What Serve: A Planning Guide festive menu

Everyone has their own approach to the preparation of home holidays: one each year follow the same clear plan, others prefer to act on impulse, and whittling feverishly salads at the last moment. Heroine was guidance on the most difficult stage - menu planning. How to create a stylish table, to please all guests and not forget anything.

determine what tone you want to set the event

What Serve: A Planning Guide festive menu

Think about how you would want to make guests feel at your holiday. Solemnly, both secular reception? Relaxed as the second day of the wedding? Imagine the atmosphere, which is planning to create, and then later to fit the mood of the menu and level of formality. This will help to create a harmonious table where meals are combined with each other.

Learn the guest list

Find out how many people you have to cook and do you have someone of the guests special preferences or limitations. If you are invited to the event in the format of one, ask people advance warning if their satellites, for example, vegetarians. There are many simple and beautiful dishes for those who gave up animal products.

combine traditional and new recipes for yourself

What Serve: A Planning Guide festive menu

The main problem of those who are preparing for the holiday in a hurry - they stop only on a limited set of familiar dishes, which definitely will not have problems. As a result, every holiday guests eat around the same.

Make a list of their branded recipes and then add to them a few new ones that would like to try.

Nothing, if you first come out of dishes too: then you choose from them those that more variety of textures, colors and flavors. In addition, the menu includes several dishes that can be prepared in advance, so you simplify your work.

When the choice is made, think of the menu as a whole, rather than on each individual dish. if they are combined with each other if there is too strange flavor combinations, and whether they meet the holiday mood.

Make a list and schedule of purchases

What Serve: A Planning Guide festive menu

When ready menu, it's time to think about the ingredients. Break your shopping list a few points: what can be bought in advance, and which products need the most recent. For some food should go to the farmers market in the morning on the feast day, others can be bought in the nearest supermarket. The more you raspishesh schedule of purchases, the less likely that you will forget any ingredient. Install on your phone reminder, which days you go for, then do not have every day to view the entire list.

Prepare in advance

If any of the products you can prepare before the day's - do it. Cook, clean, cut and fry. Try as much as possible to ease the life of a holiday to enjoy an evening of power remained. Here you come in handy a couple of dishes that can be prepared the day before.

Now that you know all the details of the preparation of the festive menu, you can be inspired by recipes from our collection. There is a genuine hot dishes, desserts are simple, interesting salads and a true royal dinner.

How do you make up the holiday menu?