Family Holiday: How touching to hold the outgoing year

Gather the whole family for the New Year's table is not easy: some have neither the strength nor the time to go somewhere after work, others prefer the company of friends gatherings with relatives. However, seeing the old year - the best time for a holiday home. This is an opportunity to unite those who you care about, to remember how important you are to each other, and forget old grudges and disagreements.

Directed by Olesya Kashitsyna dedicated to strengthening families their job. In her studio "TvoeKino" are documentary family movies and greeting. We learned how people brings a movie about them.

Family Holiday: How touching to hold the outgoing year

The video studio "TvoeKino" Olesya united experienced documentary filmmakers, cameramen, film editor and screenwriter. Approach to the creation of family films have the same, as much to the movie or TV: professional equipment, sophisticated organization and a great interest in people and their fates.

Olesya Kashitsyn team makes the most important events in the life of any family - graduations, weddings, anniversaries, congratulations on significant dates, children's holidays - a warm memorable film that has not yet been revised in the company of friends and family. In the same pathetic excuse to get together will be New Year's documentary, which we describe in more detail.

How is a family film

Family Holiday: How touching to hold the outgoing year

Family film will show what you have for these 12 months, and will provide an opportunity to take the best moments in the next year. It will include photos and video of your important family events. Each of you can take part in making the film: to tell what it was last year for him, a declaration of love to your family and wish them anything on the screen. Script helps to emphasize important events reflect the nature and characteristics of each family member, and provide all the desired angle.

Directed with operators come to people's homes to remove the video interviews, hold a photo shoot in memorable locations.

After collecting the archives and video materials waiting for installation, the result of which becomes a movie about your life.

In the New Year's Eve you are thinking of a family movie to laugh and cry, to tell each other the most important words and perpetuate this year for children and grandchildren. A shot in the film, the selection of photos for him, chat with the director and exciting expectation will separate vivid recollection for all home.

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How to prepare for the shooting of a family film

Family Holiday: How touching to hold the outgoing year

If you and your family are not accustomed to the attention of the shooting in the movie will be for you an unusual adventure. We describe how to prepare for it.

- discussed the idea with his household. Tell me, why is it important, and ask them to take part in the filming. From them it is necessary not so much effort - to share photos and give a short video interview.

- Call the director of the movie characters, briefly characterize each. Recommend that it is better to ask how to approach your relatives.

- Think of this year's event, important for your entire family: the birth of children (the first word, first tooth, and so on), anniversaries, joint vacation or holidays. - Collect archive. Find photos and videos for this year and choose the most interesting of them. If they are from the phone and not very good quality, but cute or funny - still submit. The editor will determine what can be used in the film. Ask loved ones to share their photos.

Family Holiday: How touching to hold the outgoing year

To editors be easier to navigate in your frames, to distribute them in folders and give names. Since the film will be up this year, is located events in chronological order, so you literally can see how these 12 months have passed.

- Tell the director and operator, which in the film is best not to touch: the relationship of individual family members, painful for someone from the family events. Not necessarily to go into details, are simply denoted, which is not worth talking about. The film will tell about your life, but it is important to keep it personal boundaries of each. The site has a special profile, which will help the team prepare for the studio to shoot your film.

- And most importantly - do not hesitate to be honest and express emotions. Remember that this film is for you, and help make it a lively and memorable.

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