unlike shrapnel, bullet boar is much heavier than all kartechiny together. Due to the possibility of shell, save its energy, its penetrative properties are not reduced. The large mass and high knockdown of ammunition, will allow the hunter to put such a powerful beast, like a wild boar or elk. Thus, in the area with a good view, at the disposal of the hunter has only bullet cartridges. To shooting was effective such missiles must be highly accurate and sufficient stopping power. To prevent broken stems sleeve cartridge caliber 12, the hunter should choose a munition with a reinforced base. During the shooting of a slight variation is possible. Often this happens when cartridges are taken from different boxes. Therefore, it is desirable to use the cartridges of the same brand.

"Vetter Magnum"

Requirements for ammunition used on large ungulates, consistent quality brand ammunition "Magnum". With the help of bullets Gualandi, which are equipped with cartridges "Vetter Magnum", extracted such large animals like elk and wild boar. The shells are contained in cartridges of sealing pyzhami. For ammunition cartridge brand "Vetter Magnum", a special emphasis is provided. Released bullet has high kinetic energy. Above the filling mixture is obturator. To the core is attached seal. The width of the flange 5, 5 mm. Indicator condensation coefficient - at least 2, 4. Accuracy battle - 72%. Judging by the reviews of consumers, high firing efficiency is possible at distances up to 50 meters.

12 caliber bullets Gualandi: description. Bullet boar

Description "Vetter Polumagnuma"

Reviews of 12 caliber bullets used in the cartridges of the brand, are positive. Departing from ordnance barrel, it has a sufficiently high kinetic energy (17%). Chucks "Polumagnum" as well as in the brand, "Vetter Magnum", equipped with special stops. Complete with lead bullet jacket. Judging by the numerous reviews, we can conclude that wet powder in this ammunition, it is considered a rare phenomenon. Indicator thickening ratio is at level 2, 4. The cross dissipation is 7 cm. Released bullet has a muzzle velocity of 600 m / s.

About ammunition "Vetter Partridge"

In this holder, a place for the bullet assembly is lead sheath. The stops for these liners are not provided. Kinetic energy: 17%. During shooting, bullets deviations are considered rare. Dispersion of not more than 72 mm. Cartridge shirt a flange. Ammunition equipped with a filling hole diameter 8 mm 8. Equipping a flat base product, the manufacturer has achieved reduce the number of misfires.

12 caliber bullets Gualandi: description. Bullet boar

"Vetter Quail": characteristics of

A bullet in the ammunition, the cartridge is installed over the shirt. For the core products of the brand "Quail" groove is provided, and for the sleeve - a special focus. By using a narrow seal, the bullet has a sufficiently high kinetic energy. The diameter of the filling hole 8 is 8 mm. Sighting shooting such ammunition can be within a range of 55 meters. Indicator dispersion diameter is 75 mm.

On steel bullets

Today on the shelves of weapons, firing the attention of fans of the "gladkostvol" represented hunting products from the Russian manufacturer SCM "Industry". Products of this company are steel shells.

12 caliber bullets Gualandi: description. Bullet boar

In contrast to the leaden bullet, made of steel, it is considered to be expansive. The main objective sought by the developers was to increase its stopping exposure to the maximum. This has been achieved through the introduction of the product in a special system, which at the moment of hitting the warhead provides disclosure of its steel components. As claimed by many arrows, lead as a material for ammunition is becoming a relic of the past. Hunters and sportsmen in the near future will use exclusively steel bullets. In the manufacture of these products are used high-quality and completely non-toxic materials. Work conducted on the modern, high-precision equipment. 12 caliber bullet was the perfect complement product "Gualandi" from the famous Italian manufacturer.


Steel shot is equipped with central upper core which is equipped with special front petals. Their problem is that at the moment the projectile hitting the target, to unfold, creating thus stopping effect and hydrodynamic shock high degree. Furthermore, in order to increase the final damage, it provides separation from the main lobe of the bullet, with the further penetration of them into the tissue to a depth of 100 mm. The steel shell equipped with a special plastic container that has a positive impact on the preservation of trunks. Furthermore, the presence of such a hunting munition container, gives the possibility to use the arrow bullet for guns with different choke.

12 caliber bullets Gualandi: description. Bullet boar

During the shot, there is a separation of the polyethylene half-cylinder of the central part. Thus, the barrel bullet emitted together with polyethylene liner, which provides it with stability and balance. High-precision steel bullet shooting was made possible thanks to the presence of the shank. Judging by the reviews of consumers in the use of such weapons is not felt recoil. Its absence is due to the fact that for such a bullet is provided classic shock absorber, which is used as absorption samoregulyatora and performs return pulses arising during firing.