Fins for spearfishing: types, sizes, advice on choosing

Diving and spearfishing recently gained great popularity. On the shelves of specialty stores attention of consumers a wide range of different devices, whose main task - to make your stay a swimmer under water as comfortable as possible.

Fins for spearfishing: types, sizes, advice on choosing

The mask for spearfishing and tube are considered essential elements in the outfit amateur diver. Not the last attribute in this suit are flippers. Their presence has a positive effect on the maneuverability and speed of movement of the swimmer. Information about how to choose the right fins for spearfishing, is presented in the article.

The relevance of the choice of

If you choose the right fins for spearfishing, the swimmer will not need to expend a lot of energy during the movement of the water. Consequently, he does not need often swim in the surface for the new portion of air. If the fins with low efficiency, then, according to experts, some of the energy will necessarily be lost and underwater maneuvers will not as effective as we would like. Depending on the design features and material to the attention of consumers is represented by several types of fins.

Fins for spearfishing: types, sizes, advice on choosing

About materials

In the production of fins following materials are used for underwater hunting:

  • Fiberglass. The products possess a high strength. Their drawback is a weak elasticity. Mostly they are used beginning underwater hunters for training.
  • Thermoplastic. Judging by the reviews of owners, such flippers lightweight, ductile and very comfortable.
  • Rubber. From this inexpensive material mainly produce budget production. Also made of rubber additional elements for professional flippers.
Fins for spearfishing: types, sizes, advice on choosing
  • Carbon or carbon fiber. The basis for the steel material, carbon fibers and special resin. For products characterized by high strength and good elasticity. According to experts, carbon fiber fins for spearfishing are considered the most ideal option. It requires careful handling and careful maintenance.
Fins for spearfishing: types, sizes, advice on choosing

In addition, the fins are also made of composite materials:

  • Rubber and plastic. Such products have a variable stiffness.
  • thermoplastics and technopolymer. Fins have impact resistance and elasticity.

On the value of

According to numerous reviews of consumers are the cheapest fins made of plastic. Their value does not exceed $ 30. GRP products can be purchased over 60. Those who wish to become the owner of the fins made of composite materials, will have to pay a hundred dollars. The most expensive items are considered to be carbon. Price of carbon fiber fins is 600 dollars.

About the size of

By properly selected fin length will depend on the speed of movement. Therefore, for situations that require high speed, experienced divers recommend the use of the device at least 750 mm long. Mostly these products are designed for hunting in deep water, where the swimmer is required by high-speed movement. In the long flippers forces have to spend more, as significantly increases the load on the muscle mass. Mostly long flippers used by professional athletes, which display excellent physical fitness and endurance. To dive in the lakes and rivers, experts do not advise to buy too long fins, as a swimmer does not have to comply with high speed movement. In these waters it is important above all high maneuverability. The optimal length of the fins for lakes and rivers is not more than 650 mm.

Fins for spearfishing: types, sizes, advice on choosing

On the varieties of the blades

Depending on parameters such as physical and technical training, the dive site, weight and style of swimming, the following types of blade fins:

  • Soft. Such fins are preferably swimmers, weighing less than 75 kg. Products marked with green, red and blue colors. These attributes of equipment for spearfishing effective at shallow depths in the calm waters. For products characterized by good maneuverability and a low rate of speed.
  • Average stiffness. These attributes equipment designed for swimmers, the weight of which may vary within 70-85 kg. Flippers marked in gray. As accessories diver with soft hardness, these blades are designed to operate in shallow water. Swimmer not capable of such flippers develop high speed, but it may in the water effectively maneuver.
  • High rigidity. These blades are used by professional athletes and swimmers who weigh from 85 to 100 kg. In contrast to the flippers with low and medium hardness, these products are able to provide high-speed performance swimmer. Fins with these blades are designed to overcome the significant distances in deep water with a strong undercurrent. Products marked with black.

For beginners, who find it difficult to determine the right level of experienced divers recommend to use the fins of medium hardness.

The blades can also be:

  • Change. If necessary, the owner can detach from their galoshes. Interchangeable blades are available in the budget flippers. Designed for use in a variety of climatic conditions. The advantage of interchangeable products that when you purchase more expensive products is not necessary to overpay for galoshes.
  • removable. This is not to dismantle the blade is possible.

About galoshes

Fins for spearfishing are classified as structural features of galoshes. According to this criterion, they are divided into two types:

  • Fins with an open heel. The product is suitable for any size foot. It is fixed by tightening the rigging submariner specifically provided buckles. Advantageously used in diving. Due to the high softness for spearfishing fins are of little use. Judging by the reviews of owners, products with open heel difficult to handle during the ascent.
  • Fins with a closed heel. They are characterized by a tight fit on the foot. They are lightweight and feature a long, thin blade. In contrast to the previous type, closed Shoe much easier. As advised by experienced swimmers, with the purchase of such fins should take into account the size of his feet. This recommendation stems from the fact that not closed galoshes can adjust its internal dimension. You can wear them on bare feet. Some swimmers recommend the use of such rubbers with special neoprene socks. So buy fins should be one size larger. The main applications of such tooling steel underwater hunting, free diving and snorkelling.

A few tips from professionals

  • Before operation, flippers in the water, it is advisable to test them. The perfect place for this purpose will be the swimming pool.
  • To select desirable fins on bare feet.
  • To wash the fins using fresh water. It is very important that the attachment points may not remain sand or salt particles which can damage the equipment. Such a demand is made and to care for the mask for spearfishing.
  • to dry after washing items of equipment must be in the shadow of a submariner. It is important that they are not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Use the flippers can only serviceable fixtures.
  • The operational life of the diving equipment can be prolonged, if we use special silicone spray.

Fins for spearfishing: types, sizes, advice on choosing


Judging by the reviews of owners, very rarely fins can meet the demands of customers. Often rubbers and blades sold separately, which will become the owner of a very convenient snap submariner. By taking the time to choose the optimal variant fins, swimmer currently provide the most comfortable and safe stay in the water.