Aerobics for children: occupations, benefit

Aerobics - is the most common area of ​​fitness, in addition, one of the most useful for human health. Some had the impression that only women can deal with it. That they should be pliable, flexible, resilient, and have a beautiful figure. Some of them are choosing a fitness club, a different approach aerobics at home. Although children can do aerobics. These classes help them to develop harmoniously, in addition, bring into their lives a lot of rich, vivid impressions, which can only be compared with those obtained impressions of the highly anticipated new toy.

Aerobics for children: occupations, benefit

Each new era of its nuances impose on the behavior and development of our children. It is absent in the lives of modern children's computer games, the Internet, dozens of television channels, mobile communications and other "gadgets", probably they would have had perforce to entertain themselves in another way - to communicate with friends to visit various sports sections and circles.

Since all of these gadgets already have in their lives, and the kid in front of the surrounding "gadgets" is completely defenseless, the parents need to help him start to expend their energy efficiently and to strengthen fragile health. But how to do it correctly? The answer is simple: fit aerobics for kids!

What is the fitness for children

It's fairly new, and the already very popular trend of physical education kids, which is based on strengthening and maintaining the health of children. In contrast to a simple school of physical education a fitness, for example, step-aerobics for children - developing a system of different sporting events, which is designed for kids of a certain age, moreover, which is a likeness of the adult fitness, only in the "lite" version.

In common parlance, it is a certain set of activities that are designed so that the child will enhance physical fitness and immunity, as well as hold your leisure time interesting and fun. To do this, and is intended for children aerobics. Skilled craftsmen are developing programs in an effort to instill in children a love of sports, conscious desire to improve their health.

Aerobics for children: occupations, benefit

As well as the fitness for kids, the main tool for the Child Development here is a game. Almost all of the exercises contain game elements, selected special music for aerobics for children, thus, the child enjoys doubly and fun, and evolving.

Getting Started

Initially, consult your local pediatrician. If the baby has a chronic illness, it will complicate the task, although fitness activities under the ban fails to deliver. You will be prompted to engage in another program. For example, for baby-asthmatic aerobic contraindicated while useful and, accordingly, is allowed yoga. If a child has problems with the spine, from the power loads will have to give, although they may well compensate for aerobics and swimming. Then the price. The average cost of a month's stay in a baby club in the present moment will be about $ 80-100, not counting the cost of sportswear and the rest of the ammunition - it you will need to buy their own expense.

Next we present you a list of the main areas of fitness for kids.


This is a fun aerobics for children of the youngest age groups. It is based on a variety of imitative movements. These classes develop physical potential and imagination kid.

"Furst Step"

The program, designed for children dealing with their parents. It is aimed at active development of fine motor skills, speech and memory, balance production skills.


This aerobics for children, which corrects and prevents flat feet.

Aerobics for children: occupations, benefit

"Step buy Step"

The training program of children walking properly, which focuses on the normal development of fine motor skills, as well as the strengthening of the vestibular apparatus.

"Baby Geyms"

This class, which is based on competitions, relay races and outdoor games, as well as to develop motor skills, the children's attention and coordination of movements.

Children fitball

It is a complex exercise with special balls for the formation of posture and development of the musculoskeletal system.


This aerobics at home, followed by the pronunciation of certain phrases and sounds for the development of the baby right speech and coordination of movements.

Children's yoga

It is a complex exercise, which is based on Hatha Yoga. Develops a child mentally and physically.


It is a complex game of lessons based on acrobatics. They develop the vestibular apparatus, muscular frame and posture baby.

Martial Arts

Perfectly develop muscular frame, as well as coordination, discipline and teach proper breathing.

Aerobics for children: occupations, benefit

The Basics of athletics

Classes provide a strain on all muscles of the child and instill in him a love for the sport.

You have to understand that whatever children's fitness program may be, its main goal - is a harmonious overall development, the child's upbringing in the team among his peers.