Gauss Rifle - technology and operating principles

Every fan of science fiction familiar electromagnetic weapons. Displaying similar technologies in the form of a combination of mechanical, electronic and electrical components. But it looks like a weapon in real life, whether it has any chance to exist?

Technological features

Gauss Rifle - technology and operating principles

Gauss Rifle is interesting to researchers at the same time by several features. The implementation of this technology will prevent weapons heating. Hence, its rate of increase to the quality of previously unknown limits. Moreover, the embodiment of technological pans in reality force to abandon the sleeves, which will significantly simplify the shooting.

Default shoot Gauss rifle can narrow thin shells with high penetrating ability. cartridge acceleration in this case does not depend on the diameter.

For the operation of sufficiently charging arms electrocution. With regard to known schemes, almost no moving elements in their structure.

The principle of fire

Currently, the weapons remain under development. According to the idea, it must shoot iron cartridges. However, unlike gunshot analogs moving projectiles are not pressurized propellant gas, and a magnetic field.

Gauss Rifle - technology and operating principles

In fact, the Gauss Rifle operates under fairly primitive principle. Along the barrel is located a number of electromagnetic coils. Cartridges are charged from the store mechanically. One of the coils pulls charge. Once the cartridge reaches the middle of the trunk, the following is activated coil, allowing its dispersal is carried out.

Consistent placement along the barrel theoretically any number of coils can instantly disperse projectile velocities to unimaginable.

The advantages and disadvantages of

Electromagnetic Rifle in theory has the advantages, which are unattainable for any other known weapons:

  • to choose the speed of the projectile;
  • no sleeves;
  • execution completely silent shots;
  • little impact;
  • high reliability;
  • wear resistance;
  • operation in a vacuum, such as outer space.

In spite of a fairly simple principle of functioning and simple design, the Gauss Rifle has some disadvantages that create barriers to its use as a weapon.

The main problem is the low efficiency of electromagnetic coils. Special tests indicate that only about 7% of the charge is converted into kinetic energy, which is not sufficient for actuating the movement of the cartridge. The second difficulty is the substantial consumption and long-term energy storage capacity. Together with a gun have to carry quite heavy and bulk power supply.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that in the present conditions there is virtually no prospects for implementation of the idea as a small arms. A positive shift in the desired direction is possible only in the case of the development of powerful, autonomous and at the same time compact sources of electric current.


Currently, there is no successful example of creating a highly efficient electromagnetic weapons. However, this does not prevent the development of prototypes. The most successful example of the invention serves Delta V Engineering engineering offices.

Gauss Rifle - technology and operating principles

Pyatnadtsatizaryadnoe developer device allows a rate of fire shooting, releasing 7 rounds per second. Unfortunately, penetration is only enough rifles to attack the glass and tin cans. Electromagnetic gun has a weight of about 4 kg and shoots caliber bullets 6, 5 mm.

To date, the developer has not yet managed to achieve success in overcoming the lack of basic rifle - the extremely low starting speed projectiles. Here, the figure is only 43 m / s. If there are parallels, the initial velocity cartridge discharged from an air rifle, almost 20 times higher.

The invention is Gaussian in computer games

In the sci-fi games electromagnetic cannon acts almost the most powerful, rapid-and truly deadly weapon. Ironically, but the bulk effects is uncharacteristic of the present invention.

Gauss Rifle - technology and operating principles

The most striking example are the gun and the gun Gauss, which are available to characters of the cult series of games Fallout. Like a real prototype, virtual weapons functions on the basis of electromagnetic charged particles.

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game Coilgun has a low rate of fire, which is close to the actual quality of existing prototypes. At the same time a weapon different high power. According to the disclosure, the gun operates based on the energy of anomalous phenomena.

Games Master of Orion series also allow the player to equip spaceships guns Gauss. Here produces electromagnetic gun shells, strength damage which does not depend on the distance to the target.