Black One bikes: a selection

Stylish and modern Black One bikes are designed for active walks in the city and nature, perfect for fitness and tourism. 100% right choice to provide a wide model range: mountain, extreme models, urban, women, and dvuhpodvesy.

Black One bike manufacturer has taken care of a good build quality, low price and use of quality materials. Consider some of the most popular models of this brand shopping.

Female mountain bike

Easy reel and light weight model is provided Alta aluminum frame. Bicycle equipped with simple-to-use and effective rim brakes V-brake. Optimal load easy to pick up a 21-speed transmission. Anchored by a vote of eccentrics wheel during loading into the vehicle. Seatpost also clamped by a cam, thus making it easier to adjust the height. Complete with footrest and plastic wings.

Black One bikes: a selection

Technical features:

  • Qijian brand rim;
  • robust steel frame;
  • mechanical disc brakes type JAK-YK5;
  • suspension fork;
  • footrest.

Without shift

Black One Mirage bike with a comfortable frame geometry suited for leisurely biking in the park and the city. In addition, maximum comfort, despite the absence of depreciation, provided wide driving, elongated frame and a large saddle. It is appreciated by lovers of long trips. Comfortable, sprung seat and wide tires would smooth bumps on the road surface. Mirage is equipped with wings that prevent ingress of dirt on your clothes. The package also includes circuit protection and footrest.

Black One bikes: a selection

Dvuhpodves brand

Mountain Bike Black One Phantom - dvuhpodves with steel frame and rim brakes. This element is effective to operate and easy to maintain, perfectly manifests itself in a clean way. And if you need to use this model to dirty or snowy slopes, choose the option with mechanical disc brake. In addition, there is an analogue of the bike on a lightweight aluminum frame. Footrest and quick plastic wings included - not too expensive, but very useful equipment.


  • equipment from Shimano bicycle brand;
  • 18 speeds;
  • amortized plug;
  • disc brakes.

Road bike

Bicycle Black One Active Class of touring with a comfortable steel frame geometry is equipped with brand Shimano. Perfect for exploring the simple forest routes and in urban environments. Its features:

  • aluminum rim;
  • 26-inch wheels;
  • 21-speed transmission;
  • reliable rim brakes from Power VBR-132S;
  • trunk, long steel fenders and side steps. Black One bikes: a selection

Bicycle Black One Monster D 26

Powerful mountain bike, for which there is virtually no obstacles on the road. He easily overcomes the high grass, snow, rocks or sand thanks to a thick wheels. The bike is equipped with a rigid steel fork, durable and comfortable steel frame, 21-speed transmission and reinforced rims.

Comfortable Women

Black One Flora bicycle without gearshift with strong double rims and foot brake. Suitable for a comfortable ride around town. It has the following specifications:

  • rigid fork;
  • steel frame;
  • reinforced rim;
  • circuit protection,
  • Foot-operated brakes;
  • long steel wings. Black One bikes: a selection

Teenage dvuhpodves

Black One Ice bike assembled on a steel frame. It has a number of necessary characteristics for driving on different types of roads. Bike for riders with increasing 128-154 cm. The rear and front suspension make comfortable cycling, smoothing the irregularities of the road. Mechanical disc brakes mounted on the bike perfect for off-road driving. The trigger switch on the steering wheel dvuhpodves easily perform selection and switching of transmission 21. Black One Ice is equipped with wheels 24 inches in diameter with double rims of aluminum. The kit includes wings that protect against dirt and footrest.

For girls 6-8 years

Children's bicycle Black One Ice Girl for young cyclists with the growth of 115-127 cm. It is equipped with an amortization front fork and assembled on a strong and robust steel frame. The six-speed transmission allows selection of the appropriate mode for skiing and optimal for the child loads. Rim brakes for V-brake type are effective, and simple way. Resistant to deformation aluminum rim well withstand impact. Complete with comfortable footrest and wings.

An inexpensive and easy

Black One Urban bicycle speed has a road bike, light weight and simple construction. Readily converted from Fixied bicycle with direct transmission, in Single Speed ​​bike with free lift. It is only necessary to rotate the rear wheel. The model Fixied riders do not use the brakes to stop - stop provided force legs. The brakes need to use freewheel. Therefore, Black One Urban equipped highways Caliper Brake. The wheels have a greater rigidity. Highway tires width of 23 mm, which shod wheel, ideal for urban paved roads.

Black One bikes: a selection

A good choice for nature walks

Hooligan Disc model has high reliability structure. Additional elements increase the steel frame which has a sturdy fastening of the steering nozzle. Endurance front suspension fork enhanced by two crowns. However, this model bike Black One, by the reviews riders, not intended for extreme skiing. Mechanical disc brakes and 18 assists, combined with stable performance suspension allows riders to feel confident even on a forest road.


This model is designed for women who prefer comfort. Everything about this bike is designed for safe and comfortable driving style. Large, high handlebars and a direct landing on a comfortable, wide seat to a leisurely enjoyment of cycling. The model is not intended to overcome the off-road capability and is equipped with one speed. Its elements - asphalt roads of cities, parks and suburbs. Reinforced rim 26-inch wheels perfectly withstand the load and maintain a round shape. Included with the bike are the required attributes for cruiser - circuit protection, broad wings and a footrest.

Black One Bicycles: reviews

The feedback consumers distinguish the following features:

  • Suitable for active driving on various roads.
  • Equipped with a robust multi-speed transmission.
  • components from leading bicycle brands.
  • the frame geometry is designed for exquisite style and comfort.
  • With a high position are wide and comfortable steering wheel a feeling of confidence and calm.