Rifle "exhaust". Silent anti-materiel rifle

Sniper rifles have always been of interest to a wide audience, which devotes his spare time to the study of issues relating to military and military categories. Recently rifle "exhaust" has become very popular in these circles. And it was about this weapon in this article will be discussed.



The rifle "exhaust" belongs to the category of large-caliber sniper rifles. In principle, belong to this group can be any weapon which will be similar to the diameter of the trunk. At the same time the rifle "exhaust" refers to a silent weapon. And it doubles the interest in it.

Rifle "exhaust" is currently marketed in different ways. Accordingly, different sources give different names to it. Some call it SV-1367, and someone gives the name VSSK "exhaust". In any case, for some reason, this weapon has become the subject of much debate. Ironically, that is so actively discuss VSSK "Exhaust" become after all these years (recall that a decade has passed since the creation of the weapon).

The complexity of comparing the

It is said that even though it is positioned as a large-caliber sniper rifle weapon, its comparison with the CWS, which were developed under caliber cartridges 12 and 12 7h108, 7h99, would be a mistake. The fact that the CB-1367 uses a special type of ammunition. Their design has a slightly different type. Accordingly, changes and characteristics. They are different from large-caliber ammunition

This sniper rifle is now using only 4 types of cartridges. Origin - SO-130 PU, second - SO-130 GSP, the third - SO-FET 130 and the last, fourth - SO-130 MT2. Let's uncover the meaning of these acronyms. PU stands for "training cartridge." VSP denotes the "high penetration". Reducing PT says that this cartridge is increased accuracy.



The rifle FSI "exhaust" its interesting ammunition SP-130 GSP. Even outwardly noticeable that it stands out among the rest. It should compel him special attention. The design of the ammunition is very interesting. It has termouprechnogo type core. He strongly protruding. Sniper rifle FSI "Exhaust" gauge 12, becomes 7 mm in view of sufficiently powerful weapons capable of striking vests 5 class.

This ability to punch remains at distances of less than 200 meters. It is easy to handle a rifle and unarmored vehicles with engines. But as for the cartridges increased accuracy, use them with the best effectiveness is most effective only at distances up to 600 meters. This again suggests that a heavy ammunition cartridges 12, 7 and SC-130 differ from each other.

The experts who were engaged in study of this issue, note one interesting fact. NATO caliber cartridges 12, the sleeve 7 have a length which is equal to 99 mm. Our, domestic cartridges of the same caliber shells are 108 mm in length. But ammunition SP-130 suggests the sleeve length of 55 mm. This is precisely the reason because of which the rifle has a low effective firing range.

Experts also point out that the problem is not that someone just "sorry" materials for the manufacture of casings. Initially engineers need is confirmed for a length of the munition. Recall that the sniper rifle "exhaust" - is, first and foremost, a weapon with a low noise floor while shooting. Therefore, it was necessary to make adjustments to the length of the cartridge.

Development ammunition


partially blocked phenomenon that could unmask hand, it was only possible by changing the cartridge. All the people that are at least slightly familiar with weapons, such cartridges are known as SP-6 and SP-5. The distance at which the ammunition can be used is four meters or less. The shooter must have some experience to firing at such a distance.

Increase the effective firing a shot, of course, possible. But for this it is necessary to increase the kinetic energy of the bullet itself. The simplest option here - to increase speed. However, this type of ammunition is subsonic. So, this option will not work here. Then make the appropriate adjustments can be exclusively at the expense of increasing the weight of the bullet, as well as its powder sample. It must be done so that when a shot supplies the speed does not exceed the threshold of the speed of sound.

Engineers decided not to go around the circle again, and to adopt the existing development, that is, 12 caliber cartridge, 7h108. So, the only question that remained uncovered, was a question about the sleeve for the new sample holder. Before it had the following requirements: to reduce weight, reduce the size. And as a result, engineers have come to a compromise. This cylindrical sleeve having a length of 55 millimeters.

caliber Unique


Such ammunition, without exaggeration, simply unique. The fact that there is no identical cartridges. The only "brother" of the ammunition was .500 Whisper. But it was created long before the engineers have developed cartridges for the "Exhaust". Hearing once again that the ammunition standard 12 7h55 is unique, remember that this is true, but do not forget that there are some nuances. As mentioned earlier, these cartridges can be used effectively at a distance that does not exceed 600 meters. Blank range from "Exhaust" in this case is 180 meters. Sometimes, of course, better. But do not forget that as ammunition used subsonic heavy bullets.

For large-caliber rifles quite relevant parameter is the penetrative ability. With older brothers of the same caliber will not be able to put the SV-1367, of course. But generally speaking, the rifle is noteworthy, of course. Although the hype, which occurs in the case of weapons in recent years, is not well understood.


A decade

His long used the FSB of Russia, the creation of weapons took place in 2002. But why is it only now remembered, it is not entirely clear. Something out of the ordinary NE-1367 is not. It is possible that buzz about the rifle raised to advertise it. Recall that a couple of years ago, the rifle was exported to foreign countries. Such an embodiment (advertising) is not excluded. Experts very carefully relate to the question about the assessment of the sniper rifle, because to give a clear response is difficult.