5 things that are missing in your car

Modern car accessories can not only accentuate the style of the car, but also get rid of the extra costs. Together with specialists from the online store Coolauto Heroine picked avtodevaysov 5, which will create a comfortable environment in your car, insure against damages and unforeseen situations on the road.

1. Car Rear View Camera

5 things that are missing in your car

This device will help park, even in the most difficult situation on the road. This is especially useful in urban environments where to find ample space for parking is almost impossible.

Old parking system are sensors that react only to the approach to the obstacle and beep in case of danger. With modern rearview camera you will be able to focus better advance notice the appearance of the way of pedestrians or animals and have time to make a decision. The device keeps track of even low-key items - fences with mesh, small poles.

You can pick up a camera specifically for your car, but not necessarily: many of them are suitable for any car. These cameras convenient fastening and steering angle.

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2. Deflectors

5 things that are missing in your car

The baffles are mounted side windows in the upper part of the frame of the car and work on the principle of aerodynamics, which prevents dust in interior, small stones, rain, snow, insects, and cigarette smoke. they also allow uniformly ventilate the interior of the vehicle, reducing the need for frequent use of air conditioning and fuel costs. Window vents are easy to install and do not require additional knowledge in the field of mechanics - most of them are fixed in a couple of minutes with the help of double-sided tape or a flathead screwdriver. When buying deflectors should take into account the make and model of car to choose the right shape and size of the accessory.

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3. Autorefrigerator

5 things that are missing in your car

Autorefrigerator will be indispensable for the girls who like to travel far or often go on business trips in his car. He did not give the products deteriorate even sorokogradusnuyu heat will keep drinks cold and save money on food at roadside cafes.

Compressor fridge INDEL is equipped with shock-resistant housing and the robust double cover increases the shelf life of perishable products. He quickly gathers and maintains the desired temperature, noiseless running as from the web and from the cigarette lighter in the car. A mounted structure of the refrigerator is easily mounted in the machine, that provides protection even with fast driving on the road.

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4. Vandalism frames for license plates

5 things that are missing in your car

Heavy Duty Frame - an effective way to protect the car number of thefts and damages. Steel models in silicone frame are characterized by high durability and stylish design. They do not rust, do not collect dirt and dust, long retain their shape and fit snugly to the bumper. Thanks to a special fastening technology, such a framework can not be separated by force or unscrew with a standard screwdriver, so scammers will not waste time in your car. Order vandal frame

5. The grille

5 things that are missing in your car

The radiator grille - another practical accessory that is able to protect the car from a sudden breakdown. It is easily mounted on the outer side of the bumper by means of screws or the liquid adhesive. As deflectors, grille are selected in accordance with the brand and model of car. Thus it is necessary to give preference to aluminum grille with fine mesh - that it will prevent the ingress of insects in the radiator, dirt, small stones or poplar fluff, and will not allow the engine to overheat and fail.

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